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TREE OF LIFE VIDEO: -   Some of our young women are doing "film and television" at high school for one of  their 11th year subjects. So the suggestion was made that they could film a "Remake of Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life" [research the Scriptures in 1Nephi as a base for the video] using the modern images around them. The young women plan to use some of the city lights, large trees in parks, roads for the straight and narrow, bridge rails for the Iron rod etc... Once you complete your preparations the creativity and fun begin.[The completed video can be shown at a parent and youth fireside as part of the program or it can be shown in the foyer of the chapel before the fireside commences.]

"NEW LIFE" PHOTO DISPLAY: -  The young women all use cameras to take photos of things in nature that symbolise new  life...flowers which have just bloomed, birds in nests, mother dogs/cats with their young,sunrises,lights that brighten the night...[this is a little more abstract], colours that stand for "new life", Mothers with young babies etc. Again the youth can use their imagination...the sky is the limit! Once the photos are developed, the young women can mount a display using the photos as part of a foyer display for the ward Easter Sacrament program.The photos can have calligraphed captions beneath them with relevant spiritual quotes or Scriptures attached. If desired a focus photo of Christ [for a artistic integrity a photo should be taken of existing church pictures of Christ/this ensures consistency in the way the display looks.] can be the linking part of the display.
SOIREE: -  [ A social gathering in the evening usually for the purpose of listening to music. It may however,include poetry reading,prose reading short story reading, joke telling, or sharing an appreciation of a favourite piece of artwork...the focus is cultural. It should be remembered that all cultural input is acceptable as long as gospel standards are respected.] All the young women can visit a home large enough to accommodate the size of the group. Some simple but effective decorations may be needed depending on the home visited [use the chapel if numbers are too large...If it is practical the young women can decorate the chapel with beautiful flowers or artworks...anything to create atmosphere.]  The individual Young Women performances can highlight their respective talents, in the same way that sharing took place for young people in the 1800's. Formal/good clothing should be worn and if , supper is served [ it isn't necessary but is pleasant to have, if time permits.] it can be limited to a tasty drink/Maison or warm drink. If desired the young women may choose to showcase their cooking talents by bringing along previously prepared light refreshments...food that is "light" and "elegant"; which is in keeping with the culture of the 1800's.Let the talent begin.
BOXING: -  Many young women enjoy having cardboard boxes to store their personal effects in. Often they do so, but the boxes are 'any old box' that is grabbed for the purpose of "throwing" their paraphernalia in!!! Some young women decided to decorate their boxes using numerous sheets of wrapping paper.The young women cut out sections of wrapping paper and glue them to the box, in whatever arrangements they choose. More than one sheet of paper is used; in order to give a collaged effect on the box. Once the entire box is glued with wrapping paper, it is allowed to dry. On the following week, young women can then use clear varnish from a  spray can and spray their boxes. This gives a "mock" decoupage look and; if desired, young women may spray their boxes several times to give a heavily lacquered finish. This idea may be adapted to picture frames or covering books.

ANOTHER FAMILY HOME EVENING:  -  My Beehive class just finished an activity we called "Another Family Home Evening".  At one evening activity the girls planned a family home evening lesson.  The next activity we presented our FHE at the home of someone in our ward who did not have children at home anymore.  It was a great experience for the girls to prepare lessons and also to share their excitement with an older family.  Because my class is so large (18 girls) we broke into 2 groups and the advisor took one group to another home that same time.  The girls had a great time.
CARNIVAL: -  The other night we had a carnival with booths of games.  To get tickets you  had to fill out a questionaire with ?'s like "have you read your scriptures  at least 3 times this week?"  There were about 10 ?'s.  However many you  answered that you did that certain thing that week, you got that many tickets to play games.  There were peopel in the Primary room giving out more  tickets that you could earn by memorizing scriptures and saying them, singing  primary songs, Articles of Faith, playing some songs on the piano, etc. Tthere  was also someone giving out tickets for free where the fair was. He asked if  you wanted any, and he took your name if he gave you some.  Then later we all  met up in a room.  The people that had around 20 or more tickets that earned  them got the highest kingdom.  The people that got around 10 or so got the  middle kingdom.  The people that got 0 or got free tickets without working for  them got the lowest kingdom.  The person who was giving out the free tickets  was secretly supposed to be the devil...and instead of them trying to work  for the tickets, they got tricked into getting them free.  Then they talked  about the kingdoms and perfecting your talents.  Then the people in the  highest kingdom got a brownie, ice cream, sprinkles, cherry, and chocolate.  The people in the middle kingdom got a brownie and some ice cream. The people  in the lowest kingdom only got a brownie.  It was really neat how they thought up how to do that. 
TIME CAPSULE:  -   We also did something like a time capsule but we did it differently.  We each got a can and some papers  hat asked us questions such as what kind of car do you want to have,  What do you want to name your children, what qualities do you want in your future husband, how many children do you want, what do you want your husband to look like, and so on.  These were typed on nice sheets of papers and handed out to each girl.  We then had a young woman leader take our pictures and put them in there.  Afterwards she took them to her house for a bit in case we wanted to put something special in there for him.  I put my patriarchal blessing in there because I thought that he would like that.  Then she sealed the cans up at the cannery and we got them back.  Also, we wrote our future husbands a  letter telling him whatever we felt we should.  So now when we get married, we have something to give our husbands.  I always wanted to give my husband a letter but never had the motivation to do so.  Now I have a letter to give him.  I'm a Laurel .

