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SOLO TIME: -  - We had solo times for girls camp when I was in Idaho.   Solo time is a packet put into a folder. What you put in it is:  first a list of things you do. Like you go out into the wilderness for 15 min. some time during that week by your self. You pray, ponder, read your scriptures, and look at your packet. In the packet is a bag with maybe gum some candy and a pen and stickers and toys. Then there is devotionals and thoughts stories poems and songs and fun games on paper to do!

DISNEY MOVIE/SCRIPTURE: -  - We had a YW Camp on Disney Movies and I researched the scriptures to find "descriptions" of specific Disney movies.  We had a race (between Wards) to see who could come up with the answers first.  It was well received! This helped them study their scriptures during camp.  Click Here for scriptures

CAMP SONGS: - Christy's  YW website
A RIGHTEOUS MORMON YOUTH: -  This year were doing the army theme ( A Righteous Mormon Youth).  Were trying to do dog tags and boot camp kind of stuff.  Our testimony activity is real cool.  were going to have 3 or 4 games like and obstacle course and game that make you think and act together.  They will earn points to use towards a reward.  they will go into a tent where there's 40 spiritual gifts and 40 worldly gifts ( 40 because that's how many girls are going).  Each girls gets to chose just one gift.  Then they will go to the fire pit and there will be a box that says "worldly gifts" on it.  The girls who choose worldly will deposit them before going into testimony meeting and the girls with spiritual gifts will get to keep them.  The point being you cant take it with you!

SURVIVOR: -  This year our stake’s camp theme is “Survivor.”  With all the temptations and trials our youth are faced with today, we  thought we could focus on ways (YW Values, Standards, etc.) to help them survive their spiritual wilderness as well as focusing on their certification survival skills.  We are going to have our levels be “tribes”, have tribal councils (devotionals), Survivor Challenges (where they have to prove their knowledge of certification skills), and Survival Workshops.  Each night at campfire, we will have each tribe bring their torch.  They will also decide on something they want to vote out of their lives (bad habits, immodesty, etc.).  Hope this gives you some ideas.

BE YOUR OWN KIND OF BEE-U-TIFUL: -  Our camp theme this year is "Be Your Own Kind of Bee-U-tiful!  Our six wards are each one of President Hinckley's B's:
The Spanish Ward is Abejitas Agradecidas (Grateful little bees)
Bees With Degrees (Smart)
Bees Against Sleaze (Clean)
Honestee Bees (True)
Humble Bumbles (Humble)
Bees On Their Knees (Prayerful)
For each flag ceremony we are using one of the B's, having a little devotional where all the items are based on a  B, (i.e. a hymn about being clean, etc.)
Our activities, when not certifying, will be based on them as well.   -- Charee Peck, Stake YW President, South Salt Lake

CANDLE LIGHTING TESTIMONY: -  As a Bishopric we tried the candle lighting activity and applied it to a testimony meeting  where the first girl's candle was lit and then bore her testimony. When her testimony was finished she lit the next girl's candle and so on through all the girls and leaders. All the girls said something (this approach almost  makes it so everyone has to speak - it's great, it seems that each girl really wants to say something and this makes it possible without a spontaneous stumble to the front). It was so spiritual as each girls face was lit by the candles light and they spoke their thoughts of camp, each other and their love for the Lord. That was last year 1999 and it is still spoken of and not forgotten.
FRUITY FIRST AID:  For ideas on using fruit to teach First-Aid at camp, click here:  Fruity First Aid Idea

SECRET SISTER IDEA: -  You could previously buy some Hershey Kisses and store them some place where  they will not melt. Then, when the time comes, you go into your secret  sisters tent and spread the kisses all over the ground and leave a little  card on the ground that says "I KISS the ground you walk on". This is just a  little cute idea I picked up from one of my leaders.

