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 Legend of Captain Dave (An Online Internet Hunt) .
An online treasure hunt for the elementary and middle school levels in which students follow a story and answer  questions about pirates. The site provides hyperlinks to pages outside the site where  answers will be found. This site provides an interesting way to introduce students to  navigating the Internet. -- Will take some time and intensive reading to find the answers to these questions.  Very good website.

Harcourt School Publishers -- great online activites in various subjects -- go along with their school textbooks.
Choose Your Own Adventure Reading Online Stories
Rainforest at Night -- great for exploring the rainforest at night
EcoKids Online -- Our Planet Our Future -- quizzes and lots more

Be The Nominee -- Trivia game on Presidents etc.
Electoral College Craze -- Show what you know about U.S. states to score some electoral votes
The Great Debate -- Got what it takes to run the country? Test your government smarts here
Heads Up!  -- Go head-to-head with heads-of-state and world leaders in our memory matching game

National Geographic Information Links
Field Trips for Kids
The World of Beverly Cleary -- writer website activities and more
Kind News Online -- Newspaper and activities -- Environmental