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KNOWLEDGE VALUE -- SCAVENGER HUNT: -  We took our YW to the public library for a scavenger hunt.  This was a challenge for them - not only did they have to work hard to complete their lists, but they had to be quiet!  We paired the girls up and turned them loose with a list of information to locate.  They were only allowed to ask the librarian one question.   Some of the things they had to do were: locate a book by its call number and write down the title and author, find a book by a certain author and read it aloud with their partner, find out how many book titles in our library contain the key word MOUNTAIN, list the days and times for Storytime, list the daily fine for overdue books and video rental prices,  count how many different newpapers are available in our library,  list 3 books written by a certain author, find the call number using the author and title, tell what subject can be found under a certain call number, etc...  Each answer was worth 2 points and most items had more than 1 part to them.  We had a total of 20 items on the list, with 82 possible points.  Our tiebreaker was extra points for those who had a library card of their own.  The girls loved it and were very competitive!   Carrie , Placerville, California

SERVICE SCAVENGER  HUNT: -  We did a service scavenger hunt. Each team had a list of services, such as sweeping a floor, changing a diaper, etc., that they had to go around a do for someone. We had a great time.   Heather
Graveyard Scavenger Hunt (learning how to read gravestones to help with genealogy)