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YW/RS SERVICE AUCTION: - Last night we went to a combined activity for YW and RS.  It was a service auction. In both RS and YWs, they've been talking about doing compassionate service.  They asked each of the ladies and YW to write down a service they'd be willing to do for someone. Last night, as we arrived we were each given a paper which helped us figure the amount of money we earned to use at the service auction. For example, if we had gone visiting teaching this month, we got $20.00. The Young women earned $10.00 for each value they had signed something off on this month; a trip to the temple was worth $25.00 and making your bed that day was worth $15.00.  It was possible to earn up to $400.00. After we had our sums totalled, they had an auctioneer auction off the services.  I ended up purchasing "one piano performance--good for any kind of performance any time"  "one singing performance--any time any occasion"  (these young ladies will be performing a number in my gospel Doctrine class Sunday!) and "1 hour of work time to be spent doing anything."   My daughter purchased "1 batch of chocolate chip cookies," "1 batch of cookies (any kind)" and "2 hours pulling weeds"  (She rejoiced when she heard that one announced.  She hates weeding!  There were some items that were silly (will fill water balloons for your FHE activity) and others that were really fun, viz.  "a candlelight dinner for two".  There was one that struck me really strongly though. Towards the end, the auctioneer picked out a paper that said, "I'll be your friend." I thought,  "How much is this worth?  How much would I pay to have another friend?"  I wondered who it was that put this in, what person in the ward would offer their friendship for sale.  The bidding went quite high, and when it was over I asked the lady who bought it, who the offer was from. We have a woman in our ward in her mid-fifties who lives with her parents and has the mental age of a 7 year old. She was the person who offered her time and her friendship, she offered everything she had to give.  I think that ultimately, the result of this activity will be to bring the two groups (the RS and the YW) closer together.  They want to make it an annual event.

LITTLE GIRLS NIGHT: -  We had a really fun activity that the girls loved.  We called it "Little Girls Night."  The girls all brought a baby picture, a favorite doll or stuffed animal, and a favorite storybook from her childhood.  We guessed who was who from our baby pictures, then oohed and ahhd over them.  Then we shared memories from our childhoods, about our dolls or animals. Then each girl read her story to the others...they were so cute, they read with such animation in their voices!  As they listened to and read stories, we ate animal cookies and drank milk. Our value focus that month was integrity and we talked about how little children are so loving and forgiving and stand up for what they believe.  We read the scripture about becoming as a little child and I challenged them to not be childish but childlike.  Then we went outside and played tag.  The girls just had such a fun time being "little" again, they giggled the whole evening. Vicki

FASHION SHOW WITH PRIMARY GIRLS: -  I'm a Mia Maid in Fairbanks Ak. My ward just had an activity that was a blast! We had a fashion show and invited all the Achievment Days girls to come watch(I guess it goes with their goals-about personal care). We found old MODEST formals for each of the 7 value colors. And let each girl have a turn on the runway. While our Mistress of Ceremonies gave comentary about the dresses,value it went with and the model. We also had some other fun categories. The activity was a sucess, the girls and Young Women loved it!
VALUE VIDEO: -  We had an all girls activity where the girls had to act out the word INTEGRITY or what ever value it is that month.   The first week each class video taped their skits on integrity.  They were to be creative and no more than 10 minutes in length.  The following week we decorated the gym like a movie theater and had popcorn, treats, and drinks and had a "movie" night where we viewed the videos.  The girls loved it.

YW VALUE SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: -  You can play with the YW scriptures.  Give a hint as to if it is a Value scripture (which include theme, standards of personal worthiness and so forth), A Truth Scripture...Beehive, Promise...Mia Maid, Faith...Laurel.  Any scriptures in the responsibilities, mission statements, recerences, and experiences are fair game.  Remember when you do a Faith scripture they include the Articles of Faith.
PERSONAL PROGRESS AS A CLASS: -  Pick a Value Experience out of the PP book and work on it.  There are many that don't need any preperation like Beehive 2 Choice & Accountability #3  It is a read some scriptures  and discuss them.
MUSEUM FUN: -  We have planned a Saturday Activity with our YW at a museum.  Since we live only 1 hour away from the Getty Museum, we chose that one.  We sent one member of our YW's presidency to the museum where she bought numerous postcards depicting the different sculptures and art.  Two weeks before the activity, we passed these cards out -- one to each YW who will be attending.  It was up to her to read up and research "Her" piece of artwork.  Then on Saturday, we went to the museum and as we toured, the Young Woman recognized "her" artwork and gave the rest of us a report on it.  It was a great way to learn and pass off a few Personal Progress Goals!

