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Garage Sale -  Our most successful fundraiser was a garage sale. We made over $2000 dollars, and were able to send all our girls and leaders to camp free. It was a lot of work, but well worth the return. The Ward members donated their junk. The ward camp director, gather stuff in her garage for about two weeks. The girls got together 3 or 4 times to sort through stuff and price mark. We received a lot of clothes donations, so we went through them and picked out the best and donated the rest to the GoodWill. We had so much stuff, we thought we would never get rid of it all. but after two days, we had $2000 and very little stuff. We sold stuff pretty cheap so people were taking it like crazy. You do need parents to work the garage sale during the day while the girls are at school. we had the kids come over during early morning seminary to set out the tables (tables were from the church). We held our garage sale in early May, when people we excited about going to garage sales again. -- Denise Devey

Family Home Evening on Wheels This fund raiser was a lot of work, but was well worth it in the end.  We put together 5 different family home evening lesson packets, each with a different theme. We did: Building a Ship of Faith (Nephi/Lehi), Land that We Love (Patriotic), Love to See the Temple, Faith of the Pioneers. We included an outline, a scripture that could be hung on the fridge, a song, a game, a story, a recipe.  We had the girls completely finish the packets (colored the pictures, made the games, etc.).  People signed up at church for how many packets they wanted.  During the entire month of June, on Monday nights, we delivered the packets, along with a treat, to the homes of those who had signed up.  So basically, they had family home evening delivered to their door ready to go!  The treats were easy (Rice Krispie Treats, Caramel Popcorn, Candy Bars, Frozen Cookie Dough, etc.)  People could also sign up to get just the lesson packets.  We charged $4.00 (lesson only) or $6.00 (lesson & treat).  We had almost sixty five families in our ward participate and to our surprise, ended up making about $1,600 dollars.  Many in our ward commented that thier children loved getting the packets and that it got their family back on track with having family home evening.  If you decide to do it, just start early and remember to obey copyright laws!  

DOUGHNUTS: -  For our fundraiser this year we decided to make doughnuts.  This is probably better for a small group as we only had to raise money for 6 girls.  We met on Tuesday night and each girl made phone calls to friends, neighbors, and ward members.  They had to pre-sell enough doughnuts to cover their cost of camp.  Our camp cost $50.  We sold the doughnuts for $5/dozen.  So each girl had to get 10 orders.  We made arrangements to deliver that Saturday morning between 10 & 2 pm. We then met at my house Saturday morning 8am. and made 60 dozen doughnuts.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it really went fast.  We had several tables, 2 rolling pins, several doughnut cutters and 3 fryers.  We made one kind (raised, glazed) and as soon as  a few dozen were glazed and packaged we had a leader and girl start delivering.
It really was easy and it was the talk of the ward the next day at church. --Lisa

SERVICE AUCTION: -  Our ward does a Service Auction. People in the ward and out volunteer there time to be bid on. YM would be bid on for yard work, car detailing, the YW were offering baby sitting, cooking, cleaning. The other people in the ward would offer computer help, quilting/sewing lessons etc. Then that night it would be crazy with people trying to out bid each other. It was a great $$$ maker!!! Jill

FIESTA DINNER/YARD SALE: -  For the past five years we have done a Fiesta dinner / yard sale day. the event starts out with the Young Men who for the past week have gathered up all the ward members yardsale items. On the selected day (Sat.) they have a sale from 7am to 2pm.  Then the youth come over to a leader's home and roll burrows.  Then at 4 p.m. they set up at the church.   At 6:30 pm, ward members arrive who have bought tickets $3 per person and $15. a family.(the tickets are sold by the youth. the credit goes to that person who sold the ticket.) the youth serve the dinner( 1 burro which is beef and pork, rice,beans and salad) as the dinner is going there is a silent auction going on.   This consists of many months of gathering up items from different merchants who have donated their goods or service towards our auction. We have also sent signups around the ward for members who would like to donate their new items and or services. The youth have also made tons of goodies for this.  So we let the silent auction go all through dinner.  You have to keep an eye on everyone so they don't get bored and stop the bidding when things seem to be winding down.  ( Our yardsale has brought in anywhere from $400  to $600  each year) after all the receipts have been taken care of , the money from the dinner and yard sale came in at $2400. which paid for camp for the girls and boys camp .  Now the kids have to earn all this by signing up to help in the set up, yardsale, dinner, and takedown.  We have a sign up sheet in each area of work and we figure out the hours  and they get paid a hourly wage form the total ($2400). Of course everyone's camp fees do get paid, we just don't let them know that.  This way they work harder. THIS TAKES AT LEAST FOUR MONTHS OF PLANNING.  Two months before the event all letters to merchants need to be out so that they have time to repond. We also sent letters out for donated items to make the dinner. Safeway has always been very nice and given gift certificates for the beef and pork (40 to 50 lbs) for 150 burrows is our average. Some items we have had are dinner tickets from restraunts, movie tickets, window tinting, the local businesses have been the best to receive from.  -- Colleen

Mother's Day: -   We dipped strawberries in white and milk chocolate, placed them in long plastic containers (single rose floral containers) and tied them with ribbon.  Our ward loves this and we have done it for three years in a row with no complaints.

