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Youth Halloween dinner in cultural hall-- youth groups with an adult leader and an actor at each table

All youth are to remain seated throughout the dinner.

The host will introduce the actors to the youth and dinner will begin.

During dinner the actors will assume their roles, and act as they would expect their character to act.  All actors, including the victim, will be at the dinner, but will leave and return at least once during the dinner. Each character will need to make some plausible excuse for leaving. Madam Rose should be the first one out, and she returns near the end without her ring. Mr. Green will follow Miss Scarlet out of the room ( he fancies her a bit).   Mrs.  Peacock and Professor Plum will leave arm in arm as they are married. Mrs. White then leaves followed by Sergeant Gray.  Col. Mustard follows the sergeant out a few minutes later. Miss Peach then exits. After a short period of time, all characters with the exception of Col. Mustard return, the lights go out, Sergeant Gray sneaks onto the stage and assumes his "dead mode" and the gunshot is heard. Everyone then rushes back into the dining room........

Scene One: Dining room ( cultural hall)
At the  conclusion of dinner, the lights go out and there is the gunshot.

Mrs. Peacock (yelling):     "It's a body! It's a body! I'd know one anywhere! It's right out there in the drawing room.  It's a body all right!!

Everyone is rushing around
Mr. Handleit :         Please remain calm! I, Mr.  I.L. Handleit  is here on the spot, ready to tackle anything! No need for panic! Maybe it only looks like a body!

All actors gather around the body on the stage and watch as the mystery unfolds.  Mr. Handleit inspects the body!

Mr. handleit (very nervous)   Yes! I'd say this is most definitely a body! Quite dead! When could this have happened? And how? Which of you last saw peer old Sgt. Gray alive?

Mr. Green             Well, he definitely was at dinner tonight! I saw him putting away quite alot!    Perhaps something he ate didn't agree with him! Indigestion! That's my guess!!

Prof. Plum          Now really Mr. Green, does this look like a case of indigestion to you??? Anyone with any smarts at all can tell this man needs more than a Tums! This is most certainly Foul play! I suggest we call Inspector CLUE-SO at once!

Mrs. White           Yes! Oh YES! we'd better phone for the Inspector right now! He'll know what to do! Oh, what a mess, do you think blood stains will ever come out of this carpet? Oh, my...death is so untidy!!!!



Col. Mustard       Well, well, by joe! Someone is dead!! Reminds me of the war years! Oh yes, we saw alot of that sort of thing then! I can tell you! Dead bodies here, there, everywhere. Looks much the same now---well not as messy
perhaps...Why I remember  back in 59-----

Miss peach (feeling faint)  OOHHH! Col. mustard, PLEASEEEEEE!!!Why I don't think my little ole heart can bare it!! Just look ar poor ole Sgt. Gray, he looks positively UNHEALTHY! Oh, I must simply lie down!!

Miss Scarlet... Dead, my dear is most certainly...unhealthy!....(very sarcastic!!)

Madam Rose... O mon ami!!! Dead is dead! but what about my ring? given to me by the Count! Cheri, jewels are so alive and mine are missing!!


Mrs. white. Thank goodness you are here! Come quickly! there's a mess-----er, I mean a body in the drawing room!

Inspector      It has been reported to me that there is murder a foot here tonight! Ahm yes, I see a body, a smoking gun and a bullet hole in the heart!  It's murder clear enough!! Stand back, stand back! Don't touch the evidence!!  LEt us think this through-----AH, HAH!!

This little hole in the heart! This is most certainly a clue
Of a MURDER committed by one of YOU
Shot stabbed, poisoned or hung?
And in what room was the murder begun?

Tonight we play this game of CLUE
to try and discover, where, what and WHO?
When did the sergeant meet his fate?
Who did this dastardly deed of hate?

Mr. Handleit    Everyone back to their seats in the Dining room, please. We'll organize and get our instructions. Trust me inspector! I know I will be able to handle this!   My name isn't Mr. I.L. Handleit for nothin'! We'll meet you in a few minutes or so, after we've gathered our CLUES. We'll help you solve it, we've nothing to Lose!

ALL of the suspects go to their rooms in anticipation of giving their clue to the groups as they come to the room. If any youth are out of their seats, return them now. The adult for each table will organize the group and take the score card and pencil. The adult leaders are responsible for seeing that each group goes to its respective room in order. Each group is to stay in its room until the bell is sounded ( about 3 minutes) Characters can answer any questions asked or they can refuse to answer...try to confuse the guests even more...do not lie, though..just change the subject

Mr. Handleit      Each group has an adult driver. Do not make any adjustments.  you must go with your assigned driver and stay in your group

Each driver will take you to each room and suspect. where you will listen carefully and gather your Clues. then you will return to the DIning Room with your solution to this mystery!

