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CALENDARING FOR AREAS OF LONG DISTANCES: -  - I live in an area where it is VERY difficult to get all the girls together due to the distances we all live from each other.  This is the program I have  put together:

1st Wednesday--Leadership Training lesson (10 minutes)
                    Class Presidency Meetings (30-40 minutes)
                    Personal Progress time (30-40 minutes)

2nd Wednesday--Class Activities--This is a time when the girls get  together with just their individual classes and do  some kind of service, or learn a new skill or work on something for their Personal Progress.

3rd Wednesday--Is the night for Joint Young Men and Young Women.

4th Wednesday--Is for Combined Young Women.  We use this night to do an activity with all the girls together. Could be spiritual or domestic in nature.  We also  use this night for our special events such as Young Women in Excellence, New Beginnings or a special Mother/Daughter evening.

5th Wednesday--Usually a craft night that the girls can make something and finish it that night to take home. Usually something with a YW theme.

YEARLY CALANDERING: -  - We calendar towards the beginning of the year like this:
  • 1st Tues. of month  personal progress night- sometimes together and sometimes as a class. sometimes as a class we meet in homes.
  • 2nd Tues. of month- activity night for young women- daddy daughter , mom and daughter things, temple marriage program, genealogy, or working on inactives nights
  • 3rd Tues. of month- joint YM/YW activities with emphasis on bringing nonmembers to this activity
  • 4th Tues. of month- service type activities
  • 5th Tues. of month- we go to homeless shelter to serve dinner (about 4 times a yr.)

  • We have monthly themes and base activities on these themes. We also organize our lesson schedule accordingly.  Tawnie

    MONTHLY CALENDARING: -   In our Young Women's,  we have a schedule as follows and it is relatively easy to plan activities using this outline:
  • 1st week- Basic Training (cooking, sewing, household things, mending, etc...)
  • 2nd week- Service
  • 3rd Week - Fun
  • 4th week- optional- any of the above.

  • Of course we have the joint activities with the young men and joint with all the young women but we try to incorporate this for all of us and it really works well.  --  Lisa

    MONTHLY CALENDARING: -  We use the first Tuesday of each month as a class activity night.  The second Tuesday is a YW Presidency combined activity night (centered around one of the YW Values or the Standards of Personal Worthiness).  The third Tuesday is our combined YM/YW activity night, and the fourth Tuesday is always centered around Personal Progress.  We have been using fifth Tuesdays as a sports/activity night.