TEMPLE CAR WINDOW WASHING: -  If you happen to have a temple closeby, this little service was fun.  The girls went to the temple parking lot on activity night and washed the windshields of the cars parked there.  They left a little note on the windshield stating, "We washed your windows for you tonight.  We hope this will help you see clearly the blessings that come from attending the temple."  They had fun and I think it made them think about the importance of temple work.

NOTE:  I have seen controversy comments on this activity.  I think it sounds good personally, but thought you should be made aware of some concerns of this activity.  One, is the car alarms that might be set off at a temple more in the city.  Two, I have heard reports that some temples request that YW don't do this kind of activity.  Sorry to be a downer, but I just wanted you to be aware of these.  Please check with the temple, if you decide you want to do this to see what their policy is.

SAND CLAY TEMPLES:  The Sand Clay Temples instructions are located at: Sugar Cube Temple

KARATE LESSON: -  If you know a sister who is into karate, this is a great activity..... The lesson should be on setting goals and achieving them. At the beginning of the lesson, the girls are given a paint stick. (you can usually get several of these for little or no cost from your local hardware/paint store i.e. home depot) The girls write a personal goal on the paint stick/board. At the end of the lesson, the sister demonstrates how she has been trained in karate to break a board.  The girls are then instructed to write on the other side of their "board" something that is or may prevent them from achieving their personal goal(s).  The girls then break the boards as demonstrated by the sister giving the lesson. Objective....Girls learn to understand they can break through barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals.

BOOK OF MORMON, BALLOONS, AND BAGELS: -  We had the missionaries come visit and give their testimony of how
important it is to share the gospel and give the Book of Mormon.  they brought the books and we wrote our testimonies and then were challenged to give it to someone or place it in a business. Then we went to a local Piece Goods place and stuff a small little sheet with another testimony we wrote inside a balloon filled with helium and let them go. It was great to see the balloons soar.  We'll see if we get any response from it.  For a treat we had fresh bagels with different kinds of cream cheese.  It was fun to see the girls so interested in doing this. Fun activity for the month since the lessons are about sharing the gospel and gaining an eternal perspective.  Lisa

ARTICLES OF FAITH ICE CREAM BAR: -  Several weeks before the activity we tell the youth to study the Articles of Faith.  On the night of the activity, we have 13 booths set  up.  Each youth moves from booth to booth reciting the Article of Faith.   Before the Activity the leaders choose which booths represent which ice cream  topping.  We did not tell the youth.  For example, if they recited A. of F.  #1 they would get a bowl, for #2 they would get a spoon.  We had ice cream at  booth #8.  Almost every youth passed off every one except for a few. Each youth had a piece of paper that they had signed off at each booth. Everyone  had fun and at the same time were focused on something  important.  Susie Bailey

LITTLE GIRLS NIGHT: -  We had a really fun activity that the girls loved.  We called it "Little Girls Night."  The girls all brought a baby picture, a favorite doll or stuffed animal, and a favorite storybook from her childhood.  We guessed who was who from our baby pictures, then oohed and ahhd over them.  Then we shared memories from our childhoods, about our dolls or animals. Then each girl read her story to the others...they were so cute, they read with such animation in their voices!  As they listened to and read stories, we ate animal cookies and drank milk. Our value focus that month was integrity and we talked about how little children are so loving and forgiving and stand up for what they believe.  We read the scripture about becoming as a little child and I challenged them to not be childish but childlike.  Then we went outside and played tag.  The girls just had such a fun time being "little" again, they giggled the whole evening. Vicki

