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Ideas for Class Activities and Mutual
(combined activity)

(These activity ideas were taken from the February, 1992 New Era)

Attend the dress rehearsals of your local ballet, opera, or theater.  Many times tickets are extremely low priced, or even free.  Call to find out.

Have ethnic cooking classes.  Get someone who’s a native of another country or a returned missionary to come and show you how to whip up fabulous foreign meals.

Attend a city council meeting to see how the local government works.

Have career exploration nights.  Arrange to visit a business that stays open in the evenings (like a newspaper, television or radio station, supermarket, etc.), and find out what it’s like to work there.

Take a tour of your local library – find out how you can get the most out of it.  Did you know most libraries let you check out CDs and videos?

Find out what your local shelters need and make items for them – things like hygiene kits, toys, and quilts.

Have a Mormonad brainstorming contest and make Mormonad posters.  Send it to the New Era Magazine.  (they will pay for for them)

Let the Laurels and priests do a “senior year” workshop for the younger youth in your program.

Have a creative pizza party.  Roll out biscuit dough for crusts, and see who can come up with the most unusual or attractive toppings.

Visit your local television station and watch them do a news broadcast.  (You’ll have to arrange in advance for this one).

Have a family history night where you learn how to do genealogy, extract records. Etc.

Sponsor a baby-sitting clinic and make baby-sitting kits.

Have a letter-writi8ng night when everyone pens a few encouraging words to the missionaries and military service people from your ward.

Have a letter-writing night when everyone writes something positive to a Congressman, mayor, bishop, or parent.

Invite someone qualified to give you a clinic in CPR

Host a missionary activity when everyone teams up with either a stake or full-time missionary.

Put on a special missionary-oriented activity to which missionaries can bring their investigators.  (These nights are very big in the Dominican Republic)

Offer to tend for the sisters with children who want to attend Relief Society homemaking night, and plan some kind of fun, group activity for the children.

Have a kit-flying fest.

Invite someone who knows sign language for the deaf to come teach you a few things about it.

Plan a fireside for the rest of the ward or stake about an important topic like ecology, scriptures study, etc.

Invade the bishop’s house and do all sorts of wonderful things for him like cooking, cleaning, yard, work, and anything else you can think of.  Don't forget to let his wife know you’re coming.

Have everyone bring their favorite recipes and make a Mutual cookbook.

Have a New Era Bowl.

Ask someone to teach you to can or bottle fruits and vegetables.

Go caroling to people who need a little holiday cheer.  And don’t wait for Christmas.  You can carol on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and other times.

Offer to redo, clean up, and fix the dolls and toys from your local thrift shop.

Have a manicure workshop one week, then go to a retirement home the next week and offer your newfound skills to the residents.

Make a beautiful quilt and donate it to a charity to be sold at auction.

Have a competition between the Young Man and Young Women – each class makes a quilt; then you vote on the most creative or beautiful, and donate them to charity.

Go to a hospital and read stories to the elderly or to children.

Throw a finger painting party.

Volunteer to help clean pens and walk the pets at the local animal shelter

Make a video of a Book of Mormon story to show to the Primary kids.

Ask an aerobic instructor to come and conduct a session.

Ask the missionaries in your area, both elders and sisters, to conduct a mission prep workshop.

Stuff envelopes for a charity organization or a non-profit group.

Have a self-defense seminar

Have a bowling night, but make sure everyone brings a younger sibling or ward member.

Go on a tour of the local university or college to see what facilities you can be taking advantage of right now.

Volunteer to prepare and serve dinner at the local homeless shelter

Ask foreign exchange students in your school to come talk about their countries.

Get involved in your local Adopt-a-Highway program.

Talk to city authorities to have them help you set up a time when you can pain over the graffiti in your area.

Get an inexpensive copy of the Book of Mormon, and give everyone ten or so pages to read.  That way, together you can read the entire Book of Mormon in one night.   Discuss what you read.

Learn how to dip chocolates.

Form a dating panel.  Have girls tell boys what they like, what bothers them, etc., and have boys do the same thing.

Do a family home evening clinic where everyone shares one of their favorite activities or lessons and everyone gets ideas and instructions for things that could work in their won families.

Invite someone to speak on how to look for and get a job

Play “Scriptionary,”  which is like “Pictionary”, but you draw something to represent a scripture rather than a word.

Have a journal-writing workshop.   Let everyone share what works for them; then challenge each other to write faithfully for the next couple of weeks.  It could be a Young Men versus Young Women competition.

Have a music night when everyone learns to lead music.  Then make an “orchestra” of your own using your ingenuity to create instruments out of common household items brought from home.