All youth will leave with drivers. They will be gone about 30 minutes or long enough ot visit the eight rooms.

SCENE two:  Dining room, with everyone re-seated at their tables.

Inspector   All right you suspects, all form a line so that we may know if you committed this crime

ALL of the suspects will now give one or two sentences about where they were during the dinner--and why they couldn't have committed the crime!

Inspector  Tonight as you played the game of CLUE
you tried to discover what, where and who.
the solution to our mystery was found
as you traveled from place to place and around

How well do you remember the board game clue
therein was the answer to where , with what, and who
and now if still you haven't solved this crime,
listen to the Clues just one more time

Each suspect tell their clue one more time Each group now works out the score card to figure out who did it!
Mr. Handleit retrieves the score cards and turns the time to Inspector Clue-so The Inspector should really ham it up here, addressing each character. If possible with a reason why or why not they were involved.

next is a list of the room weapon and assignments and decor


 WHO:  Madam Rose  (Madam rose is rich and snobbish, alot of costume jewelry (including a huge ring) feathers, perfume fancy dress)
ROOM:  Billiard room (green felt or small pool table.lamp...cue sticks, balls etc...)
WEAPON:  Knife
What loathsome instrument could do the deed,
what weapon would you use, which on did they need?
A shot was fired, the mystery long begun,
but was this really it? did they fool you with a gun?

WHO:  Miss Peach (southern bell, umbrella, hanky, purse)
ROOM:  kitchen  (In the kitchen...decor as is)
WEAPON:  candlestick
The victim lay just full of lead,
but was he really dooner dead?
If rolling him over you had tried,
a wound to the head you would have spied
the weapon that killed him you will need for this game,
but one who's without it will surely go lame

WHO:  Professor  Plum  ( Intellectual type..glasses, text book, pipe?, suit
ROOM:  carriage  room  (room...by a shed if possible...decor: sawhorse with saddle, rope, lantern, tack, bale of hay)
weapon:  Rope
This crime was done not out of hate,
but by someone to save his fate
why do this awful shocking thing?
The sergeant saw and he might sing

WHO:  Miss Peacock   (Librarian type...Quiet yet devious looking...cat eye glasses, hair in bun    )
ROOM:  library  (In library in church)
weapon: Poison
And who found the body and for his sweet,
fired that gun to remove the heat.
And he who helped was a charming fellow
so much in love, but not always yellow

WHO:  Mrs. white     (The maid, black outfit with white apron, feather duster, dust rag)
ROOM:  lounge  (in the lounge...By a couch, with table , cloth and lamp...dusting everything!)
Weapon: Lead pipe
The clues to who are really hard
so carefully mark these on your card.
this murderer is quiet, making not a sound
look for a villain, anywhere and all around.

WHO:  Miss scarlet    ( Red clothing...LOTS of makeup , sort of sleazy----as much as legal )
ROOM: courtyard  (Lobby area of church...park bench, spot light greenery)
weapon:  Wrench
Who did this awful deed of hate,
who will get this much earned felons fate?
As dinner had begun being present was a must,
but when the shot rang out was there this fact will gather no dust!

WHO:  Col. Mustard  (in uniform, with a gun that will shoot a blank or other loud noise)
ROOM:  By a flagpole  (clue room is the flagpole)
Weapon: revolver
Where could you kill, in what room would you dare?
A murder most foul, just happened right there
this crime was committed by someone so bold
Who rushed into the night, out into the cold

WHO: Mr. Green    ( Rich guy   hanky...likes to impress the ladies. Dressed in a fancy suit...greying temples any eyebrows' )
ROOM:  Conservatory  (In a class room with telescope table with cloth maps compass etc.)
weapon:   Horseshoe
Where murders happen, seem gray and all black
Just park yourself there and your on the right track
The air was thick, almost hard to breathe
Sergeant gray rushed out in his hurry to leave


Then  make a worksheet up with all the characters on it, all the weapons and the rooms...like a score card..

It was Mrs. White, the maid...she found Madam Roses ring and stole it and the Sergeant saw he found it while taking out the trash by the carriage house(where the horses are kept) and that is where the Sergeant saw so she clubbed him over the head with a HORSE SHOE and killed him...well...Col. Mustard was sweet on her and saw what she did so he shot the Sergeant to take the heat of Mrs White..so when they found the body they saw the gunshot wound, NOT the blow to the head...re-read the clues and you will see how they start making sense...So it was MRS WHITE, IN THE CARRAGE HOUSE, WITH THE HORSESHOE!  If you want to change who did it, you will have to re-write the clues a little
to make them fit with the new scenerio.  Cheryl