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YW SUNDAY AND WEEKLY ITEMS INCENTIVE: - -  To encourage our YW to bring all of their books for Sunday, we bought plain tote bags (1.00 each at Wal-mart). We give them to the girls and tell them they have 6 months to decorate the bag in whatever way they want. We also give them a list of things that the bag must contain:  1)  Scriptures; 2)  Personal Progress Book; 3) Journal (the one that matches the Personal Progress Book); 4)  Notebook (given by us to keep a record of all their PP accomplishments); 5)  a calendar (we give them a monthly calendar where all our activities are listed); and 5)  a pen or pencil. 

Each Wednesday & Sunday when we take attendance, we ask the girls what in the list above they have with them.  They receive 2 points each for scriptures and PP book; 1 point for everything else listed (total of 10 points each week). We made a poster with dates down the left side & a column at the top with each of the girls names.  If they receive all 10 points they get a sticker.  If it is less, we write the number of points received.  At the end of each month, the girl with the most points gets to pick a small gift from a gift box.  At the end of a year, the young woman with the most points will receive a special gift.  (we are thinking a gift card, around $50).In addition to the points listed above the girls can achieve extra points by giving a talk or doing something extra for young women's or a Wednesday activity. So far, our beehives have been the winning group.  The first month we did it (November) our top three in points were all beehives.    Shelly Woods, Texas

FORGIVENESS: -  - I found a talk on the BYU Speeches website.  It was called "On Measuring Flour & Forgiveness" by Madison U. Sowell 1996.  It had a poem called "Forgiveness Flour" by Marguerite Stewart.  I brought a cup of flour and copies of the poem.  We read the poem and then we discussed how certain words brought out how Kathleen felt.  "Whisper of knocking", "standing in her shawl and her shame",  shrinking in the doorway".  We talked about how she must have felt and how Joel symbolized Christ.  We discussed how she would have felt after she received the huge bag of flour, and how her family would have felt when she brought it home or how they would have had to help her, the joy that this gift would have brought.  We talked about how the wife would have felt.  It was a very good lesson and I could tell from the expressions on their faces, that they really got it.  I made flour sack pillows from from flour sack dish towels.  I sewed a pocket on the back and laminated at copy of the poem and put it in the pocket ( I also attached a ribbon to both the pillow and the poem, so they wouldn't get separated)  On the front I placed the the 3 x's for flour in purple embroidery floss and tied the corners of the pillows with purple ribbon.  They turned out really cute and the girls loved them.  Carlleen

IDEAS FOR SEVERAL HANDOUTS: -  - Now that I don't have Deseret Book or Seagull to depend on...I have to use my own wits and imagination.  BUT, I have found that Toys R Us is a neat place to get fun things for handouts.  I recently found (in the party section) many tiny things to use.  I purchased several mini magnifying glasses.  They come in a package of 6 (various colors) and I inserted "As Daughters of our Heavenly Father we can Magnify the Priesthood" in them.  I just typed them on bright paper, cut them out and stuffed them in the glass.  The girls LOVED them!  There are little telescopes, pinwheels, watches (which I am doing for the Heritage lesson).  Just use your imagination and you can come up with some really neat things.  I also have used plastic spiders or bugs on lessons about honesty and getting caught in webs of lies.  Candy is always good.  We make candybar cards for birthdays, etc.  Spell out the cards with the candy...example..."We are not AIRHEADS...or Hugs and Kisses (using the candies)..100,000 bars are easy to make something up.  Deb Drysdale

TEMPLE MARRIAGE HANDOUT: -   A white hanger, plain or decorated as fancy as you'd like, with a paper attatched to it which reads, "Hang" on to your values,  "Hang on to your testimony,  "Hang" on to your goals,  so that some day you can hang your temple dress on me.

TEMPLE MARRIAGE POSTCARD: -  For a Temple Lesson have post cards made up for you to hand out to the girls, tell them that you are giving them this post card to hold on to until that special day comes when you can kneel with your husband across the altar to be sealed . Tell them you want them to mail this  post card back to you. On the front put a cute little couple (maybe from DJ inkers computer clip art.)  And the words "GOING TO THE TEMPLE" .  On the back put this poem:   Dear (your name),
I'm going to the temple and Im as happy as I can be
I have tried to live my life So Heavenly Father could be proud of me.
I am keeping my promise To let you and (advisor name) know
So that you could be happy too, Now that I've reached my temple goal.
"And this shall be our covenant-that we  will walk in all the ordinances of the Lord"
The girls will always have them to see. It will remind them that you as their leader will want to know of their succes. Cheryl G

  • SPIRITUAL PREPARATION FOR A  MISSION: -  (For a handout on this click here)

  • LETTER TO THE FUTURE: -  When I was a YW (many years ago), we filled out this questionaire and sealed it up in an envelope that our teacher had written on the envelope  "Do not open until (and then the date 30 years later)."  When I opened it up 30 years later, it was interesting to note the changes I had made and what was important when I was a teenager.  (To view questions click here)

  • BULLETIN BOARDS:  You need a piece of particle board, about 11x17 with the corners cut off so it has a cute shape, pad it with batting, cover it with fabric and staple it on the back.  Use about 3-4 yards of ribbon - 3/8" wide or so, and cris cross it across the board, with a few horizontal ones as well, and stapled them to the back. Then, tuck your things under the ribbon, no push pins or thumb tacks needed.  It's darling.  It would be cute with young women value colors for the girls, they could hang their handouts, invites, etc. on it.

  • SYMBOLISM OF THE ROSE:  (to see this, click here: Symbolism of the Rose) 
  • QUESTIONS: - "Sometimes a simple question asked of a group can clear up a complex misunderstanding" (this is written on a piece of construction paper about 3x5 size with a large question mark in the center surrounded my many smaller question marks.) 
  • GET IT DONE MOTTO:  (When I was the Stake Youth Co-Chairman, our High Counselor's motto was:)  EFFORT = RESULTS