IRON ROD PROGRAM: -  In our stake we always have a spiritual program the first night of camp. Two  years ago we had an "Iron Rod" program.  Our junior leaders were the players.   We had four different settings that our groups traveled to.  The groups of  young women were led by an angel (camp director) and also had an angel at the  end of the group.  It was dark and only the angels had flashlights.  The iron  rod was a heavy rope that they held onto.  The first setting was the dark and  loathsome element of the world with creepy people saying nothing but trying  to get to the girls.  The second  was the party atmosphere with load music,  strobe lights and lots of partying.  The third was  three preachers preaching  the doctrines of the world ( these preachers were our stake presidency ) The  final setting was at the top of a hill.  A huge pine tree covered with white  Christmas lights representing the tree of life.  At the top soft music played  and the Stake Y.W. president was there with a message.  Their ward president  was also there to pluck the fruit off of the tree and present it to each Y.W.   It was an incredibly spiritual experience. 

NATURE'S BEAUTY THEME: -  Two years ago, our camp theme was about natures beauty. so on the last day of camp (our camp is 6 days long) Our leaders woke us up before sunrise and told us they had a surprise for us. They also told us we weren't allowed to talk.... AT ALL. We have camp near a ski slope, so they packed us into a bunch of cars and drove us to one of the ski slopes. We brought blankets with us because it was cold and when we got out of the car, the leaders handed us a bagged breakfast, and told us to find our own, separate spot on the ski slope. Then our camp director talked to us about natures beauty and her testimony of how thankful she was for all of her blessings. Then she told us that she wanted us to watch the sun rise and pray.... or think.... about everything Heavenly Father has done for us. After the sun was mostly up, she turned on our camp song (It was a very spiritual song) and then we went back to camp.  I will always remember this because it was so spiritual and if any other leaders have a chance to do this, your girls will really enjoy it.

PERSONAL TESTIMONY BOOKS: - We made unique and very personal testimony books for the young women in our stake which included testimonies from family members, ward and stake YW leaders, ward and stake priesthood leaders, the YW General President and President Hinckley.  Each girl's name was printed on the front cover and each book was bound with plastic comb binding.  We included blank pages at the back of the book so friends and family members could add their testimonies to the book.  We presented these books to the young women at camp, but they could be presented to the young women at almost any ward or stake special event (New Beginnings, YW Recognition, Standards night,  ward conferences, etc.). 

YOUNG WOMEN VALUE JARS: -  Young Women to provide old glass jars, vases, dishes etc. These can be collected from home or purchased at second hand shops for very cheap prices. The glass paint will need to be purchased at local craft stores. Each young women is assigned a different young women value color for which to buy the glass paint; alternatively the youth leaders can use their budget funds for this. The young women then design an individual pattern for their jars using the young women colors and then paint it on. The young women logos etc. can be used for designs if the youth are talented enough to copy them. This is a very well received idea... enjoy.  Debra
YW FAVORITE HYMN SIGNATURES: -  Young women can have friends autograph favorite songs in their hymn books. The friends sign their names and date the titles they  enter their signatures next to. For example, I would choose " Because I have been given much " and sign my name and date the title. This simple activity can be introduced in anyway the youth choose; and it can be an ongoing exercise. Youth can collect signatures from their friends, leaders, family members, ward members etc. This is an excellent way to encourage social interaction and fellowshipping amongst the youth and ward members.

DIFFERENT CAMP THEMES AND IDEAS: -  I just wanted to put in a few ideas that have been fun at our camp. I  have been the Stake Camp Director for four years and have had so much fun  with this. Our themes have been M.A.S.H (make a spiritual happening) I gave  them each a dog tag and have added a tag to that chain each year. The girls  love it. TOOL TIME using a tool box and different tools to represent the values. E.R. (eternal rewards) Of course everything was geared hospital and  emergency room. Lots of scrubs and heart attacks. Each cabin something  different. This year OF ROYAL BIRTH this being around Daughters of Royal  Birth. The scripture we're using D&C 75:5. Crowned in glory. Lots of  princess, dragons and royal ideas. We camp at a boyscout camp and use their  facilities for our activities (rifle range, archery, boating and the Y.L. get  to do C.O.P.E. I had six adults become certified instructors to make this  happen. This has been a great success in bringing the older girls together. I also mix all the girls up by age instead of Wards. I could talk about camp forever.

