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BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: -  - We have decided to have a Back to School Night the week that school starts.
We're thinking about doing different workshops ranging from organization ideas to putting on make-up.    It should be a fun night.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: -  - We did fun items like makeup, social activity tips, current fashions, we tied back to 'For strength of youth' lightly.  We also did the ABC's of learning, I don't remember how, but they were spiritual preparation like; put on armor (prayer) , reading was like scripture study each morning.   I know we had 8 class periods.  Each class was with a different instructor and they rotated with the bell.  We had them in rooms, so they did not have a previous mind set before entering.  They had a handout in each room.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: -  -We are planning to use a revised edition of the "Survival Kit for camp leaders".  We will have the girls pull the items with the notes attached, out of a backpack and read the note, then they can keep the item. We will also discuss "other" items in their bag such as integrity, good works, knowledge, etc. and how they can use these values every day at school.  Here are some of the ideas for school items:
  • A TOOTHPICK to remind you to pick the good qualities in everyone including yourself.
  • A RUBBERBAND to remind you to be flexible.  Things might not always go the way you want, but they will work out.
  • A BANDAID to remind you to heal hurt feelings, either yours or somebody elses.
  • A ERASER  to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.  Be forgiving.
  • A CANDY KISS to remind you that everyone needs a compliment each day.
  •  A STICK of GUM to remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything.
  • A PENNY  to remind you to count your blessings every day.
  • A MINT to remind you that we think you're worth a mint.
  • A BOOK OF MORMON in a lunchbag: Feast on HIS word.  OR Decide ahead of time what's for lunch.
  • BAG of CHIPS: Turn to prayer when the "chips" are down.
  • COMPASS (the kind with pensil in them to draw a circle): Full circle always brings you home again. OR  The eternal circle of life.
  • Pkg of PAPER: Don't forget to record your day in you journal.
  • PENCIL/LEAD:  Be lead by the Spirit.
  • RULER:  Stay on the straight and narrow.
  • PE-CHEE folder:  Have a peachy keen attitude.
  • PAPER CLIP: Clip yourself to good friends and invite others to clip to you.
  • SCISSORS:  Cut out your bad habits.
  • PAPER PUNCH: Don't punch holes in anyone else's day.
  • GLUESTICK: Stick to your standards/testimony.
  • CRAYONS or COLORED PENCILS: Try different things in your life- color your life.
  • PENCIL SHARPENER:  Sharpen your skills, not your tongue.
  • KEY CHAIN:  You hold the keys to your success.
  • BOOK COVER: Cover yourself from others unkind actions.
  • BOOK LIGHT/LAMP: Let Christ be the Light that leads your way.

  • BACK TO SCHOOL NEW YEARS PARTY: -  My class traditionally has a "New Years" Party the week before school starts - we have decorations, snacks, party hats & horns as if it were new years - each girl brings her journal - we talk as a group about where we want to see our selves spiritually in a year, - things like journal keeping, seminary attendence, scripture study, etc... then each girl finds a corner to write her "new year resolutions" in her journal.  There was a cute idea in a New Era a few years back - a YW group made a paper tree on the wall of their meeting room, set scripture goals and than every week their goal was meet, they hung a new leaf up.  We set our scripture goal for the tree at the new years party, and each girl makes a paper fruit with her goal written on the back to hang on the tree.

    BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT: -  We did a back to school night one year. It was before school started or the week of.  We decorated in all the school colors (we have 5 or 6 high schools in our ward).   We started with a values treasure hunt.  Talked about the values we each have - use these values as we return to school.  We had a gift exchange using school supplies ($1 limit) that was a lot of fun. We ate "teen" things, pizza, pop, chips, etc.  It turned out to be a fun evening.