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Washington D.C.

Things to do:
1.  Find out what the weather is in Washington D.C. --  Intellicast
2.  To check museums, monuments and historic sites and more in Washington D.C. search them out here
3.  To check the Local news -- Washington Post
4.  Great map of Washington D.C.  -- Click here
5.  Virtual Tour of Washington D.C.  -- Find information by clicking on various locations
6.  Virtual Tour of the Washington Mall -- Links to various locations
7.   Another Virtual Tour of Washington D.C. -- click on the arrows
8.  Historical Tour of the White House -- visit each room
9.  Spotty's White House Tour -- View the White House with Spotty, the President's dog
10.  Virtual Tour of Washington D.C.  -- start by clicking on the number 1
11.  Washington D.C. for kids -- this is an actual site for kids going to visit DC, but the info is good


Designing a Tour of Washington D.C.  -- great idea with good links under "Web Sites"
Take a Virtual Tour -- with Activity Sheet (5 pages)

Virtual Tours

Kennedy Center --
White House --
Smithsonian Zoo --
DC Tours -- Tour the White House, Capitol, the Mall or Downtown
The United States Mint -- click on "Go to the Virtual Tour"
Aerial Views of the Capitol
International Space Station

Fun Pages

FBI Kids page - games for K-5
U.S. Mint Site for Kids -- fun
Environmental Health for kids -- information with fun