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DADDY/DAUGHTER WITHOUT FATHER: - Our dinner was held in March and the girls loved it.  Our laurels wanted to call it the "Manly Girlie dinner."  We had a blast and had everyone from dads, to home teachers,  bishopric members and just plain friends.  We had a professional photographer  from a local ward come and take pictures, free of charge of the girls and  their guests.  Kathy Bruner

FOREIGN DISHES: -  Learn how to make an ethnic food from each of the countries the YW of the ward came from.  Invite mothers, fathers, grandparents, or other siblings to come help.

 FATHER/DAUGHTER HAWAIIAN CRUISE: -  The Bishop and his daughter stood at the door and gave each person a Hawaiian Lei.  The room was decorated with palm trees, fish and other pictures.  On the chalk boards were pictures that made it look like we were looking out of port holes.  On each table was a gold fish swimming in a goldfish bowl and lots of tissue flowers.  Fathers & Daughters had their pictures taken together standing by or sitting in the life boat set up in the corner.  They could wear the life jackets if they wanted.  We ate Hawaiian stack-ups while Hawaiian music played.  We had a priesthood holder speak about building a good relationship with your father or daughter.  It was a wonderful activity!!

FATHER/DAUGHTER "NERD NIGHT": -  Our father and daughter "Nerd night" started with an invitation on a
pocket protector.  They were invited to dress as nerdy as possible.  Our first game was a test of trust: we blindfolded the girls and had them put shaving cream on their dads then shave it off with a popsicle stick. The one who did the best got a little box of Nerds. Our second game was a test of Knowledge: we separated into teams they went 1/2 of the room and dressed in non matching clothes(we purchased from the DI), then went to the blackboard to solve a math problem.
(Girls easy ones/Dads hard ones). winning team got boxes of nerds. Our third game was to see how well they are preparing their daughters for marriage: We had a tie tying contest. The girls tried to tie their dad's tie.(just a note: not one girl could.) but it was fun to watch.  then we had a vote for King and Queen nerd. They each got a big box of nerds.  The thing that was the best about this is we even had three inactive fathers show up.  Tessie

FATHER/DAUGHTER  NEWLYWED GAME: - We had a dinner and a short speaker on father daughter relationships and then we played our version of the Newlywed Game.  We split up and answered the questions and then reunited to play the game.  Here are the questions

FATHER'S DAY IDEA: - We bought some of the large cookies (at a discount since it was nonprofit and we bought so many) and individually, cellophane-wrapped them and put a father face (as a sticker) and then did this article on brown paper, tri-folded it and sealed it with a father face like on the cookies.  -Cathie

  • Have a picnic together.
  • Watch or participate in a sporting event.
  • Go to museums.
  • Barbecue together.
  • Learn how to fix cars, change oil and tires, or do another maintenance skill.
  • Go boating or do another activity Dad enjoys.
  • Learn a duet – singing or instrumental and perform it somewhere.
  • Go hiking.