WHEN CAN I GO?: -  This is a question leaders always find themselves either asking or being asked, "When can a YW go to camp?  What determines if she is old enough?"   My ward follows the guideline that if their Birthday is before we go to camp they are able to go.  I know many wards and stakes around me so it this way.  Tammy

CAMP THEMES: -  Our Camp Theme last year was SOS last year.  There are seven wards in our stake and we each had our own boat: a "boat People" like Nephi's boat, Hagoth (heard of him?  Believe the polynesians are from him.), Noah and his "boat", Jaredites, and a few others.  S.O.S. stands for "See our Savior"  We have a pool in our camp and we made boats according to our theme.  Our ward was actually Hagoth and we call our campsite, "Hagoth's Hut" and decorated it with palm trees and such.  It was really fun.
Another one I have heard of is : MASH-- "Modern Armies Serving Heaven"  quite cute I think.  I think they all decorated their camp like a mash unit and such.   Lisa

SACRED GROVE: -  Each day at 4 p.m.  we have Sacred Grove. The setting is in the woods. All the leaders and girls and Priesthood set on the ground in the trees. We have a guest speaker come and take on a subject like, faith, love, service, or what have you. The subject goes along with the theme of camp for that year. This year's theme is "The many lights of Christ".   The speaker will have many subjects to choose from.  Last year we had a Brother come dressed up like Joseph Smith. He talked with the girls about turning to Christ, just like Joseph Smith would have.  He looked like him, talked like him, moved like him. Very special and up lifting. We use Sister or Brethren who live near by, or who are at camp. We ask them well ahead of time, so they have lots of time to prepare.

WARD COMPETITION  DAY:   The other thing we do is have WARD competition day. We have 8 wards in our stake. So we have 8 station setup. We do it rely style. Each ward competes for the one  who can do it right and the fastest. On the last day of camp. We give awards to each ward for a job well done. To the ward who did best overall, we give an award to their Bishop (on Bishops night) to take back to his ward. The relays can be anything. But we like to use skills from the Camp Manual. Like the two man carry. or knots or just about anything. Water relays go over big.  Janeen Porter, Stake Camp Director

SURVIVAL CAMP: -   Last year  I decided to do a different type of survival... not in the physical/athlete sense but in the mental/spirtual sense.  As we know in today's society, all the youth are being bombarded with adversities from all directions  and most of all their own peer pressures.  So I decided to do a survival of our integrity, self-worth and self-esteem and base it all on the 7 young women values.  I have themed it "Bee all that you can Bee".  I will be doing work shops bringing in professional women, police officers, psychologist, and others that will enhance the YW to help them to develop good qualities about themselves as well as to understand the negatives or misunderstandings /confusion of our society.  "Bee all that you can bee" will be learning who you are, what is your purpose as a young women and why serving others is vital.   My invitations will be a beehive picture frame made with fun foam with wired moving bees which will read: "Bee a honey and come join our hive.  Our theme this year will be..... "Bee all that you can Bee" in the ............ come find out how we finish this line at camp.  It will "bee" buzzing with activity. "   And we will have  all the other pertinent information but only enough to arouse their curiosity.    Those YW that commit to going camp will all receive bumble bee pins for their dresses or hair.  When the girls join us on the first camp day, we usually have an icebreaker and we will be making honeybee pins and beehives to hold their goodies from their secret beekeeper.  My camp leaders usually come the first day to prepare all the materials for the campers for the official camp day and they welcome the YW to camp.  (The main focus on this years camp will be to let the girls know how important they are, how important their own life is to them and their Heavenly Father, their future husbands and then as future mothers to their own children.)  Friday night will be a talent show night with their parents invited to dinner and dessert as well..  We have wonderful parent participation and we hope this year will still hold true.  Patti Domingo

DADDY/DAUGHTER NIGHT: - One camp night we had a daddy/daughter night and their fathers had to answer questions ( like newly wed game) and it was the most hilarious night where even some hidden truths came out that floored the adults!   Then we ended with the butt signature.  This was the YW's idea and I had some reservations about this but this was unanimously voted for.  The YW and her dad had to face the audience with their back side to us and spell out their last names with their butts.  Yes, this was so funny, there were tears in the eyes of the audience members and so much laughter that I had to control myself.  I never thought the fathers would do it but they got right in there and loved every minute of it.  They really hammed it up.

