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GETTING TO KNOW YOU GAMES: -  - With my ward there have been some "click" problems as well. We tried two different things. First we tried a "getting to know you" party, with a lot of games to get to know the other YW your age. We had fun games, like writing your most embarrassing moment on a piece of paper with three names at the bottom. Two that weren't yours and one that was. Then the leader picked out of the bag that they were all in and everyone had to guess who's it was. And another game called fan mail. Each girl had a piece of paper with her name at the top. Then you passed the paper around the circle, and each person would look at the name, and write something nice that you know about the person who's name was on the paper. Then you folded the paper so that the next person who received it couldn't tell what you wrote. You ended up folding the paper like a fan, and we called it "fan mail." I still have mine to this day. The other thing we tried was when another problem arose. It was at camp, and the leaders just talk to each person, and tried to get it to work. Then they informed the parents about what had happened, and mostly it cleared up. There were of course problems still there, but it only took time to get the girls to become friends. Heather