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  Adjectives and PowerPoint
  Apples and Excel
  Computer Bingo
  Computer Skills
  Microsoft Office
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  New Year's Resolution
  ReadWriteThink Stapless Book
  Reading - Starfall
  Rhythm and Bones Webquest
  Scholastic Story Starters
  Search Engines
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Lesson Links

Adjectives and PowerPoint
See Microsoft Office - PowerPoint for tips on using PowerPoint
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Apples and Excel
Missouri Apple Varieties - information on Missouri's apples
Apples - Language art and teacher resources with an apple theme
See Microsoft Office - Excel for tips on using Excel
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Computer Bingo
3x3 Bingo Template - Word document to print
5x5 Bingo Template - Word document to print

Other ideas:
Parts of a Computer -- Adult Literacy Lesson Plan - website takes awhile to bring up
PDF file - Pre-made BINGO cards
PPT file - Presentation to go with the BINGO cards
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Computer Skills (Mouse and Keyboard practice)
Bees and Honey -- learn mouse skills: touch; click; and click hold and drag.
Dance Mat Typing -- Learn how to type in a fun way - 4 different levels
Pre-K Mouse Skills Links - lots of links to practice mouse skills

For more options
Computer Literacy Skills - links for 6 K-6 Units each to learn computer skills
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Links - These pages have lots of Computer Lab Links for more ideas and sites
Integration Help for Computer Lab Teachers - there are lots of links to explore
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Microsoft Office
Learn Excel 2010 Essential Skills - lots links to tutorial videos
Excel Tutorials and Information - lots of links and helps
Using an Excel worksheet - basic terminology
Basic Excel Topics - links for various aspects of Excel
To Excel in the classroom is Elementary - site by an elementary computer lab teacher
Technology: Excel -- eThemes lesson plan ideas using Excel
How to Create a Basic Chart in Excel 2010 - video instructions
School Spreadsheet Safari -- see the links in the left-hand margin
How to Modify a Column Chart in Excel - You Tube video
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Basic Task in PowerPoint 2010  - Microsoft Office Website Tutorials
PowerPoint in the Classroom  - PowerPoint 2007
Add Clipart and Pictures to PowerPoint 2010 slides - complete instructions
Slide Transitions for PowerPoint 2010 slides -- complete instructions
Adding Animation to PowerPoint 2010 Presentations - complete instructions
PowerPoint for Beginners - How to Use PowerPoint - links to helps
Animation Painter - new feature
How to PowerPoint for Elementary - PP walk through
PowerPoint Alive and Well in Elementary School - one teacher's experience with PowerPoint
Teach Simple Math Lessons Using PowerPoint - several links for lesson ideas for the teacher to download and use
Elementary and Secondary School Lesson Plans - links to prepared PowerPoints for teachers to download and use during classroom instruction
How to Teach PowerPoint to Elementary Students - step by step instructions
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Money Bingo (ABCya) - Grades K-5 - practice counting money
Learning Coins (ABCya) - Grades 1-3 - learn about U.S. coins and dollar bill
Dolphin Feed (ABCya) - Grades 2-4 - compete against others all over the world
Counting Money (ABCya ) - Grades 3-5 - click and drag the correct coins/bills
Counting Money (MathNook) - Click coins/bills in drawer to match the answer
Enough Money (Sheppard) - figure out if you have enough money to buy the item
Compare Money Amounts (Sheppard) - which group has more money
Order Money $0.50<$1.00<$4.50 (Sheppard) - pop balloons from smallest to biggest
Matching Money (Sheppard) - match written amount with coins
Fruit Shoot Coins (Sheppard) - shoot the fruit with the correct amount (pennies-dimes)
Fruit Shoot Coins 2 (Sheppard) - shoot the fruit with the correct amount (pennies-quarters)
Coin Madness (Sheppard) - Adding coins - click on coins that add up to the number
Fruit Shoot Dollars & Cents (Sheppard) - shoot the fruit with the correct amount (pennies-dollars)
Matching Money (Sheppard) - match the quarter amount to the written value
Matching Dollars Dimes and Pennies (Sheppard) - match dollars, dimes, and pennies to written value
Bus Driver's Math (Sheppard) - calculate whether the money paid by the passengers is enough (upper grades)
Round Money Amounts (Sheppard) - round amounts to nearest dollar - plays like PacMan
Money Game links - lots of links for computer lab games
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New Year's Resolutions
Padlet/Wallwisher - students are able to add their New Year's Resolution to the Wall
Mrs. Blake's Example - here is the one I made for the New Year's Resolution lesson
Back to top - free image and photo editing software for PCs that run on Windows (free download)
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"I am Poem" Generator - students fill in the blanks and create a poem
Instant Poetry Forms - pick a type of poem from the list in the left margin (fill-in-the-blanks)
Write a Poem (ReadWriteThink) - links to great poem guides
Acrostic Poem (ReadWriteThink) -  uses the letters in a topic word to begin each line
Diamante Poem (ReadWriteThink) - diamond shape with adjectives and -ing words
Theme Poem (ReadWriteThink) - pick theme from five themes with various shapes
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ReadWriteThink Stapleless Book

    ReadWriteThinkStapleless Book - create an eight-page book to cut and fold
(My Shape Book example)
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Reading - Starfall
Starfall's Learn to Read with Phonics - great for reading practice activities and stories
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Rhythm and Bones Webquest
Rhythm and Bones Webquest - 2nd Grade Health/PE/Music Internet Search
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Scholastic Story Starters
Scholastic Story Starters online story - using online tools, write a story with their prompts
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Search Engines
KidRex - safe search for kids, by kids!
Google - The Classroom - activities to find ways to use Google in the classroom
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Spelling Practice Dolch Word List - Computer games to practice pre-set spelling lists K-5 (needs speakers or headphones)
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Student Trading Cards
Trading Cards Template - perfect for Two Truths and a Lie game - editable

Other Ideas for Student Trading Cards
How to Make Trading Cards with Word - instructions are for Windows XP
How to Make Your Own Trading Cards Using Microsoft - step by step instructions
Trading Card Icebreaker Template - Word doc to download, edit, and print
Twelve Ideas for Trading Cards - list of ideas for teachers to use
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Teacher Tips
15 Free Tools for Storing and Sharing Files - places to store and share files for classroom use
Student Selectors & Grouping Tools - websites to help select students and groups
Tech Skills for Teachers - lots of links to find information on using technology as a teacher
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Thanksgiving Story and Quiz - read the story and answer the questions (printable copy of questions)
Thanksgiving Placemat - create a Thanksgiving placemat to print off with your own creation
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Valentine's Day Excel Lesson Plan - Excel
Valentine's Day Excel Lesson Plan - create an Excel bar chart with candy tallies
Excel Lesson Plan - a Simple Bar Chart - video instructions for a bar chart

Excel Bar Chart Helps
Available Chart Types - list and explanations of the chart types in Excel
How to use the Chart Wizard in Excel - information on Excel charts
Using Charts In Excel - this is a great pdf file that explains charts
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Other online ideas
Highland Elementary School Computer Lab - lots of great ideas for computer lab
Research Paper Note Card Template -- click here for the template
Computer Lab Favorites - Scholastic has 50 one-stop learning activities - 15-30 minutes each - Grade K-2
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