We also had a daughter invite her father who played the guitar and they both sang and did a very good job.  What was so special about this couple was that this family was from Japan and lived in our ward for almost a year and had to move  back to Japan.  Their english was passable but their singing of english songs were admirable. Patti Domingo

CAMP THEMES IDEAS: -  Our stake has the camp council decide on the theme for camp each year.  They choose a spiritual and a secular theme that relate with a scripture.  For example, last year they choose "Life is life a bowl of C.E.R.E.A.L."  The cereal acronym stood for Campers Exhibiting Righteous Examples of Love.  Each ward was assigned a different cereal, e.g. Frosted Flakes, Cookie Crisp. Honey Nut Cherrios, Sugar Smacks.  We came up with skits, yells, and decorations for our cabin that related to our cereal.  The spiritual theme focused on examples of love and the importance of following the Savior's example of love.  Olivia 
BOOT CAMP: -  Last year our stake used the theme "Boot Camp".  During the week "boot" stood for several things such as, "building our own testimonies", and , "be of one troop".  We used the following as daily themes, and destiny topics, "Back to Basics", "When the going gets tough, the tough get going", "Espirit De Corp (means the spirit of commradory), "The Few, The Proud, The Righteous", and "Be All You Can Be".  Our wards made up their own unit/troop names like, "The Army of Helium, Loony Platoony, and ARMY CHICKS". We had a blast with this theme, and were able to do some very spiritual activities with it as well.  Good luck to you, and I hope some of these ideas will help. Eileen Daniels

COME... BE FISHERS: -  This year our Stake theme is Come With Me and Be Fishers of Men.  Each ward has been assigned a portion of a ship that correlates with a portion of the gospel.  For instance one ward was given the Rudder which relates to the Prophet that leads our church, another the sail which relates to our testimonies that will carry us along, the mast of the ship relates to our faith which holds us up and helps support our testimony.  Then along with each portion of the ship we have also been given a value and a parable. The sail which is our testimony has been given the value Integrity and the parable of the Talents in Matt 25:14, then that ward decorates their camp along the Sail theme and their skit has to do with the parable etc.  This is just one of the themes.

COME FOLLOW ME: -  Last year we did camp around "Come Follow Me" and each ward was assigned a different "shoe" in which to follow Christ's footsteps etc.  My ward had the Army Boot so we decorated our camp to be like a Mash Unit and gave each level of girl an army rank, 1st years Privates and so on. At the end of camp each girl was given a little trophy of a plastic army man spray painted silver on a block of wood with the words "Army of Christ". It was a really good experience and  a really fun camp idea
NOAH'S ARK: -  One year we centered our camp around Noah's Ark and each ward were different animals and given a value and a value color to work with and then decorated their camp around that animal like birds, we had stuffed birds with each girls name on it hanging in the trees and then each camp level choose their own type of bird name, like the Quacking Ducks, Talking Parrots, Wise Old Owls etc.  This was another fun one.
"DEAR" TIME: -  At camp last year we held "DEAR" time - Drop Everything And Read. Everyone: cooks, leaders, lifeguards, priesthood and campers - dropped EVERYTHING for 30 minutes and picked up their scriptures, the Ensign or New Era, or motivational stories or books and read. Our 5th Year Youth Leaders had one girl read to them, our 4th year girls stopped their ascent up Mt. Monadnock and all stopped along the trail to read. EVERYONE involved agreed this added a new dimension to the personal spirituality at camp. Stress levels of leaders went down and personal testimonies were strengthened. Sue Kane in NH