WHEELCHAIR FUN: -   We have a member of our ward who is in a wheelchair.  We have him come and tell us how it happened and what it has been like to be in a wheelchair.  Then after he is done talking we arrange to get two wheelchairs and set up an obstacle course in the cultural hall and let the girls navigate their way through it.  It is fun and gives the girls a good dose of what it is like to be in a wheelchair.  Wendy Petersen

RADIO STATION ACTIVITY: -  I took my class (only 8 of 14) to the radio station and they got to be on the air.  We were shown around by the dj and he was really cute so the girls were all swooning.  It was cute.  I should have had my camera.  It was fun to watch him in action.  we were listening to the radio on the way home and we called from my cellular to thank him again and we were #10! That means we won some stuff!  It was so uncanny but great.  He recorded our conversation and then played it on the air so we could hear ourselves.  That was the icing on the cake.

ICEBLOCKING:-  Each youth brings with them a block of ice and a towel.  We find a grassy hill.  The towel is placed on the block of ice. The youth then sit on the towel and slide down the hill.  It is a lot of fun and has become an annual event in our ward. Sharon.
SPECIAL NOTE:     I don't want to be a party pooper, but I just wanted to pass along some information that we (YW) in my ward found out. we thought that we might do this activity.  To our surprise we found out that this kind of activity in a public place, in our state (Utah,) at least, is illegal.  I just didn't want anyone trying it and getting caught.  That would be some story to tell the Bishop.

SPECIAL PHOTO PICTURES: -  For our upcoming New Beginnings, we're going to give the girls a special gift.  Last month, we
invites all the young women to a makeup/grooming activity.  As the activity progressed, each girl was invited outside to stand next to a cute lattice deck.  Our photographer took black and white pictures of each girl.  (These pictures must be taken on an overcast day.)  We are having these pictures developed into 4x6 prints (MUST HAVE MATTE FINISH, NOT GLOSSY).  Next, with purchased photo paints, we will paint parts of each picture so they look like those cute nostalgic pictures on many cards and posters today.  (i.e. lightly painting the hair and jeans of a girl, or highlighting the flowers in the back and painting her dress.)Each girl will be presented with the photo at New Beginnings.  This is very easy painting and mistakes are easily corrected.  The instructions come with the paints.


FATHER/DAUGHTER  NEWLYWED GAME: -  We had a dinner and a short speaker on father daughter relationships and then we played our version of the Newlywed Game.  We split up and answered the questions and then reunited to play the game. Here are the questions

SHRINKY DINKS: -  Our ward Mia Maids are going to do a shrinky dink key chain that says:  "My body is a temple, not a visitors center and you don't have a recommend!"  They are going to include a simple line drawing of the Seattle temple on it. I have just rediscovered this stuff-I love it!!!   I thought in October we could make Shrinky Dink necklaces.   They use the Aleene's Shrink-It plastic stuff.  The shrink plastic shrinks to about 60% of the original size, for example, I have an image that measures:  3 1/2 x 4 1/2 ", it shrank down to:  1 3/8 x 1 3/4".  To draw on the plastic  I use a sharpie fine point marker in black to outline, and colored pencils to add color.  You can also use acrylic paint on the shrink plastic, but colored pencils are less mess.  Water color markers will not work-the "ink" just beads up.  The plastic must be sanded with fine sandpaper first-the Aleene's stuff has all sorts of directions in it for using.  We trace the image first, then color, cut out and bake.  To make a key ring we punch a hole in the shrink plastic BEFORE baking.  Then after baking, attach any way you want to the key ring.  Cathie

FAVORITE CHILDREN STORIES: -  We had a fun, simple activity where each girl brought their favorite children's story and we read them to each other, one girl actually acted hers out.  There was an idea  to tape the stories and then donate the tape and book to a children's shelter.  Shari 
MANICURES: -  We had one night when we learned how to do manicure's and then later we are going to a retirement home to do the nails of the women there. Shari 
SCRAPBOOKS: -  Have you done anything with scrapbooking?  We took pictures of each other in a park one day and then made scrapbook pages.  Shari 
HELPING HANDS: - We have gone to single mom's house in the ward and read bedtime stories and helped get the children to bed.  The girl's loved it and so did the mom.  Shari 
NEW ERA - FEBRUARY 1992 ISSUE:  -  Lists many different ideas for activities. Click here

BAPTISM BOOKS: -  We put together Baptism books for 8 yr olds getting baptized. We made up pages about baptism, about covenants made, pages for them to glue in their picture, a copy of the program, some pictures of the Savior, and some fun activity pages for them to do puzzles or draw. All relating to baptism. Then we covered the little books with report covers. They turned out very nice as we did most of the pictures and pages on the computer. We put on the back "Made for you, with love.  From the Mia Maids" and the date. The Primary kids seemed to really like them and the girls were really proud. Tawnie

DADDY/DAUGHTER SOCK HOP: -  We had the girls sew a poodle skirt on activity night, (invited moms to come
and help). Then we held a sock hop and invited dads to come and dance with daughters. Was very successful. The girls are very proud of their skirts and loved dancing with dads. I was told it was their favorite thing all year.  Also served hamburgers and hotdogs. Decorated the gym with 50's stuff. Lots of fun.  Tawnie

DADDY/DAUGHTER MURDER MYSTERY DINNER: -  Last year's daddy/daughter activity,  we had the girls and dads come in character . Pilot and stewardesss, hippees, rock stars, pro dancers, nurse and patient, etc. We decorated room like cruise ship and dressed like cruise ship personnel. Served them dinner, then during dinner, announced that there was a murder on board the ship and no one would be allowed to leave the dining room until we found "Mr. Body's" murderer. We gave each couple one clue, and gave them pencil and paper. They had to go around and gather clues to decide who did it. It was a wonderful fellowship for a new dad and a less active dad there that night. I think the dads enjoyed more than the girls! Was a great activity. Well liked. The ones who solved first got a prize.   Tawnie

GUM GAME: -   Place big pack (or however many you might need depending on number or girls) of Wriggleys gum, oven mits and large knife and fork.  roll two dice and if number is 7,  pick up mits and knife and fork and try to open the gum before the next person rolls 7 on the dice.  See how many pieces of gum you can get in your mouth before set time is up.  You could do this with any object in the middle (Christmas present etc.) Lisa

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN: -  How you play Scripture hangman depends a lot on your Young Women.  You could play with names, places, things, events, scripture mastery, Personal Progress scriptures, the scriptures are the limits.  (ie... ye are the light of the world ... (spaces for this phrase)).   Break the YW into two groups  have one team guess at it, if they get it before they are hung then they get a point.  Then for a bonus point have them tell you what the scripture is Matthew 5:14-16.  If someone can stand up and quote it their team gets another point.  Then have one for the other  team.  Have several planned out and I am sure after a while the girls will start coming up with their own.

SCRIPTURE HANGMAN VARIATION: -  You can do it very simply and have the YW pick a word out of the scriptures like Zarahemla the other YW guess at it then when they guess it or are hung and told the answer the YW that picked the word has to be able to tell the other YW something about the word. ie... Zarahemla was the leader of Mulek's colony and had a city named after him in ancient and modern times.  When it gets too easy for the YW then add some more rules and have them tell a stoty about the word out of the scriptres.
UNBIRTHDAY PARTY: -  We did an "UNBIRTHDAY PARTY" where we brought an already baked cake, cut up big pieces
for the girls (I have a class of 9) and brought frosting.  We let them decorate the cake any way they would like and then we sang Happy Birthday to "us" and had a white elephant gift exchange.  After that to get more serious as a "Nice" gift, we passed around a piece of paper and wrote something nice about each person.  It was really revealing and made us each thing about each other in a different light. Lisa

NEW ERA BOWL: -  We all read the New Era in depth and came prepared to answer questions.  We divided up into four teams (we have over 25 girls).  You could do however many you needed.  We sat as teams across the table from the other team with a buzzer in the middle of the table. (we used the buzzer from the game Taboo.  It is really sensitive and works well)  The MC read questions such as "from the article , what did the boy need to do before going to school."  The questions had to be really specific so that you had to read the article.  After answering four questions at that table, the winning team then went over to "the hot spot" where they chose someone to sit in the chair.  The other team members would then stand behind and hold up either yes or no cards according to how they think the person in the hot spot would personally answer the questions (4 of them)  These questions were just for fun and not from the magazine, such as"  Have you ever been caught with your zipper down in school?"  The people behind the hot spot would either answer yes or no and the team would then score according how many they got right.  The scoring is up to you, but we did it such as 2 points for the New Era questions and 1 point for the hot spot questions.  The team could actually score 12 points total in that round.  It was great and got the girls to read their magazines. Lisa
FASHION SHOW: - One other idea I am working with is to help the girls remember their standards...we want to have a fashion show with lots of full length mirrors so they can see what others see if they wear too short skirts, or shorts or shirts
VOLUNTEERING WITH SMALL GROUPS: -  With a small group you can do  volunteer work  at a nursing home once a month or a care-center.  Maybe there is a Children's hospital near you that would like girls to come and read to kids.
ACTIVITIES FOR SMALL YW GROUPS: -  Here are some of our ideas  we have planned for the next several months: Clothing exchange and manicures (girls bring outgrown or outliked clothes to exchange with each other) A mini-class on running and then actually running (we leaders just watched) Back to school cook out and camp out A dinner and Newlywed game for our Branch Presidency A night to learn line dances (most of our YW are second year beehives) Pillow night (making prayer pillows) Making and stamping spiritual thoughts for a "thought box" Graveyard Scavenger Hunt (learning how to read gravestones to help with genealogy) Halloween Drop and Runs (leaving Halloween treats anonymously on people's doorsteps)
Most of these can be done with as few as one girl.  We generally put one girl in charge of each activity.  It is her responsibility to make sure that all of the materials are there, all of the girls are called and informed, and that everything goes smoothly.  Lately, we've been seeing more attendance. 

NATURE WALK: -  We walked along a nature trail in the canyon not too far from where we live and picked up trash. Then we
played night games up there and had a fire where we roasted marshmallows.  It was fun and helped us get to know each other better.

CHALKING: - This activity is to show someone you love them.    Generally I get a van load of girls and after 10pm we go to the designated house or houses.  We cover their driveway and sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.  We draw pictures and write things like...  Roses are red violets are blue no one is more loved than you, we love you, What a QT, ect....  Or what ever is needed. We chalk the bishop often..  Tell him how much we love him and appreciate his efforts.  There's nothing like being chalked. 
HEART ATTACKS: -  Have you ever heart attacked the girls?  Construction paper cut like hearts put all over their door.  On the hearts you write the same type of things.  We generally place them on their doors but I have heart attacked their rooms as well.
INDIAN TEE PEE: -  We have made paper Indian Tee Pee and write "you have been TPed"  on their doors.
HOLD TO THE ROD: -  We started out all gathered  together outside of the church on a patio we had there. One of the sisters in the ward portrayed Our Heavenly Mother. She sat and talked with us about our earthly mission and some of the problems that we would encounter. Then one by one each girl was called to be "born"."Heavenly mother" gave us a white lace hanky and told that it represented prayer and told us if we ever got lost to hold up our hanky and someone would guide us and answer our prayer.An "angel" took us to the door of the church and I think our own moms were there and they would blindfold us (the veil) and take us by the hand and lead us to the start of the Rod. We were then given a gardian (we did not know this) that follwed us a long the path (metal church chairs lined up in a maze pattern through the cultral hall and church halls) they were the ones who would answer our "prayers" when we got lost. Every once in a while there would be a break in the chairs or it would split off in 2 directions (one chairs=the rod and one like the couch or rope or something=the way of the world) they had other people around us telling us to turn a different (wrong) way and tape players with people calling to us to follow them instead. Whenever we "prayed" our gardian would whisper encouragement to us, tell us which way to go, but they could never touch us or take our hand to lead us back. We had to do it on our own listening to their whispers (the spirit). At the end of the course our guide told us that our mission was over, took off the blind fold and directed us down a darkened hall. From some of the class rooms people called to us to join them but the rooms were all dark. At the end of the hall one room was brightly lit. We entered that room, where the bishop sat at a table and told us that he represented Christ and we were here to be judged according to our works on earth. We were found worth and directed to another room where our mothers and leaders and friends who had been before us waited to welcome us home! It was a wonderful evening that I will always remember!

