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GET TO KNOW THE BISHOPRIC NIGHT: -  - We had the bishopric come to a fireside with their wives.  My Laurels planned  a "get to know the bishopric better night". They had four questions for the  husbands and four for the wives.   They asked the bishopric to tell their  favorite flavor of ice cream.  Describe their first date with their wife.  Tell where they were when he proposed.  What their favorite ride at an amusement park is.  They asked the wives:  Was it his personality or looks that attracted you to him. What was the model of the car he was driving when you dated him. What if your favorite thing to do on date night? What song do you consider your song? The youth were split up in groups to cheer for their bishopric couple.  It was a fun night and everyone learned a lot.  Ice cream sundaes were served  to the winning group first.

BISHOPRIC  CHALLENGE: -  Our bishopric holds an annual bishop's challenge which usually runs six to eight months duration.  This year the youth needed to read the Book of Mormon, bear their testimony or give a talk in Sacrament meeting, memorize a Bishopric-selected verse from the Book of Mormon, have eighty percent attendance at their meetings, perform three service projects  (it seems like there is something else, but I cannot remember).  Those who successfully complete the challenge receive a reward.  This year it will be on August 29th -- we are taking the kids waterskiing/canoeing for the day and then having a catered dinner at a condominium in Park City.