TIE-DYING T-SHIRTS AND PILLOWCASES: -  (At girls camp a year ago we did this  with pillow cases and it was a blast.)  First we went into Walmart and bought the cheap men's white under shirts (you can use any white t-shirt).  I think you can get them for less than a dollar a piece.  Get them oversized as they shrink.   Then you wet the t-shirt and wring it out (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO).  Lay it flat on a table.  Take a pinch of t-shirt (both layers together) and pull it up through your left hand until you have about  a three - six inch long piece looking much like a carrot. Wrap an elastic tight at the base of the carrot and other elastics up the carrot every 1 1/2 inches or so apart.   Now you repeat this with other sections of the t-shirt until there is not enough t-shirt left to make any more carrots.  Or if you want more white in your t-shirt, make fewer carrots.  Take some paper cups and put a different color of acrylic paint in each cup.  All the paint you need  to squeeze in each cup is about the size of a quarter (not very much).  Then you dilute each paint with the same amount or more of water.  Take q-tips or paint brushes and put one in each cup.  Remember how the elastics are set 1 1/2 inches apart?  Well, between the elastics you paint each section a different color.  Because the t-shirts are wet, it soaks into the t-shirt section and makes it different shades of that color, beautiful.  You then hang the t-shirt up until it is dry enough for the paint not to come off on your hands and then take the elastics off and put the t-shirt in the dryer.  This sets the colors.  It is surprising how beautiful and well this dye works.  I have washed my girls t-shirts many many times and they still are beautiful.  Points to remember - You want the t-shirt wet but not dripping.   Some colors when accidentally absorbed into each other, make a dirt colored brown.  Avoid mixing these colors.  When I am through painting the sections, I wipe my hands on the white sections of the t-shirt and it leaves a little color elsewhere.  That is why it is even a fun activity for even little kids.  I liked theirs  better because they were sloppier painters and the t-shirts came out with more character and color.  --Leisha

VALUES HIKE: -  On the last night of camp, hold a values hike.  Strategically place seven candles (1 for each value) along a trail.  Make it so the girls can see the next candle in the distance.  At each candle, have a young woman (she reads a brief testimony of the value she represents to the girls).  Before the hike begins, girls receive a plastic baggie with a safety pin in it.  At each candle, girls receive  a different colored bead to place in their bag.  When they are finished with the hike, they put the beads on the pin, latch it and hang it on some lanyard as a necklace.  This teaches us that in the young women's values, there is "safety and peace."

CAMP QUILT: -  Since I have been ward camp director (we don't have Stake camp in our stake) I have started a quilt tradition.  The first year I had each girl and leader  going to camp donate either an old shirt or dress of theirs or scrap material that they had made something with and I made a crazy quilt.  We displayed it during the week and the girls loved finding their material on it.  At the end of the week we held a drawing for it.  The following year I took a picture of each girl going to camp and also one of the entire young women's group and had it transferred onto material for a quilt.  Again we held a drawing at the end of the week.  This is a fun way for a girl to remember her year at camp.

