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FTSOY PURSUIT GAME: -   - We recently had an " For the Strength of Youth" Pursuit Game.  This activity took place in the gym or cultural hall.  Leaders made up a  game board out of pieces of colorful construction paper.  Start was the Spirit World where every one begins their journey.  The girls would roll a dice and move that many spaces the dice said to move.  The  spaces had things like "Read the scriptures every night for two weeks Receive blessings | Move ahead 7 spaces" | "Forgot to fast on fast Sunday | Move back three spaces" -- Some of the spaces were pick a green chance card or pick a blue chance card. The chance cards held questions that the girls wrote up from the Strength of Youth Booklet.  Questions like "At what age can you begin group dating?" | "What are dress standards"   When the girls answered the questions correctly they received a piece of candy or a treat of their choice from the rewards table set up in the gym.  All of the girls were winners as they returned to the Celestial Kingdom. Part of the fun and success of the game was the girls helped to make the questions up for the chance cards. Jolene Moulton

ANCESTOR NIGHT: - Our Mia Maids had an ancestor night.  This is for a goal in their personal progress book.  They are to choose an ancestor that has passed away and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation about that ancestor.  Some chose men, some women.  Some made pictures and used them while others became their ancestor and dressed like them and did their presentation in the form of a monologue.  It was great and they got to a goal signed before they left for the evening.

YW/RS SERVICE AUCTION: -  Last night we went to a combined activity for YW and RS.  It was a service auction. In both RS and YWs, they've been talking about doing compassionate service.  They asked each of the ladies and YW to write down a service they'd be willing to do for someone. Last night, as we arrived we were each given a paper which helped us figure the amount of money we earned to use at the service auction. For example, if we had gone visiting teaching this month, we got $20.00. The Young women earned $10.00 for each value they had signed something off on this month; a trip to the temple was worth $25.00 and making your bed that day was worth $15.00.  It was possible to earn up to $400.00. After we had our sums totaled, they had an auctioneer auction off the services.  I ended up purchasing "one piano performance--good for any kind of performance any time"  "one singing performance--any time any occasion"  (these young ladies will be performing a number in my gospel Doctrine class Sunday!) and "1 hour of work time to be spent doing anything."   My daughter purchased "1 batch of chocolate chip cookies," "1 batch of cookies (any kind)" and "2 hours pulling weeds"  (She rejoiced when she heard that one announced.  She hates weeding!  There were some items that were silly (will fill water balloons for your FHE activity) and others that were really fun, viz.  "a candlelight dinner for two".  There was one that struck me really strongly though. Towards the end, the auctioneer picked out a paper that said, "I'll be your friend." I thought,  "How much is this worth?  How much would I pay to have another friend?"  I wondered who it was that put this in, what person in the ward would offer their friendship for sale.  The bidding went quite high, and when it was over I asked the lady who bought it, who the offer was from. We have a woman in our ward in her mid-fifties who lives with her parents and has the mental age of a 7 year old. She was the person who offered her time and her friendship, she offered everything she had to give.  I think that ultimately, the result of this activity will be to bring the two groups (the RS and the YW) closer together.  They want to make it an annual event.

SCHOOL PAINTING: -  This summer we are going to volunteer to paint the school's playground equipment.  It's a great project because it doesn't matter if we are too neat!   Our school district is providing the paint and brushes. They are happy to have the volunteers.  The youth like doing this because they attended the schools and it gives them a chance to give something back.

VARIATION OF THE CANDY BAR/DICE GAME: -  Everyone has a brown lunch bag and a dice.  In the middle of the table there is any kind of candy bar you can think of (enough for each person to have one).  You take turns going around the table rolling your dice.  Whenever someone rolls a 6 they get to choose a candy bar to put in their bag.  They take one from the middle or steal one from another person, but they must know who has which candy bar.  If they guess wrong they lose that turn to get a candy bar.  Once all the candy bars are gone from the middle we give everyone one last chance to roll the dice.  Not everyone will have a candy bar and some will have several.  We must make sure everyone’s needs are met.  We need to practice the law of consecration. One person (as the bishop) takes a big bag around to each person and lets them know that they only need one candy bar and that the needs of the other member are great.  Those that have no candy bars can choose one by one a candy bar out of the bag.  Karrie

IRON ROD ACTIVITY: -  I would like to tell you about a very successful combined activity we did.  We took a rope and threaded it through the cultural hall having it bend at 8 stations.  At these stations we had tempters, money, donuts, pretend lottery tickets, $50.00 gift certificates, $10,000 limit credit cards, basket ball dunk for $20.00, candy, and games.  Between each station we had 1 question that had 2 correct answers but the youth had to give the most correct answer. Now that I have set up the event let me take you back to the very beginning.  (CLICK HERE for the rest of the activity)

NEW BEEHIVES: -  I'm the beehive advisor for our ward. This year we have about 10 new girls coming in and we have decided to do something special for them. We are kidnapping each girl as she comes in and take her out to ice cream. We have done it once already and we are going to be doing it 8 more times before December. We are very excited about it and want to share this idea with others. 

MOTHER/DAUGHTER MAKEOVERS: -  We invited the moms & their girls to come & give each other makeovers. The girls made over the moms in todays styles including hair, makeup, modest clothes, etc. The moms then made the girls up the way that they looked at their age. We had a Ferra Faucet, Tina Turner, Gidget & even a Brittany Spears! We made a backdrop using brightly colored wrapping paper & took pictures of the moms & their daughters together. We gave copies of the pictures to them & kept one copy of each to make a bulletin board for the display case in the ward house. Both moms & daughters loved this one!