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HOLIDAY THEME ACTIVITIES: -  -  We have recently planned some activities around various holiday themes.   For February, we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We learned how to make egg  rolls served with sweet sour sauce, fried rice and fortune cookies. The evening was completed by watching the Disney movie "Mulan".  The girls were  encouraged to go home and share what they learned to earn Personal Progress  value - Beehive 1, Good Works #4 or Beehive 2, Good Works #4 or #6.   We are planning to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by discussing the sacrifices  that many families made to come to America.  Each girl will make something to  eat and share from the country of their ancestors.  We will share stories and  they are encouraged to bring pedigree charts, thus helping to complete Personal Progress value - Beehive 1, Individual Worth #2 or Beehive 2, Individual Worth #2 and #7.   The girls love this time together and look forward to the next  holiday-themed activity.  These are fun activities to learn and appreciate  one another and accomplish a few Personal Progress values too!