FAMILY SKIT: -  click here

LETTER FROM MOM/DAD - Secretly have each girl's parents write a letter to their daughter and deliver it in the middle of the week of camp
CAMP TOTE: -  In our stake, each YW brings her camp book to camp in a small shoulder tote made especially for the YW camp manual (or a purchased tote bag could be used). Our ward makes them out of rip stop nylon with a long shoulder strap. The camper patch is sewed on the tote bag.
FLAG CEREMONIES: - At morning and afternoon flag, we come dressed in a simple costume. Each group within each level has a name from nature: Silly Seals, Funky Fireflies, etc. that they are called by at roll call. They step out of the circle as a group and do a short jingle (usually a short song with the words altered to reflect something that is going on a camp). A different jingle is done at each roll call. The last flag of camp there is a graduation ceremony for the YCL's who are 17. The YCL's camp all together and have the same group name and costume. One year they were the Mighty Ducks and all had something to blow on that sounded like a quack. The traditional graduation music, "Pomp and Circumstance" was blown through the quakers by the leaders as they announced each graduate. They had made them tassels to go on their duck hats. It was really fun and actually pretty moving. It is hard to see those girls grow up. 
SECRET PALS: - We have secret pals all week, leader to leader and YW to YW. After the last flag, we find our secret pal and let her know who we are.
WARD TESTIMONY MEETING: - Since we are divided by levels, one night,  after campfire we have a ward level campfire in different areas of the camp. Some have very spiritual events and others more playful. It is a nice time to gather together as a ward. 
READ THE BOOK OF MORMON: - We are doing  RBOMIAW (Read the Book of Mormon in a week) using an idea for YW activity.  We will give each level a jar of jolly ranchers to suck on as they read.  Each level will be given a certain number of pages to read i.e.  if each level had an equal number of girls each level would read a total of 83 pages during the week.  If there are 10 girls they each would read 8.3 pages.    We are also going to give each of the girls a squirt bottle when they have finished their certification so we can have a water fight.   Our theme is "Traditions" using 2 Thessalonians 2:15.  We're using a chant (cadence) that puts all the thoughts in it, so the girls can memorize it by the end of camp. 
SINGING TREES: - We have the wards pick a  song, and at night time we go into the trees each ward is spread out  enough as not to be too close for reverence sake.  As it is the wards  turn to sing their song they turn their flashlights on and shine them  into the sky.  No one else is supposed to have their lights on.  it is  just the neatest thing. 
TESTIMONY HANDOUT: -  You could get those little paper drink umbrellas and attach how an umbrella can act as protection from rain for us.  Though it may be pouring all around us, if we open it up and stand under it, we can stay dry.  Compare this to our testimonies.  If we develop and strengthen our testimonies of gospel principles, we can cling to them in times of trouble as we would to an  umbrella in a storm. 
MAKE ME A SPOON: - Did you ever compare your Christian service to silverware? All silverware is made to serve, but the different pieces serve in different ways. ----- Forks stab.  "This is mine," they say.  Bits of meat, carrots, pickles, salad and cheese.  "This , this and this are mine," says the fork. "Everything for me, me, me,."  And soon every last morsel on the plate has been pinned by the spear of the selfish fork.
----- Knives cut.  "Too big," says the knife.  Slice.  Cut.  Chop.  Dice. Everything must change its shape to satisfy the whim of the knife.  Nothing is right as it is.  Everything needs paring down, carving or separating. ----- Spoons serve:  cereal, soup, peas-- all the impossible foods can be handled comfortably from the smooth bowl of the spoon.  Spoons say,  "Here, let me help you.  We can manage together." MAKE ME A SPOON, LORD!!
7:00 a.m.    Wake up call
7:30            Roll Call/Base Camp/Theme/Hymn/Scripture/Thought for the Day/Flag/Prayer/Announcements
8:00             Morning Mess Hall & KP
8:30             3rd Year Hike
9:00             1st and 2nd year hikes
                    4th year certification and their MP's meet for Ropes Course
3:00             R&R, PX, Calvary
5:00              Evening Mess Hall and KP
6:00              Platoon Sergeant briefing
7:00             Roll Call/Base Camp/USO Show
9:00             Unit gathering (fireside)
10:00            Lights out/Taps
HEART ATTACKS: - At our camp, we would allow the girls with their cabin mothers to do Heart Attacks.  Heart Attacks are just like t-p-ing someone only better because you get heart shapes and stick them all over the cabin and leave that cabin a bag of goodies.  This makes everyone feel loved and wanted.