HIGH CHAIRS: -  A fun activity we have done is called High Chairs.  We did this at Youth Conference.  We were focusing on the June's New Era special edition about Friendship.  We had a list of 40 questions from the different articles.  To start the game we divided into 5 groups.  Then we gave the ANSWERS to all of the questions to each team.  Each answer is on a separate strip of paper.  The team then divides the answers among themselves.  On the opposite side of the room you have five chairs numbered 1-5.  (To help avoid confusion, we also had each team put a tag on so that we knew which team they were from)  Now the game begins.  Someone reads a question, the person from each team that has the answer runs across the room to sit in a chair, the first one there will sit in the chair with the #5 on it, that means they have just won 5 points for their team.  HOWEVER, if they have the wrong answer, they LOSE 5 points for their team.  The kids love this.  We did it with the girls focusing on Personal Progress one night also.  We did the scriptures that go with the values, the colors, the Motto's for each group.  Everyone gets to play.  I always have one of the youth tell everyone what the answer is so that it reinforces what you're trying to get across.  For Youth Conference I had a group of four youth put this together.  They were the ones that came up with the questions, read them and kept score.  After one of the boys briefly reviewed what the activity was about and why choosing the right friends really is important.

LARGE TRI-WARD ACTIVITY: -  We are doing a tri-ward y.women activity.  It involves 50+ girls from three wards.  We will play a "mixer" game in the cultural hall, then split the girls by class-beehives, mia maids and laurels and they will spend 1/2 hour in three classes/workshops/craft area.  Each ward is responsible for putting on the 1/2 hour class relating to the values.   The goal for these classes was to do a craft and also try to pass off a personal progress goal.  For example, my ward has individual worth.  We are going to make a simple card and then the girls are going to write in them.  This passes off:  Beehive 1, Goal #8, Beehive 2, Goal #3, Mia Maid 1, Goal #4, Mia Maid 2, Goal #3.  We are really trying to do this as in-expensively as possible.  Then after the workshops, the girls will go back into the cultural hall and each ward is responsible for a group game.  Then we will serve hot fudge sundaes.  Should be fun and hopefully we will get to know some of the other members in other wards.  (To pull this off, all three ward YW pres. met to hammer out the details.  Also one ward did an invitation to each girl.) Cathie

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: -  How you play Scripture hangman depends a lot on your Young Women.  You could play with names, places, things, events, scripture mastery, Personal Progress scriptures, the scriptures are the limits.  (ie... ye are the light of the world ... (spaces for this phrase)).   Break the YW into two groups  have one team guess at it, if they get it before they are hung then they get a point.  Then for a bonus point have them tell you what the scripture is Matthew 5:14-16.  If someone can stand up and quote it their team gets another point.  Then have one for the other  team.  Have several planned out and I am sure after a while the girls will start comming up with their own.

PERSONAL PROGRESS ACTIVITY: -  Another thing I do is in the PP book.  Have a quick game of do you know your personal progress.  Divide the Girls into teams or classes.  Ask questions to the YW like who knows the YW theme?  (When the YW know an answer have them stand up)  One by one have them resite it. Give 2 points to each team for every YW that got it right and 1 point for every YW that tried to do it.  Ask more questions like what is the value definition of Faith ...What is the YW Moto ...What is the Miamaid 2 responsibilities .... What are the Standards of Personal Worthiness (when the YW have to make a big list of things they could work in a group and give one point for each correct answer.
RAINBOW OF VALUES: -  I designed my own Young Women's Personal Rainbow of Values. It was made out of wood. The girls painted the rainbow with the YW colours and on top the cloud the painted the phrase "I AM OF INFINITE WORTH". They all loved the craft. Marjorie