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manicure activity

We had an activity in our ward last night that was a big success.  It was a combined activity for all girls--so we had about 40 attend.  My sister is a beautician.  We had her come and teach the girls how to give a manicure.
Terri French

We contacted each girl and told her to bring her favorite nail polish.
We bought an emery board and an orange stick for each girl.  (It cost about 30 cents per girl.)
Target donated $25 worth of Lubriderm lotion samples for us to give out.  My sister just told them that she was teaching a grooming class to a group of teenagers and asked if they would donate any samples for her to use.  We had four YW leaders each make homemade bread to use as refreshments.  I bought butter, raspberry jam, grape jelly and creamed honey for the bread.  (The girls only ate the raspberry jam and the butter--they ate the entire bottle of jam, but none of them ate the grape jelly or creamed honey.)

We set up banquet tables for the manicures and covered them with old plastic tablecloths.  Then we had a bowl of water with a little liquid hand soap in it for the girls to soak in.  Be sure to bring fingernail polish remover for
all the girls who didn't remove it before they come.

We had the girls work in pairs and give the manicures to each other.

Here is a copy of the handout that my sister made listing the manicure steps.  My sister also told them how she used to chew her nails, but doing regular manicures on herself helped her overcome that habit.


Filing the nail:
Start from outside corners and work toward center.

Soaking the nail:
Soak the nail in warm soapy water to clean nail and soften cuticle.

Massage the fingers:
Apply lotion to each finger and massage around cuticle and nail.

Push back cuticles:
Take nail stick and push the cuticles back to help nail growth.

Trim cuticles if necessary:
If there is an excess of dead skin remove with cuticle trimmers.  (There were lots of girls who wanted my sister to trim their dead cuticle.  It was amazing how much better their hands looked.  This was especially good for the girls who chewed their nails.)

Clean lotion off of the nail:
Rinse and towel dry nails to make sure nails are clean and lotion is removed.

Apply base coat of polish

Apply two coats of color

Apply top coat

Clean excess polish off of the nail

We talked to the girls about where it is appropriate to wear the wild colors.  My daughter works at a law office as an errand girl.  A girl from our ward came in to interview for position as another errand girl.  The lawyer who interviewed her came out and told my daughter that he wouldn't even consider the girl because of her green nail polish.  So you might want to talk to the girls that in a professional setting, very conservative nails are appropriate.