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2004-12-23  by Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com)


© 2005 Mike Blake (Monisawa),  Jeremy Blake (www.jerbl.com);  All rights and privileges reserved.

Team Claw in Saving the Power Plant

With the start of another night, Nemo was anxious for the humans to fall asleep.  He stared stealthily at the life form next to him and batted her face lightly with his paw, assuring himself that she was indeed asleep.  He slowly raised himself from his lying position and eased the door open.  Bounding down the stairs, he stopped by his little closet near the top of the stair that had been installed with a matter transporter.  Grabbing the bag inside, he finished his path at the foot of the stairs and called out, "Tsuki, Yoru, front and center, Yesterday!"  Tsuki was instantly out of the cage that housed them and in front of her commanding officer.  "Yes Sir!" she snapped in as respectable as possible.  "Yoru, you too!" demanded Nemo, hesitant to start the process without both of them.  Bringing up the rear of enthusiasm, Yoru stalked up and flopped down in front of him.  Glaring at him, but tolerating his insubordinate behavior, Nemo started the briefing.  "Headquarters called again, right in the middle of the day, so it is super important that we do this right, this time!"  He casually glazed cooly over at Yoru, who seemed to have better things to do than look at him.  "Anyway, HQ has demanded that both of you guard the Local Power Plant tonight, it seems that Viktor is on the loose again, and they have caught wind that he is targetting the Power Plant tonight.  I want both of you to be on extra alert tonight, this is the first time that Viktor has gone after anything big."  Nemo rummaged through the bag that had been transported for tonight's task, picked out the four sets of boots and handed them over.  "I've heard that HQ came across about eight miles of velcro last week, so I think most of the missions for the next while are going to involve it, you'll need these boots to follow their trail, they have already staked out the power plant, all you two need to do is follow the trail for the length of the night and then meet me back here by five."  Tsuki was the first to get her boots on, while Yoru lagged, Nemo was more than familiar with the two cats, like total opposites, but entirely unseparable, the circumstances that had brought them all together was indeed strange, but now wasn't the time for nostalgia, they had a mission to accomplish, and he was in charge of them, to make sure that they carried out the orders from HQ.  This of course was a job in itself, but since fear had never been a concern, he enjoyed it.  He escorted both cats to the matter transporter back up the stairs and pried open the door.  In seconds they would be on their way and he would have to go to the control room to keep an eye on things, with them and around the premise.  Viktor was rather inventive for a fox, always trying something new and surprising, he would not be caught so easily this time.  Just before he pressed the Send button, Tsuki asked "Can we use invisibility tonight, I always love being invisible, it is just so much fun!"  Nemo sighed, but nodded his head, Tsuki always loved being invisible because she got to wear their only pair of heat goggles.  Yoru was so slow anyway, it wasn't hard for him to not be noticed.  With Tsuki pleased and Yoru complacent, he pressed send and bounded back up the stairs.  Taking a turn back into the main hall, he headed straight for the bathroom.  Confirming that no one had stirred, he popped the door open and butted the cupboard door open with his nose.  Sighing at the lack of protection, he remembered how hard it had been to move all the equipment before the lead human in the house had discovered it while rebuilding the bathroom.  As he pressed himself through the wall, he pressed his paw against the two by four and waited for it.  'Click' and he was in.  Flipping the switch, everything flashed into life and he commenced his checking.  Pleased with the success of Tsuki and Yoru's arrival, he noted their position and checked the satelite reading for enemy locations.  Placing his headset over his head, he probed for Tsuki.  No reply, trying again, he slammed down the volume when her voice blasted through the ear piece.  Finally everything was into place, now it was time to wait.  And wait, and wait.  Picking up something on the detector screen, he told Tsuki to check out and waited some more.  Getting ready to readjust the satelite protocol, Tsuki's excited voice burst over the line, "He left a note Nemo!  He says that the power plant will blow up in one hour, says he wants nobody to wake up tomorrow morning, so he is going to blow up the power plant because nobody uses non-electric alarm clocks anymore."  Nemo rolled his eyes and scanned the in depth analysis of the Power Plant.  Locating a heat reading, he sent Tsuki to disarm the bomb while Yoru continue the patrol.  Viktor must be starting to get desparate if this was the only reason he was going big-time with things like power plants.  Then everything started flashing, what in the world was happending?  Nemo slammed down the resets and demanded a response from the monitoring instruments.  There were more bombs!  Maybe he was going really big then, what was he going to do!

Join us next time, when Nemo finds out that he really wasn't adopted, until then!



Team Claw in Saving the Power Plant Still


It was a trap!  Nemo scanned over his available options, he could either stay here and hope that Tsuki and Yoru could manage or he could go out to help them.  As annoying as they were, he just had to help them, he knew that Tsuki would do her absolute best, but he wondered about the other one, as he hadn't done very well in previous missions.  Slamming the Auto Switch, Nemo grabbed his uniform and slipped in on.  He slipped out of the room shutting the door and blasted out the cupboard door, this was not anything normal and he had to do something whether or not the humans noticed his noise or not.  Nemo had a one up on Viktor, he was a cat, and there were many things that cats could do that foxes just couldn't dream of.  He descended to the matter transporter and powered it up for another run.  Glancing at the settings, he tweaked them to drop him off at the first patch of bombs.  Remembering that he had left Tsuki and Yoru in the dark about the situation, he scolded himself and ripped his headset off and adjusted his com unit on his uniform.  He was thankful for the uniform that HQ had issued him, they had understood his skills and prowess and had rewarded him accordingly.   His uniform did everything, except wash the dishes.  It was so thorough that it was hard to even call it a uniform, it was more like a person in and of itself.  But there wasn't enough time to think about all the things it did.  One of the things that he would use tonight was the armor, turned on, not even a nuclear missile could pierce it.  Although, as he cringed a little, it didn't block the physical strain, he had been in rehab for weeks after that nuke.  The matter transporter had loaded up the coordinates, he jumped in and waited for the fuzzy warmness of being dissassembled and reassembled.  On the other side, he shouted into his com unit, "I'm here, it was bigger than I had previously thought possible, I need you both here right now. "  He was impressed to see them both in front in less than five seconds, which was remarkeable considering they were all upside down on one of the many strips of velcro.  He quickly briefed them on the main locations of the bombs and gave them the instructions to disarm them.  "This is serious, Viktor knows what he is doing, I just pray he hasn't rigged one of the bombs to notice tampering."  They all looked at each other, understanding what was at stake, and they all rushed off in separate directions.  Nemo was thankful that at least this once, Yoru had acted like this was important, and he knew that everything would be all right.  With not a moment to spare, they had all gathered together after defusing every last one of them and transporting their remains to the Waste Space with the one way transporters that they used to hide the remains of all their operations.  "Congratulations Team, we did it, now the humans will be able to wake up in the morning for their exciting schedule!  We've done our very best!"  They all clapped each other on the back as Nemo set the a mini transporter to take them home so that they could all rest a bit in preparation for tomorrow.

Join us next time, when we find out that Nemo was really a Ninja, until then.