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   Lets Make A Deal Halloween Party

In order to make our wards "Lets Make a Deal Halloween Party" a success we need everybody's help. We have assigned everybody a prize to be in charge of.  (If you remember, the show displayed a variety of gifts in different ways-- curtains,
doors, envelopes, boxes ect...)

For your particular prize you will need to do the following:
1. Aquire the prize
2. Plan to display the item in a CREATIVE AND UNIQUE WAY. Be inventive!!!!!
3. Plan to be part of the display. You can do this in a lot of different ways.  Walk out with the item, or actually be a part of the display. What ever you do ... REALLY HAM IT UP!!!

Example: Assignment maybe rubber gloves/box. You could dress as a maid and holding a feather duster you could walk out with the box(underneath are the rubber gloves) on a platter.


Assignment soup and salad dinner/curtain. You could set up a table behind the curtain as if you were preparing a salad, however if they choose you, you could pull out the coupons from the salad. You might dress as a chef.  What ever you do make it CREATIVE AND FUN!!!!!!!!

Here is the agenda for the evening, October 25th, 7;00pm

7-7:20 p.m.
Kids come- They will receive a name sticker, a number for costume judging, a ballot and pencil for voting at the door. They will put their name in the appropriate box for the gameshow. They may socialize and vote on costumes during this time period, deposit their name in box and sit in chairs for the game show.

7:20 Prayer and Welcome
7:30 Game Show Begins
7:30-8:15 Game  Show
8:15-8-30 Closing Prayer and Refreshments

Host HAunty Mall!
Announcer: Will welcome everyone for this gameshow and introduce_______  *Music* during all of this.

Haunty Will come out and immediately begin asking kids for specific items that they might have on them to break the ice. Prizes given from his goody bag. (YW will provide this) He then will begin the show by drawing a name out of the box. That person will be the next contestant.

Music.... anytime you can see the need, but especially while they are deciding on what to go for.

Game 1
Envelope/                       Curtain/                        Box/

Box/                            out front/                      curtain

Game 3
Curtain/                        box/                            envelope/

Game 4
Up front                        box/                            curtain/

Game 5
box/                            up front/                       curtain/

box/                            box/                            curtain/

Make sure you know from which side you enter and exit. If your says Up Front that means you walk in front of the stage so they can choose part of your item; if they choose you, you will then show them the rest of your prize. Example Toilet Paper- you may walk out with the TP hanging out of a bag or some other way; if they choose you, you would then unroll
the TP where you would have 10 one dollar bills rolled up one at a time inside the TP.

Assignments: All wards teachers --set up
All wards Deacons and Priests clean up
Beehives Box for names, name tags
____ Ward  table at door, pencils
_____ Ward ballot box for each category and ballot sheets

Each ward responsible for five dozen doughnuts.

_____ Ward responsible for Game 1, Game 4 and one prize of Game 6, 10 prizes for beginning of game.

_____ Ward responsible for Game 3 and one prize for game 6. 3 costume prizes.

_____ Ward responsible for game 2 and Game 5. And one prize for game six. 3 costume prizes

Costume categories
Most Original