Father's Day: -  We make fancy triple layer cakes and sell individual slices.  We put them in plastic containers and tie a ribbon with a fork attached to it.

Christmas: -  We made centerpieces out of pine boughs, candles and shiny ball ornaments.  The ward used them as centerpieces for the adult christmas party and then those who had ordered them could choose what they wanted.  There were extras available for others who did not have an opportunity to sign up.

WARD COOKBOOK: -  This year we are creating a Ward Cookbook.  We asked everyone to donate recipes.    We organized the recipes  into categories and had one of the young women draw a picture of the church to be included in the recipe book.  One of our Laurels is  coordinating it as one of her Laurel Projects.  We found a cookbook publisher  that will save us a lot of time and help it look really  professional.  We should be making about $5.00 profit off of each book.  If you are interested call 1-800-227-7282  and ask Cookbook  Publishers, Inc. to send you a sample kit that explains every detail.  The more members you have donate recipes the more books will be sold.  Any books leftover we plan to sell to friends and family outside the ward. Plus the Young Women will have something to keep and use once they grow up & move away. Victoria - Salt Lake City

CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES: -  This year our ward is sending a family overseas to the temple.  With our  first fundraiser we have raised over $400 in profits by simply selling  chocolate chunk cookies by the dozen.  We charged $5.00 a dozen and have raised that much.  This has been such a successful fundraiser. Meagan

SALE JAFRA COSMETICS: -  Earn UP TO 50% of your total sales to help pay for the cost of Girls' camp.  These cosmetics are high quality, allergy tested products.  Gift sets are available to sell and make wonderful birthday, anniversary, get-well, thinking of you, etc. presents.

HOAGIE SALE: -  I wanted to share with you what our YW have been doing for their fundraiser for the past several years. They make and sale hoagie type sandwiches.  They are on a hoagie bun with just the cheese and the meat.  This was whomever purchases them can just freeze them and get them out and put the condiments  them themselves.  This way the sandwiches are not soggy when you go to eat them.  This fundraiser is a BIG hit in our ward.  The mother's like them because it makes making lunches tons easier.  The sandwiches are very delicious too!

COMMUNITY FAIR: - Here's an extremely successful fundraiser our young women have been using for camp for the past seven years.  Each fall our community has a fair/carnival--whatever you call it--and sells booth space to individual, businesses, etc.  Non-profits get a cheaper rate.  We buy a booth and sell cookies and lemonade.  We pass out sign ups and recipes in RElief Society starting about 4 weeks before for 4 or 5 kinds of cookies.  Providing the recipes is important--it's what sets us apart from the bake sale booths and we ask them to make cookies using a standard ice cream scoop or quarter-cup measuring cup; this produces a Mrs. Fields-size cookie.  We also pass around a signup for those willing to donate lemons, lemonade concentrate, ice, bottled water, cups, napkins, etc., all the supplies and ingredients.  The girls pick up the cookies or they are dropped off to the leaders the night before.  We have the girls sign up for 2-hour shifts and their camp fund is credited by the hours worked (profit/total hours=hourly rate x hours worked per girl).  We sell lemonade for 50 cents a 16-oz glass and the cookies are 50 cents each or three for a dollar.  We have repeat customers (non-lds) who come each year to buy from us and buy by the dozen.  This year we cleared $900 for camp. 

PIZZA COUPON: -  We had a fabulous fund raiser that was extremely easy. Papa Murphy's has a  pizza coupon card that sells for $5. The girls make $4 on the sale. The card  pays for itself the first time a person uses it. We made a bundle and can't  wait to do it again this year. We have members already asking for them...

WRAP PRESENTS: - Our ward has begun a tradition now for fundraising for the cost of girls camp. The week before Christmas the girls set up a table just inside the local Kmart store and offer to wrap presents for the shoppers.  (Ward families donate the paper, ribbon, and tape.)  We simply ask for donations from the shoppers or you could set a price per item or size. They have done it 3 or 4 years now and it really is fun for everyone. It's a great missionary experience as well as people ask who you are and what you are doing it for. You do, of course, need to get authorization from the store you would like to participate in and plan way ahead!

