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2001 Theme
Let the Holy Spirit Guide

ACTIVITY: -  -We are are going to have an activity around the theme Let The Holy Spirit Guide. We will be dividing our youth up into four groups of about 10 each. Half of the youth in each group will be blindfolded. Each blindfolded person will be given a "guide". That guide will have to lead the "blind" person through an obstacle course but the guide is only allowed to whisper directions to the blindfolded person. While this is going on there will be several distractions in the background such as radio noise, people in a mock argument or pretending to gossip loudly, ect. In each course there will be one area of quiet. After they have all gone through a course, we will meet together again and talk about listening to the Spirit and about how it relates to what they just experienced. ----Paula

BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED: -  - Our theme this year is Bloom Where you are Planted. We decorated our bulletin board with fun foam flowers, bees, butterflies, birds,  and sunshine. We put a picture of each young woman in the center of each flower. We also decided to give bracelets for their   birthdays we made them with glass beads. there are seven flower beads, one in each value color to remind them of the values and to remind them to follow Christ like a flower follows sunshine. They were inexpensive about $1.25 per bracelet and turned out very pretty. We are also making small quilts with each block representing a value. We are learning a new technique for each block. It will be a different flower. In the center we will put their picture and a picture of the temple.  Michelle ,  Stanwood, Wa