VALUE CRAFTS: - #1    6" x 3" plaque with 7 different size and color buttons glued on in a row.  Printed above the buttons is  "In any size or shape Values are a treasure".    Punch two holes at top, attach floral wire (to hang from), and tie some raffia to the wire.  You can get 6 plaques out of one square of foam ... either buy the buttons or ask sisters in your ward if they would donate colored buttons from their sewing baskets!
# 2    Value hearts glued to a piece of paper twist ... there are now twists in different patterns.  The girls can print the name of each value on the corresponding heart, add a ribbon or raffia bow to end.
BONDING: - We separated the girls into groups.  In one room we blindfolded all the girls but one.  She had to direct them in assembling a tent.  No touching, just talking.  It was quite interesting as the other girls had know idea as to what they were even trying to build.  Talk about learning how to express your ideas.
TRUST WALK: - In another area we set up an obstacle course.  We had them go on a trust walk ... before they entered into the room we had them take their shoes off.  We blind folded them and sent them on an obstacle course ... being lead only by the sound of the voice.  We had a great course set up!  At points they were crawling, going up and down, .... ect.
TRUST WALK: - leaders took them on a walk. ..  Everyone was connected by holding hands...  The girls were again Blindfolded.  As we walked we dropped them off in areas one by one. Then we gathered them back.. we talked about how they felt alone, how it was easier in a group situation even though they were blindfolded, how helpless they felt alone, and talked about how you are never alone 
CAMP-A-LOT: - "In Camp-a-lot You're Loved-a-lot" based on a Camelot (Renaissance) Theme, complete with princesses, castles, evil dragons (influences of Satan), Jesters (our YCLs of course), etc.  The girls seem to be really excited about the theme.  And we had a hoot dressing up in princess attire for our last camp meeting.  Each Ward has chosen a Value and corresponding Value Color for their Kingdom (i.e., Knowledge are the Know-a-lots, Individual Worth are Worth-a-Lots, etc.)  We are incorporating the family theme in several ways.  Each Kingdom is referred to as "The Family of the Green Kingdom" etc.  Stake Camp is The Royal Court and they camp at Our Royal Home.  We have designated all areas of camp with Renaissance type names:  Flag is in the Royal Courtyard, Sports is in the Jousting Arena, Fires are taught at The Spit, Personal Progress Class is named "Princess Power 101," even the bathrooms are The Throne Rooms, etc.  We hope to impress upon our young women just how special they are and the royal birthright that is there--in a fun way.  We plan to touch on our eternal family that started in the pre-existance, our present earthly families, and preparation for our future families.  Have some cute skits in the works for all that.  We will have Royal Criers who will present the Proclamation of the Day, taken from the Proclamation on the Family.
LATE-NIGHT VIDEOS: - Each evening (late), when the girls wanted to stay up, we had church videos available for them to watch in the cabin, along with a "midnight" snack. 
CAMP PICTURES: - We always took a camp picture (of EVERYONE), had it developed before camp was over and gave these to the YW and the leaders on the last night at camp (those pictures are real treasures to me!).
NIGHT STORY: - As camp director (stake) I went around to each ward in the evening, and shared an uplifting story with the YW (I always went for the tear-jerker, NEW ERA ones).  I also gave them a small trinket each evening (we gave them large manila envelopes that were decorated, when they arrived - they could keep their "treasures" in those envelopes). 
AUTOGRAPH BOOKS: - One year we made camp autograph books that were a hit (sort of like a yearbook signing activity. 
  • Use an empty pill bottle and fill it with "Warm Fuzzies" with a label on the bottle saying its not a prescribed medicine but should be given out freely, etc.  The other one will be to take a large syringe and fill it with value colored jelly beans and put a tag on it saying, Have you had your daily shot of values?
  • The I"ll Do It award (person who volunteers the most)
  • The I'd Rather Do It Myself  Award (person who is most independent)
  • The Giggler Award
  • The Do-Re-Mi Award (to person who is best camp song singer)
  • The Easy-Going Award (to most agreeable)
  • The Biggest Nagger Award (keeps everyone in line)
  • The Cheerleader Award (most enthusiastic or the biggest "cheerleader"/supporter of others)
  • The Better-Late-Than-Never Award
  • The Best Excuse Maker Award (of course these are given in jest)
  • The Stick With It Award
  • The Spic and Span Award (to the best cleaner-upper or someone who is tidiest)
