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"FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH" PURSUIT GAME:  -   We recently had an " For the Strength of Youth" Pursuit Game.  This activity took place in the gym or cultural hall.  Leaders made up a game board out of pieces of colorful construction paper.  Start was  the Spirit World where every one begins their journey.  The girls would roll a dice and move that many spaces the dice said to  move.  The spaces had things like "Read the scriptures every night for two weeks Receive blessings Move ahead 7 spaces"  "Forgot to fast on fast Sunday Move back three spaces" Some of the spaces were pick a green chance card or pick a blue chance card. The chance cards held questions that the girls wrote up from the Strength of Youth Booklet.  Questions like "At what age can you begin group dating?" "What are dress standards"   When the girls answered the questions correctly they received a piece of candy or a treat of their choice from the rewards table set up in the gym.  All of the girls were winners as they returned to the Celestial  Kingdom. Part of the fun and success of the game was the girls helped to make the questions up for the chance cards.  Joline

TWO TRUTHS AND ONE LIE: - We played a game once called two truths and a lie.  Everyone sits in a circle and one person starts it by getting the person next to her to give her two truths and one lie about herself and the first person has to guess which is the lie.  If she is right she sits down, if she is wrong she goes on to the next person.

GUM GAME: -  Place big pack (or however many you might need depending on number or girls) of Wriggleys gum, oven mits and large knife and fork.  roll two dice and if number is 7,  pick up mits and knife and fork and try to open the gum before the next person rolls 7 on the dice.  See how many pieces of gum you can get in your mouth before set time is up.  You could do this with any object in the middle (Christmas present etc.) Lisa

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: - How you play Scripture hangman depends a lot on your Young Women.  You could play with names, places, things, events, scripture mastery, Personal Progress scriptures, the scriptures are the limits.  (ie... ye are the light of the world ... (spaces for this phrase)).   Break the YW into two groups  have one team guess at it, if they get it before they are hung then they get a point.  Then for a bonus point have them tell you what the scripture is Matthew 5:14-16.  If someone can stand up and quote it their team gets another point.  Then have one for the other  team.  Have several planned out and I am sure after a while the girls will start comming up with their own.

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN VARIATION: - You can do it very simply and have the YW pick a word out of the scriptures like Zarahemla the other YW guess at it then when they guess it or are hung and told the answer the YW that picked the word has to be able to tell the other YW something about the word. ie... Zarahemla was the leader of Mulek's colony and had a city named after him in ancient and modern times.  When it gets too easy for the YW then add some more rules and have them tell a stoty about the word out of the scriptres.

YW VALUE SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: - You can play with the YW scriptures.  Give a hint as to if it is a Value scripture (which include theme, standards of personal worthiness and so forth), A Truth Scripture...Beehive, Promise...Mia Maid, Faith...Laurel.  Any scriptures in the responsibilities, mission statements, recerences, and experiences are fair game.  Remember when you do a Faith scripture they include the Articles of Faith.

PERSONAL PROGRESS ACTIVITY: - Another thing I do is in the PP book.  Have a quick game of do you know your personal progress.  Divide the Girls into teams or classes.  Ask questions to the YW like who knows the YW theme?  (When the YW know an
answer have them stand up)  One by one have them resite it. Give 2 points to each team for every YW that got it right and 1 point for every
YW that tried to do it.  Ask more questions like what is the value definition of Faith ...What is the YW Moto ...What is the Miamaid 2
responsibilities .... What are the Standards of Personal Worthiness (when the YW have to make a big list of things they could work in a
group and give one point for each correct answer.

NEW ERA BOWL: -  We all read the New Era in depth and came prepared to answer questions.  We divided up into four teams (we have over 25 girls).  You could do however many you needed.  We sat as teams across the table from the other team with a buzzer in the middle of the table. (we used the buzzer from the game Taboo.  It is really sensitive and works well)  The MC read questions such as "from the article , what did the boy need to do before going to school."  The questions had to be really specific so that you had to read the article.  After answering four questions at that table, the winning team then went over to "the hot spot" where they chose someone to sit in the chair.  The other team members would then stand behind and hold up either yes or no cards according to how they think the person in the hot spot would personally answer the questions (4 of them)  These questions were just for fun and not from the magazine, such as"  Have you ever been caught with your zipper down in school?"  The people behind the hot spot would either answer yes or no and the team would then score according how many they got right.  The scoring is up to you, but we did it such as 2 points for the New Era questions and 1 point for the hot spot questions.  The team could actually score 12 points total in that round.  It was great and got the girls to read their magazines.  -- Lisa Hansen

"HUMAN KNOT" GAME: -   Have everyone stand in a circle.  Everyone reaches into the circle and grab two hands belonging to two different people. Then, try to untangle yourselves. Or, have everyone joins hands facing the center of a circle, except one person. That person is the doctor. While the doctor is out of the room, everyone steps over each other, twists, turns, and basically turns the circle into a knot. No matter what, they cannot let go of each other's hands.     When the circle is a mangled knot, call, "Doctor! Doctor!" The doctor then comes in and tries to unravel the knot of girls without unlinking any hands, to make them become a circle facing inward again. 

SIMON SAYS: -  Play Simon Says.

FAIRY TALE CHARADES: - Act out fairy tales or Nursery Rhymes and have the audience guess which one you're acting out.

"PASS IT ON" GAME: -      Sit close together in two lines facing the same direction. The person in the front of each line rolls a die. When one of them gets a six, both of them pass a small object (a jack, a ball, a bracelet) to the person behind them who passes it on until it reaches the end. When it gets to the last person, that person must get up and race to the front of the line with the object and sit down. The person who sits down first, gets to sit in the front of the line. The person who was second to sit down, goes back to his or her spot. Whichever line rotates from back to front first, wins.

OINK!: - How to Play Oink --  The object of this game is to pass a snort around the circle as fast as you can without laughing.  Get in a circle, facing in. Now, one person snorts at a person immediately next to her. That person then snorts to the person on her other side. The snort continues around the circle in the same way. You may not laugh when you are being snorted at or when you are snorting. Once you have finished your snort, you may laugh until the person next to you received a snort and is preparing to snort at you. Anyone who cannot snort may offer a substitute animal sound or say "Oink." Making faces while snorting is permissible. If a person laughs when they are being snorted at or before they successfully snorted, they are out or the circle. Then the person who last snorted then snorts to the next person in the circle to begin again. When there are two people left, they face each other and snort at each other without laughing at all until one of them cracks. The last person is then crowned Snort Monarch.

GENERAL AUTHORITIES IDENTIFICATION: -  Have pictures of the General Authorities or Church Presidents.  Race to see who can identify the names with the pictures the fastest.

GENERAL AUTHORITIES FRUIT BASKET: - Use the names of 5 General Authorities.  When someone says Gordon B. Hinckley, everyone switches.

LAMANITE/NEPHITE FIGHT: -  Tie balloons on the ankles of the youth.  Everyone tries to stomp the balloon and pop it.

PROPHET BINGO: -  Make up Bingo cards with all of prophets pictures.  Write names of all the prophets on slips of paper and draw them out of a bag.  Have to match picture with name.

CANDY GAME: -  Buy about 20 candy bars (different kinds).  Put them in a pile in the middle of a circle of chairs so everyone can see them.  Put a pair of dice in a pie plate. If you want the game to move faster or if you have a big group, use 2 pie plates with dice in them.  Play:  everyone shakes the dice into the pie plate.  If you roll a double 7, or 11, you choose a candy bar from the pile or take a candy bar from whomever has the one you want.  Put the candy bar under your chair so everyone can see it.  When all the candy is gone from the pile, set the timer for 10 minutes (or however long you think everyone will stay interested. When the timer rings, whatever candy you have is what you get.  Some people go home with many bars, and some go home empty handed. 

MUSICAL CHARADES: -  Make a list of songs, musical groups, or musicals which would be easy to act out.  Cut the list into slips and put in a hat or jar.

HANDCLAPPING GAMES: -  An easy version is to sit across from someone. Both of you clap your hands at the same time, then reach out with your right hand to clap your partner’s right hand, like you’re giving a high five—but not so high. Then clap your hands again. Now reach out with your left hand and clap your partner’s left hand. Repeat. Clap on the beat.  For the words to some Handclapping Songs  click here.