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Questions for the Fathers

1.  What best describes your daughter’s bedroom?
A.   A File Cabinet
B.   A tornado
C.   A locker room

2.  What is your daughter most worried about?
A.  Her grades
B.  Physical appearance
C.  Relationships with friends

3.  When it comes to "Home Improvement," your daughter considers you:
A.  Tim the Tool Man (does stuff, but makes it worse)
B.  Handy Man (does stuff and does it well)
C.  Clueless and has to "hire out"

4.  Who is your daughter’s favorite male movie star?

5.  Your biggest complaint about your daughter around the house is:
A.  Talks too long on the phone
B.  Doesn’t pick up after herself enough
C.  Hogs the bathroom
D.  Plays music too loudly

6.  When it comes to your weight, your daugher probably thinks of  you as:
A.  Slim Jim
B.  Hulk Hogan
C.  Chunky Boy

7.  When it comes to wearing make-up, my daugher:
A.  Is beautiful without any at all
B.  Uses just the right amount
C.  Needs 6 months of basic training

8.  When it comes to eating, my daughter is:
A.  A junk food junkie
B.  A health nut and likes to eat fat free
C.  So picky we never know what she likes

9.  What is your daughter’s best talent?

10.  If given 3 hours of free time, my daughter would probably spend it:

11.  My daughter’s worst subject in school is:

12.  My daughter’s personality is usually:
A.  Serious and reserved
B.  Giggely and lighthearted
C.  Shy and quiet
D.  Moody and emotional

13.  If you were telling your daughter about what a "hunk" you were in High School, she would:
A.  Feel proud to be your daughter
B.  Not believe a word you said
C.  Laugh hysterically

14.  Daughter’s favorite type of movie:
A.  Love story
B.  Comedy
C.  Scary thriller

Questions for the Daughters

1.  If your dad were a shoe, what kind would he be?
A.  A workboot
B.  A sneaker
C.  A wingtip
D.  A slipper

2.  If I could throw away anything of my Dad’s, it would be this…

3.  My Dad’s idea of a perfect vacation is:
A.  A rustic cabin in Aspen, Colorado
B.  A beachfront bungalo in Mexico
C.  Having everyone else on vacation so he can laze around the house, camp in front of the TV, play on the computer, sleep and eat.

4.  How would you describe your Dad in the morning:
A.  A squishy, warm teddy bear
B.  Oscar the grouch
C.  "Return of the Living Dead"

5.  In the kitchen my Dad:
A.  Is the "Galloping Gourmet"
B.  Can prepare a few basic things
C.  Really never sets foot in the kitchen

6.  What sport does your Dad like to watch best on TV?

7.  When it comes to sleeping, my Dad:
A.  Is as quiet as a mouse
B.  Thrashes about like a hurricane
C.  Snores like a moose

8.  My dad would prefer to eat:
A.  Mexican food
B.  Italian food
C.  Fat, juicy steak

9.  Where was your Father born?

10.  Dad’s favorite type of music is:
A.  Country western
B.  Soft rock ‘n roll
C.  Classical
D.  Oldies

11.  My Dad met my Mom at:

12.  Dad’s favorite thing to wear around the house:
A.  Baggy sweats
B.  Jeans and a T-shirt
C.  Slacks and a nice shirt

13.  The thing my Dad worried about the most is:
A.  Money
B.  Having enough time to do everything
C.  His teenagers

14.  The thing I love best about my Dad is: