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The Thanksgiving Story

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shipThe pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620.  There were 102 people who came on the ship called the Mayflower. Their first winter was hard and 46 people died.


Question 1:  What year did the pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock?
                   A.  1820
                   B.  1777
                   C.  1620
                   D.  1860

Question 2:  What was the name of their ship?
                   A.  Marigold
                   B.  Titanic
                   C.  Santa Maria
                   D.  Mayflower

Question 3:  How many people were on the ship?
                   A.  102
                   B.  50
                   C.  220
                   D.  5

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