HEART-SHAPED PILLOW: - Make heart shaped pillows out of assorted cloth for the girls' future homes
"HUMAN KNOT" GAME: -   Have everyone stand in a circle.  Everyone reaches into the circle and grab two hands belonging to two different people. Then, try to untangle yourselves. Or, have everyone joins hands facing the center of a circle, except one person. That person is the doctor. While the doctor is out of the room, everyone steps over each other, twists, turns, and basically turns the circle into a knot. No matter what, they cannot let go of each other's hands.     When the circle is a mangled knot, call, "Doctor! Doctor!" The doctor then comes in and tries to unravel the knot of girls without unlinking any hands, to make them become a circle facing inward again. 
SIMON SAYS: -  Play Simon Says.
FAIRY TALE CHARADES: - Act out fairy tales or Nursery Rhymes and have the audience guess which one you're acting out.
FHE BAGS: -  Make a FHE bag which contains ideas for activities, cutouts and pictures for lessons, a Family Home Evening Manual, recipes for desserts and special meals, ideas for special occasions, free places to go, and a bag of popcorn. Make several plans for FHE lessons and activities which a young woman could carry out. Have everyone volunteer to take charge of the next week's Family Home Evening.(Side note:  give each girl a topic and have them create a lesson themselves with pictures and everything – then you would have as many lessons as there are girls)
"PASS IT ON" GAME: -      Sit close together in two lines facing the same direction. The person in the front of each line rolls a die. When one of them gets a six, both of them pass a small object (a jack, a ball, a bracelet) to the person behind them who passes it on until it reaches the end. When it gets to the last person, that person must get up and race to the front of the line with the object and sit down. The person who sits down first, gets to sit in the front of the line. The person who was second to sit down, goes back to his or her spot. Whichever line rotates from back to front first, wins.
FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: -  Make friendship bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins, etc.
VOLUNTEER SERVICE: -  Volunteer at a library, hospital, community center, or senior center.
SONG COMPOSING: - Write a song together.
FIELD TRIP: -  Go on a walking field trip.
ZOO:  - Go to the zoo and find out about all of the animals.
BABYSITTING FUN: -  Have fun Babysitting without watching a video Get all the kids lined up by the bathroom mirror and make faces. See who can make the scariest, silliest, craziest, ugliest faces. Bring some old clothes and play dress up. Bring an old sheet and make a tent with the couch or a table and some chairs. Do a dance recital in the kitchen or at a door opening. Pretend the door opening is a stage. Or pretend that you're all famous singers or actors and perform in front of everyone else. Be sure to clap a lot! Go outside and look at the clouds. Describe them to each other and try to get the others to see which one you're looking at. Do all of the activity songs in the Children's Songbook. Give horsey rides, piggy back rides, and Superman rides. (To give a Superman ride, lay down on your back, put your feet on a child's tummy, hold on to the child's hands, and lift the child up with your legs). Airplane rides are similar to Superman rides but you give them turbulence and make up a story about the flight. Draw or color. Use water colors or markers (washable, of course!). Play twenty questions. Play name that tune. Do aerobics (this helps them go to bed faster). Play Zoo. Have one person pick and animal and act like it while the others guess what animal the person picked.

BABYSITTING KITS: - Always bring your imagination and sense of humor.Put all materials in a decorated and easy to grab bag: old sheets or old clothes for dress up or making tents (optional)crayons, washable markers, pencils, paper, safety scissors, craft materials. (include any or all  of these)  First Aid kit (and the knowledge to use it). Words to children's songs--Five Little Speckled Frogs, The Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, There's a hole in the bottom of the sea, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc. See Camp Songs. Game ideas--hokey pokey, I'm a little teapot, duck duck goose, Ring around the Rosy, Motor Boat Motor Boat, Mr. Fox, Hide and Seek, 20 Questions, Oink, hand clapping games

OINK!: - How to Play Oink --  The object of this game is to pass a snort around the circle as fast as you can without laughing.  Get in a circle, facing in. Now, one person snorts at a person immediately next to her. That person then snorts to the person on her other side. The snort continues around the circle in the same way. You may not laugh when you are being snorted at or when you are snorting. Once you have finished your snort, you may laugh until the person next to you received a snort and is preparing to snort at you. Anyone who cannot snort may offer a substitute animal sound or say "Oink." Making faces while snorting is permissible. If a person laughs when they are being snorted at or before they successfully snorted, they are out or the circle. Then the person who last snorted then snorts to the next person in the circle to begin again. When there are two people left, they face each other and snort at each other without laughing at all until one of them cracks. The last person is then crowned Snort Monarch.
 MOTHER/DAUGHTER DRESS ALIKE: -  The Mia Maids planned it.  They had mother and daughter dress alike (we had everything from blue jeans and matching tee-shirts to dresses--we told them they could make paper hats if they wanted to, but nobody did), a speaker that talked about being a mother, a talent (and I use the term loosely) show--really cute and funny dumb stuff with the girl and her mom, and an elegant dessert.  The girls paired up and decorated the tables (we used the rounds).  The girls just love doing stuff with their moms!  It's so great! My daughter hasn't quit talking about it!  Here is the recipe for the dessert.  You'll love it!  (Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Dessert  --  see Recipe )

