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Yahooligans --  click here to search for websites on Volcanoes (type in the word "Volcanoes")

Information Websites
Mount Saint Helens -- 3rd Grade Website -- lots of information
Cascades Volcano Observatory -- lots of information
Earth's Active Volcanoes -- information on all the world's active volcanoes
Volcanoes -- information from FEMA government agency -- make sure to visit the Things to Know section

The Volcano Webquest - good webquest with pictures

Volcano clipart -- several pictures

Volcanoes -- lots of links from Teach-Nology

Teacher Lesson Plans for Volcanoes to use in the Classroom
Volcanology -- several ideas to use in class (not computer related)
Volcano Teaching Theme -- lots of ideas for teachers to use in the classroom -- great worksheets!-- GREAT SITE!