  • The Soft-Spoken Award
  • The Loudest-Spoken Award
  • The Peacemaker Award
  • The Most Helpful Award
  • The Always Room For One More Award (this could go to someone who includes  everyone)
  • The Longest Legs Award
  • The Lost And Found Award (to someone who is always losing things!)
  • The Most Improved
  • The Side by Side Award (for two people who are inseparable all week!)
  • The Fashion Plate Award (to the best dressed... a fun award for girls camp!!!) 
    Nature Lover Award............Nature Valley Granola bar
    Camp snooze alot..............a candy watch
    Happy Camper( always so bubbly)........Bubble bath
    Busy Beaver (always Chipped in)..........bag of chips
    Positive Camper (always looked for good)........sunglasses
    Extra miler ( hike)............a ruler ?
    Compassionate Camper.................Tissue package
    Funniest..............Snicker bar or cracker Jacks
    M.A.S.H (Modern Armies Serving Heaven): - For ideas click here: MASH
    VALUE SPOOL DOLLS: -  We used a large spool (wooden from the craft store) for the body,  a round wooden ball for the head,  two mini spools for the arms with a small ball on the end for the hands, 3 spools for legs with a small wooden heart on the end for the feet.  The legs were wired together by wrapping a match stick 2 or 3 times with one end of the wire (pull out the match stick) and then feeding the straight end through the feet/hands and mini spools.  When the two arms are made and the two legs are made, the four wires are fed through the hole in the body spool from bottom to top.  (I actually drilled a hole in the sides of the spools for the arms.)   The wires were pretty long and also fed up through the round head to the top where they were twisted and flattened down.  Then hair was glued over them.  Each of the spools had a value color  (embroidery thread) wrapped around it.  The YW   put their favorite value color close to the heart and then work out.  Then a little piece of lace was gathered around the neck into a little dress, so the value colors showed through,  and put around the doll with two dots for eyes.  They were cute, made up fast and were small (only about 4" tall), could bend and sit.  I put them in kits in sandwich bags including the cut wire (4 pieces).  The girls seemed to really like them.  They were a great activity to do on a rainy day in the tents. 
    CAMP LEADERS SURVIVAL KIT: - (I put this in a fabric bag that I stitched.)  Camp Leaders Survival Kit:
    To help you make it through this week,  and to thank you for all that you do.
    We're giving you a few small gifts which have messages that ring true.
    Camping with a ton of girls can be a real blast If you follow the advice we offer you
    Your sanity's sure to last.
  • A TOOTHPICK to remind you to pick the good qualities in everyone including yourself.
  • A RUBBERBAND to remind you to be flexible.  Things might not always go the way you want, but they will work out.
  • A BANDAID to remind you to heal hurt feelings, either yours or somebody else.
  • A ERASER  to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.  Be forgiving.
  • A CANDY KISS to remind you that everyone needs a compliment each day.
  •  A STICK of GUM to remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything.
  • A PENNY  to remind you to count your blessings every day.
  • A MINT to remind you that we think you're worth a mint and we appreciate your time!
  • Some SUNSCREEN to protect you from the inevitable UV (ugly vibrations) raise(d).
  • Some ANTI-STRESS BATH OIL to remind you that when you pack up and go home , you will have earned a long, relaxing bubble bath.

  • Thanks for all your efforts to help make Operation Camp ‘98 happen this year.  We couldn't have done it without you!
    Love,  (sign)
    COME ABOARD (NOAH'S ARK): -  The favorite new addition this year was D.E.A.R. time, drop everything and read. For about 40 minutes every day at 1, everyone  (including cooks, etc.) was to drop everything and read their scriptures, the New Era, or other uplifting material. It was so awesome. I anticipated difficulties in getting the young women to cooperate, but they were admonishing their leaders to do it! It was an  overwhelming success, and brought a sense of peace and quiet to camp in the middle of the day. Everyone came from DEAR time rested and ready for their afternoon activities. At the end of the week, the girls were not exhausted, and were all begging to stay longer. Even the leaders felt this way! It also ensured a time during the day that every girl could do her certification for scripture reading. 
     TESTIMONY CANDLES: - Our ward has one candle lit at a time. After the young woman with her candle lit bears her testimony, she goes and lights someone else's. Then she blows hers out. We do it this way so each girl has a chance to let her light shine.