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December Holiday Quiz
Teachers:  Please print this page so students can circle the correct answer.
Click on the red holiday link and read the information about each holiday.  Click on the "Back" button to get back to this quiz.
Choose and circle the correct answer listed under the question below.
Chanukah or Hanukkah  (click)

1.    How did Hanukkah get started?
        a.  A man invented it.
        b.  A miracle
        c.  Someone read about it in a book.

2.    During Hanukkah what do they give?
        a.  rocks
        b.  food
        c.  gifts and presents

3.    What game is played during Hanukkah?
        a.  dreidel
        b.  Monopoly
        c.  Hide and Seek

4.    What is a dreidel?
        a.  a song
        b.  a bouncing ball
        c.  a type of spinning top

Juletide -- Denmark (click)

1.    What is a Nisser?
        a.  a bug
        b.  an elephant
        c.  a pixie

2.    How tall is a Nisser?
        a.  not taller than 2 feet
        b.  a giant
        c.  5 feet tall

3.    What do Nissers love to eat?
        a.  cookies
        b.  candy canes
        c.  pudding

St. Lucia (click)

1.    What must children prepare for St. Lucia or they won't get any gifts?
        a.  a cup of milk and something to eat
        b.  eggnog and cookies
        c.  nothing

2.    What day in December is St. Lucia celebrated?
        a.  25th
        b.  13th
        c.  30th

Advent or Weihnachtszeit - 

1.    What happens every Sunday?
        a.  a candle is lit
        b.  they go to church
        c.  they sing Christmas carols

2.    What do they put in the window that get filled with sweets?
        a.  a stocking
        b.  a boot
        c.  a basket

Winter Solstice (click)

1.    When is Winter Solstice?
        a.  November
        b.  January
        c.  December

2.    How long does the celebrating last?
        a.  a year
        b.  about a month
        c.  a day

Christmas - Australia (click)

1.  What season does Australia celebrate Christmas in?
        a.  winter
        b.  summer
        c.  spring

2.    What do they eat for dinner?
        a.  Roast turkey and Christmas pudding
        b.  Cheese and crackers
        c.  Pancakes

Navidades -Christmas - 
Puerto Rico (click)

1.    What is  "agüilnaldos"?
        a.  tacos or enchiladas
        b.  traditional music
        c.  game

2.    Where do they put Christmas ornaments and lights?
        a.  On the tree
        b.  On the car
        c.  All over the house

Kwanza (click)

1.    What color candles to they use and how many?
        a.  7 candles: 3 green candles, 1 black candle, & 3 red candles.
        b.  1 green candle
        c.  5 yellow candles

2.    When does Kwanza begin?
        a.  December 1
        b.  December 26
        c.  December 5