MOTHER/DAUGHTER ACTIVITY:  - We decorated the R.S. room with white Christmas lights, we had white table cloths on all the tables, 2 helium balloons at each table that were tied down by small pretty plastic floral bags with Hershey kisses in them, with heart confetti and curly ribbon around the table to add to the decoration.  We brought in some torche lamps - (the tall ones that you can adjust the amount of light it gives off) and dimmed them and had some really nice music playing in the background. We also had a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece on the main table that we gave out to the moms at the end.  When each mother/daughter came in we invited them to take a booklet and a pen.  We had an opening prayer, welcomed them, told them that this was their night to feel like a queen.  We gave them a few minutes to each fill out their booklets  which had questions like:  My favorite memory is...Something I'm sorry for...One of the things that I am most grateful for...etc.  They were each to fill out the questions in regards to their relationship with their mother or daughter.  We then had them put those aside.  We had invited the girls to bring whatever they needed for the pampering phase of the activity.  We had little buckets for feet to soak in and lots of towels.  We had girls giving foot massages, back massages, hand massages, facials, manicures.  It was whatever the mother wanted.  We pampered them for about 45 minutes, cleaned things up, and had them go back to their seats.  We then asked each pair to stand and we asked the mother to share something she had written in her booklet, then the daughter. After they had both shared, the daughter remained standing and told her mom why she loved her and what made her special to her.  It was a major cry fest and we went through so much tissue!!    We served angel food cake with strawberries at the end and gave them a flower and a magnet with this quote, "Mothers in Zion, we pray for you.  We sustain you.  We honor you as you bear, nourish, train, teach, and love for eternity.  I promise you the blessings of heaven and "all that the Father hath" (D&C 84:38) as you magnify the noblest calling of all.  Ezra Taft Benson"  We also had the mothers and daughters exchange their booklets.  It was a great activity and one you could do anytime, not just for Mother's Day.