SERVICE COUPONS: -  For fundraising for camp, we made each girl a service booklet.  They had 4 pages, listed with one hour of whatever the girls wanted to do (they wrote them out themselves).  For example, good for one hour of babysitting, housecleaning, pet care, yardwork, whatever. They sold the booklets to members of the ward and family friends for $10.  This way, the girls were doing the work themselves, they got to choose what type of service they wanted to give, and we did not have to do the organizing and work, as so often happens, it seems...  Anyone would love to get babysitting for $2.50 an hour!!!  I have four kids so bought lots of books, also housecleaning ones, it was really great for single moms who need help, but cheap!! Each girl made about 10 booklets.  Those who had trouble selling (or were too shy) got help from us as people in the ward wanted to purchase booklets but didn't necessarily know any of the YW to ask for one. You could advertise in the ward bulletin and bulletin board.

HOMEMADE JAM: - For one of our fundraisers for camp we made homemade jam and sold it in pint and baby size jars.

MOTHER'S DAY PIES: -    One year in YW I remember going to one of my leaders homes and we made a ton of pies.  Just real simple pies with no bake crust.   Lists were passed around in Priestood to sign up to buy a pie.  There were I  think 3 different kind of pies which we offered to sell.  The mothers were  surprised and we all delivered them to the houses.  It was so much fun making  them and we earned a lot of money from it.

PANCAKE BREAKFAST DINNER: -  We had a great fundraiser this year. We had a pancake breakfast dinner.  We served pancakes, sausage, and eggs. We charged 5$ per person or 25$ per family. Children 5 and under were free. The food was not very costly, so we made quite a bit of money just from the tickets. After dinner we had a silent auction. Members would donate items,  services or talents. ex. golf lessons, decorated cake coupon, 6 hours babysitting, wreath, free window treatment, gift certificates ect. We'd display these items on large tables with a slip of paper next to it with the name of the item and the starting bid price at the top.  Below that would be several blank lines where a person would put there name and their bid on it.  We allowed a certain amount of time for the auction, so that everyone was given the opportunity to bid as many times as they wanted to on as many items they wanted. When the aution time ran out, we quickly would pick up the sheets and than yell out who won the bid on that particular item and then they would come up and pay for it. We made of 1000 dollars that night. It was a lot of fun!

BACKYARD DINNER: -  We have done a traditional fundraiser, for three years now, to earn money for camp equipment.  We have a teriyaki chicken dinner with  a rice dish, roll, salad, green beans, and drink.  For dessert, we have a dessert auction.  For the auction, each yw brings a dessert to be auctioned off.  The guests bid for the desserts and get to take them home.  It is a lot of fun.  We sell the dinner tickets for $5 and a family ticket for $25.  We usually make about a third of the money off of the auction.  The yw help with decorations, selling tickets, set up, etc.  We do it in a ward member's backyard.  It is a nice atmosphere and better for the bidding. (bidding should not be done in the church).  Debbie Simpson, Bakersfield,CA

LOVE BOAT: -  We did a "Love Boat" fundraiser this year just before Valentine's but it can be done anytime of year.  We had pictures taken as the couple arrived, a matre'd to guide them to their tables which were pre-assigned with placecards. We served a beautiful dinner, the decorations were simple (a few fish in a glass jar on a mirror tile on top of a cloth napkin), we had the younger kids do a square dance and one of our leaders singing groups sang love songs, we had a dessert bar (made by each girl) and then had dancing, and additional pictures at a cost and candy roses at an additional cost.  We feel it was a great success not only for funds but for the unity of our ward!  Any questions

FUNDRAISER OFFER TO SELL: -  We sell matted & matted and framed artwork of calligraphic scriptures (Return with Honor is our most popular which my mother is author/artist) we have Home Rules, Joy, the Ten Commandments a bunch.  I would love to offer them to the Young Women groups to do as a fundraiser as well as teaching them how to mat something.  An 8X10 sells for $8.00 and I can sell it to them at $4.80 each matted, an 11X14 sells for $14.00 and they can buy it for $8.40.  I will send order info. and a sample, then they only buy what they sell and I will send everything but the scotch tape and I will send a video to show how to do it.  I wanted to do this with my ward but did the "Love Boat", hey...there is always next year!   Delynn Ogden,Utah

