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Disclaimer: These candy bar men have a hodge-podge of characteristics that I have seen or heard about. These men are not designed to match any real individual, living or dead, and should not be taken as such. These candy bar men are designed to show how each person is a mixture of good and bad traits and to help girls decide which traits they want and which ones they don't .

OH Henry!- He's nice, honest, but forgetful. He prefers to watch TV rather than have Family Home Evening. He is not very committed to the Church. If he stays up late on Saturday night, he doesn't mind missing church, but he will go at least half of the time and take the kids to activities and chaperone dances. He married you in the Temple, but you haven't been there together in several years.

Snickers- Anytime you want to talk about the Church, he makes wisecracks about Joseph Smith or things that are hard for him to believe. He's never read the Book of Mormon. He is a good provider. He is a great kisser. He likes to tell jokes, which are pretty funny, unless there are about the Church. He is great with the kids, and your kids adore him, but they are adopting his attitude about the Church. You had a beautiful wedding in a garden. You hoped he would join the Church because he played basketball with the missionaries on their P day, but now you think that maybe it was just because he liked basketball.

Idaho Spud- He has been a member all of his life and all of his family are members. He is a hard, honest worker. He has a strong and simple faith in the Gospel. He is not a terrific dancer, but he honors his priesthood and can give your children blessings when they are sick. He's baptized all of your children so far. He went on a mission and married you in the temple. Now he is balding a bit, has a pooch, and needs glasses, but he is trustworthy, and respectful.

Mars Bar- He is a rocket scientist, really, He loves physics and math. He is also kind of a nut. He has a quirky sense of humor that not everyone understands, but you like it. He likes camping with the Cub Scouts and loves to design the Pinewood derby cars. He also teaches Gospel Doctrine and seems to know everything about Church History. He has to work late on Friday nights sometimes, but he always makes it up to you. You married in the Temple, and attend about every other month.

Chuckles- This guy wasn't the cutest guy you dated, but he was the most fun. He never took you out to just a dinner and a movie. He was too creative for that.  he proposed to you when you were eating a candlelight dinner on a road median. You found the ring underneath your Washington DC temple shaped strawberry shortcake. (where you later married-- in the temple, not the cake) He even brought along some ring cleaner so it wouldn't be sticky from the cake when he slipped the ring on your finger. He says he wants 15 kids. You joke with him
that you will have the first 8, and he can have the rest. He is fun to tease and joke around with. He giggles if you make him laugh really hard. You're not rich, but you get by on his salary.

 M&M- This guy is very ambitious. He goes to work at 7 am and comes home at 9 pm. Sometimes he works seven days a week, even if he doesn't have to. He even brings his work along on family vacations. You never date anymore. He is too tired and busy for that. You are fairly well off and you have a nice house, but you would rather that he spent more time with you and the kids. What really breaks your heart is that your children ask, " When is daddy coming back?" You got married in the temple, but you wonder if he remembers what that means, since he doesn't seem to value his family here on earth.

Mamba- This guy was on the BYU ballroom dance team and is a terrific dancer. You go dancing every week. He likes having group parties at your house. He is spontaneous and fun. Sometimes he surprises you by bringing home people for dinner without giving much warning, if any. He is a great father and takes his kids on outings with Dad once a month or so. He isn't great at paying bills, going grocery shopping, or balancing the checkbook, so you learned to do that. He has a sincere testimony of the Gospel and you got married in the temple.

Granola Bar- This guy loves health food. He's in great shape. He avoids refined sugar, white flour, and exercises daily. He cares about the environment and wears a Save the Whales t-shirt frequently. He loves to learn. He is a little unconventional, but is very nice. Many of your family activities are athletic ones,. You rides bikes and bring your own cloth grocery bags when you shop. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and loves doing missionary work. You married in the temple.

Charleston Chew- This guy loves the night club scene. That was fun when you were dating, but now you wish he would also take on  responsibility for taking care of the house, the kids, etc. He was a member of the Church when you met, but he had a small Word of Wisdom problem, chewing tobacco. You thought he would quit when you got married, but now he drinks too. Because of that, he feels uncomfortable going to church. It looks like you will never get to the temple.

Skittles- This guy is very handsome and romantic, but not a member. He thought marriage was "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Now that he sees that marriage is also a lot of hard work, he doesn't seem interested. He talks about being single again. He doesn't want kids and thinks that you, as a woman, should do all of the work in the house, on the relationship, and everything, He figures, " Hey, Im earning the money around here!"