FATHER/DAUGHTER HAWAIIAN CRUISE:  The Bishop and his daughter stood at the door and gave each person a Hawaiian Lei.  The room was decorated with palm trees, fish and other pictures.  On the chalk boards were pictures that made it look like we were looking out of port holes.  On each table was a gold fish swimming in a goldfish bowl and lots of tissue flowers.  Fathers & Daughters had their pictures taken together standing by or sitting in the life boat set up in the corner.  They could wear the life jackets if they wanted.  We ate Hawaiian stack-ups while Hawaiian music played.  We had a priesthood holder speak about building a good relationship with your father or daughter.  It was a wonderful activity!! 
WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL -  "String up a rope or volleyball net, as usual. Pair up in two's and have each couple grab a towel, one person on each end (long ways). Use water balloons for the ball and toss the water balloon over the net using the towel. The other team tries to catch the water balloon with the towels. It's a lot of fun."
HAIR CARE -  "Have a beautician or someone in the ward talk to them about hair care. Have them demonstrate how to french braid, pony tail or any other current style. Have the Young Women practice on each other's hair." 
PATRIARCHAL BLESSINGS-  "Have the Stake Patriarch talk to the Young Women about Patriarchal Blessings and their importance." 
CAREER NIGHT-  "Have different people, with different occupations, talk about their jobs. This will encourage the YW to start thinking and planning what they might like to do." 
WESTERN MYSTERY DINNER-  "Invite boys of same age and serve dinner for them. You have 3 courses and they get to choose 6 things for each course. Menu has disguise names. Menu sample: Buffalo chips--(potato chips); Sheep dip--(potato salad); Gun oil--(napkin); Long horn--(spoon); Wagon rut--(water); Gunslinger--(ice cream); Haystack--(tossed salad); Hat band--(knife); Shoe horn--(toothpick); Horse shoe--(brownies); Mexican Hat--(baked beans); Tumble weed--(hamburger); Cactus Juice--(root beer); Hot lead--(fork); Horse fly--(straw); Boot heel--(dinner mint); Board Walk--(celery stick); Saddle soap--(pickle). " 
TIME CAPSULE:  - This ward went to Sherwin Williams (local paint store) and bought "empties" which are new paint cans that have not been used.  They paid $2 a piece for them.  Then they covered the can by wrapping colored paper around it with various information printed on it from the computer.  The entire YW presidency was listed, all of the yw's names, the bishopric, the general authorities and local stake leaders.  The front of the can said "Time Capsule" and there was a place for a photo of the yw to be glued or taped on. Inside the can the girls wrote their favorite candy bar and favorite flavor of gum.  They also brought things that would help them remember the things they were doing at this time.  One yw brought the shoelace from her track shoe, another yw brought a name badge from the restaurant where she worked. They also brought photos of their family and friends.  The YW presidency provided form letters to the future (which I think is a PP requirement, so check it off). They also had a "get to know your girls" form. The yw president said the girls did a great job of bringing things.  She was worried that without a check list that they might not follow through, but they did great and the cans were so cute. 
 GENERAL AUTHORITIES IDENTIFICATION: -  Have pictures of the General Authorities or Church Presidents.  Race to see who can identify the names with the pictures the fastest. 
GENERAL AUTHORITIES FRUIT BASKET: - Use the names of 5 General Authorities.  When someone says Gordon B. Hinckley, everyone switches. 
LAMANITE/NEPHITE FIGHT: -  Tie balloons on the ankles of the youth.  Everyone tries to stomp the balloon and pop it. 
PROPHET BINGO: - Make up Bingo cards with all of prophets pictures.  Write names of all the prophets on slips of paper and draw them out of a bag.  Have to match picture with name. 
WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS: -  For a Bride’s night, make white handkerchiefs.  Buy either white cotton material or pre-made handkerchiefs.  (material – cut out 5 x 5” squares).  Sew on really wide lace all around. 
CANDY GAME: - Buy about 20 candy bars (different kinds).  Put them in a pile in the middle of a circle of chairs so everyone can see them.  Put a pair of dice in a pie plate. If you want the game to move faster or if you have a big group, use 2 pie plates with dice in them.  Play:  everyone shakes the dice into the pie plate.  If you roll a double 7, or 11, you choose a candy bar from the pile or take a candy bar from whomever has the one you want.  Put the candy bar under your chair so everyone can see it.  When all the candy is gone from the pile, set the timer for 10 minutes (or however long you think everyone will stay interested. When the timer rings, whatever candy you have is what you get.  Some people go home with many bars, and some go home empty handed. 
COMMUNICATION DISCUSSION: - Have everyone line up according to their birthday.  Those with a January 1st birthday need to be at the front of the line.  Those with a Dec. 31st birthday at the end.  No one is allowed to talk.  After this group game, you can lead a discussion on body language and what communication really is.  You can talk about how we communicate and how to “read” what other people are trying to say. 
I LOVE YOU COUPONS: -  Make I love you coupons for family member, which entitle the recipient to specific acts of service to be willingly rendered by the giver. 
TEMPLE PREPARATION: - Have a presentation about the temple and about doing work for the dead.  Talk about preparing to enter the temple, both for baptisms and for receiving their endowments in the future. 
FAMILY SCRIPTURES: - Gather family related scriptures and print them in paper booklets.  Put a scripture on each page and leave a space to write thoughts and feelings about that scripture.  Fill out the booklets in a YW activity. 
FOREIGN DISHES: - Learn how to make an ethnic food from each of the countries the YW of the ward came from.  Invite mothers, fathers, grandparents, or other siblings to come help. 
HOMEMAKING PREPARATION: - Have a night for learning skills that wives and mothers need.  Skills might include financial budgeting and paying bills; grocery shopping for economy, nutrition, and taste; learning how to take care of little children; infant and child CPR; basic cooking skills, decorating, musical or artistic talents. 
FAMILY TRADITIONS: -  Share ideas for fun family traditions.  Have each person provide a handout so each girl will leave with a packet of ideas for her own family traditions. 
MUSICAL CHARADES: -  Make a list of songs, musical groups, or musicals which would be easy to act out.  Cut the list into slips and put in a hat or jar. 
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: - Learn to speak a foreign language (check out books and tapes from the public library) 
BIRD WALK: -  Check out a book on birds.  Go on a walk and name every bird you see. 
NATURE WALK: -  Go to a creek and name all of the animals and insects you see there. 
WILDFLOWERS: - Check out a book on wildflowers and go to the mountains or woods to identify them (but don’t pick them!) 
SEWING: - Learn how to sew something, mend something, or decorate something.