SPAGHETTI DINNER/CAKE AUCTION: -   We are going to have a Spaghetti dinner complete with salad, spaghetti, rolls, and ice cream.  We are charging $5.00 a person, $10.00 a couple, or $12.00 per family.  We are decorating the cultural hall like an Italian  Restaurant; i.e., table cloths, flowers on the table, silk trees with Christmas lights strung in them, using the church's dishes rather than paper plates, a violinist walking around playing music (or a CD in the background), hostess as the guests walk in, and waitresses.  Our Young Women are dressing in black pants or skirts and white shirts.  They are going be assigned to a table and responsible for serving the table's food.
Following the dinner, we are going to have a cake auction.  Members of the ward signed up to bring decorated cakes.  We are not charging the missionaries for dinner, however we have asked them to bring a cake.  In another ward, their missionaries cake was decorated like a Book of Mormon.  It sold for $60.00.  Some of the other cakes sold for as high as $300.00.  It will depend upon how wealthy some of your members are.  We are also selling slices of cake for $1.00 per slice.  This will allow all members to participate just in case they don't want to or can't bid.
This may seem like a lot of work, however this is going to be our only fundraiser for camp.  By shopping for the food at Sam's Club or a similar store that has bulk food, you are able to get enough food for around 100 people for about $100.00.  It depends upon how skimpy you want to be with the food.  You should easily be able to make a profit.  Another ward in our stake just finished doing this. They made almost $1500.00. Jennie - Melbourne Florida

CAR WASH: -  When I was teaching the dance team at a local high school, we sold tickets to our car wash for three weeks in advance.  This way we had the donation even if we didn't get the business.  Added to the idea about Walmart matching funds could be a real winner to pay for camp - Karrie

AMERICAN FLAGS AND HOLIDAYS: -  For an on-going fundraiser that isn't door-to-door, we pass sign-up sheets around the ward each year for those who would like a flag to be placed in their yard on every patriotic holiday like Presidents Day, 4th of July, 24th, Memorial Day, etc.  On those days we put flags up in the morning and take them down at night.  It's neat to see the streets lined with flags.  We charged $30.00 for a year.  In subsequent years, you keep all the money since you only have to buy flags once.

MOTHER'S DAY BALLOON BOUQUETS: -  Last year we had a very popular one that was easy and really earned a lot of money. We sold a bouquet of balloons around Mother's day.  They weren't geared to Mothers particularly.  We met at the church early on Saturday morning and made bouquets of seven balloons in each with heluim attached with ribbon and a rock wrapped in tissue paper.  We had a card with it that the people could write in and then delivered them right after they were made.  The balloons didn't cost much (since we live next to a wedding place) and the ribbon was the same.  We made over 350$!  from it.  It was lots of fun, fast and easy. Lisa

ICE CREAM PIES: -  This year we are selling ice cream pies.  If anyone would like the recipe I would be glad to send it to them.  They are very easy to make and we sell them for about $8.  Lots of profit.    June

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES: -  To earn money for camp we made homemade chocolates. We went and bought several bags of molding chocolates and molds and on an activity night made about 200 chocolates ( Mostly suckers). We sold them for $1.00. They were a huge success! Lacey

YARD SALE: -  Another one we did was we had a yard sale. We asked people from our branch to donate old things that they didn't need anymore. We sold everything real cheap and we still earned a lot of money! Lacey

VALENTINE COOKIES: -  A wonderful fundraiser that has worked out well for us for the passed three years is we sell Valentine Day cookies.  We give out order forms with a choice of Sugar or Chocolate Chip cookies, what you would like your message to say, name and date of delevery. We sell two large cokkie for $3.00.  Kentucky

CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS BABYSITTING: -  We are having Stake YW Camp this year.  We are doing fundraisers to keep the cost down for the young women.  Our young women will be babysitting at different ward buildings for 3 different Saturdays for moms and dads who would like to go Christmas shopping without the kids.  The charge will be $2.00 per hour and the hours will be from 9:30 a.m. -2:00 p.m.

CAKE AUCTION: -  Our young women baked cakes for a cake auction.  After a branch dinner we had a "cake auction".  The cakes were auctioned to the highest bidder.  It was a huge success for everybody, the girls made the cakes, the young women's program benefitted from the proceeds, and the people of the branch had some good eating. Regina

 HOMEMADE PIZZAS: -  My ward did a pizza making fundraiser to earn money for camp this year.  We had an order sheet and gave each of the girls on with 10 orders. Each girl sold pizzas first, with no more than two toppings each. The pizzas were $10.00 each, and sold very quickly to members of the ward, and even friends from school. We then collected all the orders by a certain date, and had the pizza making day on a Saturday with every Young Women who had sold pizzas to help make them. We put the pizzas together, covered them in plastic wrap, and delivered them that same day with instructions on how to bake them. The buyers then baked them themselves, and it was a great success!! We had tons of money leftover that went to equipment for the ward. It was so fun!!! We (the girls) even had races and contests for who could sell the most.  Heather

CAR WASH AT WALMARTS: -  We had a car wash at Wal Mart, they will match what you make up to $500.

MOTHER'S DAY CORSAGES: -  We had the girls make corsages for mother's day.  We had the girls call everyone in the ward to take orders.  The Saturday before mother's day the young women met at the church and we assembled them and delivered them.  We charged $10 each and made a TON of money.  Look in your phone book under florist-wholesale to find a source for less expersive flowers.