Mr. Goodbar- This guy is sweet, handsome, and strong. He is a return missionary and loves learning about the Gospel. He has very bad vision and already has the extra large print scriptures. Without his glasses, he can only make out big, fuzzy, colored blobs around him. He loves children and respects motherhood. He hasn't decided on what he wants to do with his career yet, but he's a hard worker and you are getting by. You got married in the temple.

100 Grand- This guy grew up in a very affluent home. He has a lot of earning potential, but is not earning much right now. The problem is, he is used to a more affluent style of living and is having a hard time staying within your means. He has a testimony of the Church, but he decided that it was more important to graduate from college than to go on a mission. He took you to the temple.

5th Avenue- This guy inherited a lot if money from a rich uncle. He is not a member, but is very charming and handsome. You figured that since he is such a nice guy, he was sure to join the church. He lets you go to church, and supports you in your callings, but he rarely goes himself. His social circle has lots of parties where they drink champagne. He drinks and suggests that once or twice wouldn't really hurt you, but he isn't pushy. Most of the other women there don't have children or have only one or two. They wonder what you do all day with 5 children and no nanny.

Big Hunk- This guy was a quarterback at your college. He joined the church while he was there. You introduced yourself to him on his 1st Sunday in the student ward. He was good looking  and buff. You got married before he had been a member for a year and you are anxiously preparing to go to the temple together. Its hard for him to go to church every Sunday since now he is playing for the NFL. He works a lot of Sundays and Mondays, but he still manages to get to sacrament meeting most of the time and he reads his scriptures a lot on Sundays. He tells you that when he retires from the game, he will do charity work, and have Sundays off. You are well off and he doesn't mind paying tithing even though it is a huge chuck of money. He loves kids and is so excited that you are expecting a baby soon.

Skor- This guy is very handsome and cool. He loves sports, especially soccer. he hopes to own a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop one day. He was a big flirt when you were dating and was physically affectionate with lots of girls.  Though he was always morally clean, you still wished that he had saved his kissing and other forms of physical affection for you. He served an honorable mission and took you to the temple.

Zero- This guy never studied in school and barely graduated. His idea of a good job is working at McDonalds during a non-lunch or dinner rush shift. He doesn't know what to do with his life and he doesn't really care. He spends his time hanging out with a few friends, laughing at old jokes, and watching people. He is a member, but rarely goes. He likes to sing and he could be good looking if he took better care of himself. He wrote romantic things to you in letters and you thought that they were all true. You felt sure that if you could just influence him for good, he could turn his life around.  Unfortunately, you married him before he turned it around and he still hasn't changed.

Milky Way- This guy has spectacular dreams. he wants to be a movie star. He wants to be unbelievably rich and tremendously famous. He wants to own a huge, richly decorated home. He also sees himself as a very successful player in the NBA, or maybe the NFL. Self-esteem is not one of his weaknesses. However, he lacks a plan which would help him reach him dreams, so they are merely fantasies, not really goals. His reality is that he hasn't even graduated from college or vocational school, even though he has attended college for 10 years. You married him, believing in him and his dreams, but as it is now, you're still living the poor student life, If if weren't for your job, you wouldn't have any money at all. He's a great father and very smart and funny, He's just not focused on fulfilling his dreams.

Lifesavers- This man is a lifeguard. He has a great body, a great tan, a great smile, and a helpful personality. He is also a wonderful home teacher and missionary. He has shared the Gospel with many of his friends. So far, 30 have joined the church. He has a very strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and it is visible in everything he does. You met him when you were out dancing with your friends. He saw that you were not having much fun dancing with the man who kept asking you to dance, and realized you were too nice to tell him no. So he stepped in and asked you for the next slow song. You have a lot in common and felt totally comfortable with each other, in an exciting sort of way. When you returned to your friends, you were almost out of breath and deliriously happy. You exchanged phone numbers, dated for 8 months, met each others families, and got engaged. Of course, you married in your favorite temple. Four children later, you are still madly in love and very happy.

Hot Tamales- This guy was voted "most attractive man" his senior year of high school. He knows he is good looking and considers himself a valuable commodity. However, once you get to know him, he can be down to earth and fun. He joined the church when he was seventeen and none of his family are members.  He is a great dancer and singer. He is reserving his kisses for engagement at least. He wants to be an electrical engineer but right now he is a waiter,  putting himself through school. He is trying to avoid school debt,  but it looks like he will take out at least $5000 in student loans next semester. He had to cut down on his hours at work, so he would have time to study. He thinks womanhood is very sacred and is excited about being a daddy. He wants to learn how to play the piano. Right now, all he can play is Heart and Soul. You got married in the temple. You live near his parents, who like to have the family over for Sunday dinner during church time. Its a tough balancing act.

Other candies that you could use and make up your own descriptions Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Nerds, Sweetarts, Almond Joy, Mounds