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Computer Skills
Mouse Activities
Bees and Honey
Mouse Practice -- lots of links
Eek!  A Mouse! -- links to learn mouse skills

Learn Typing
Dance Mat Typing -- fun website for teaching how to type (4 levels)

Webpage Creating
Create Your Own Webpage -- fill in form and it creates your page
Web Adventure --  steps to creating a webpage

Computer Skills
Computer Skills Tutorial -- links to skill helps
Learn the Net: Email -- introduction and links for learning how to do email
Basic Computer Skills Tutorial -- steps to learn computers
Fifth Grade Internet Sites -- super site!!!!! -- lots of activities by subject

Growing With Technology -- computer activities by grade level
Burton's Room -- click on Typing With Burton- typing words (links on bottom) (IE)
Booker's Room - click on Typing with Booker - typing sentences (links on bottom) (IE)
Type Me --  type letter as it falls from top of screen -- only play easy level (lots of ads -- skip)
Website Links for Kids -- ideas by grade - online games
Grade Level Internet Links -- Curriculum Related links by grade

Language Arts
2nd Grade Language Arts -- interactive skills links -- several to choose from
2nd Grade Language Arts Skills - interactive skill links -- several to choose from

Teachers' Class Ideas  -- (these are ideas for teachers to plan a lab around)
Online Projects for Kids -- several ideas to work up a computer experience for students
Vicki Blackwell's website - a resource to help teachers set up computer lab experiences
TangiTech -- sample format of ideas you can do during computer lab
Elementary TangiTech -- ideas for elementary school computer lab
Internet for Classrooms -- lots of links to fun activities, various grades
Integration and Classroom Tips for a Computer Classroom -- lots of links
1001 Uses for a Digital Camera -- ideas for using a camera in school subjects
Integrating Tecynology Into Your Curriculum -- lots of links for ideas
Educational Technology -- lots of links for computer tech classes
Online Keyboarding Education -- lots of links for learning to type and improving skills

Teachers' Help
Teacher Tap -- helps to get students started
Technology for Teachers -- Lots of lnks for teacher help
Finding Information on the Internet -- tutoring helps for teachers
Kathy Schrock's Guide For Educators -- links for computer helps