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IPA Kidspace: Stately Knowledge
Lists States with information
Near the bottom is a link for two games:
State Capitols
State Flags
Great site for finding facts about the states – lots of information
There are quiz links at the left - State Insects

Enchanted Learning – 50 States
Facts about each State
There are printable quizzes you can print for each state:
State Map Quiz
State Flag Quiz

Education World:
Mystery State Game Tests Students' Knowledge of 50 States

This site gives clues for teachers to use in class -- this is not an online activity - although you could have students use clues to make up a PowerPoint Presentation.

US Atlas
Great site for seeing a map of the States

US Geography Games
States Web Games -- several games to choose from
States Nicknames Sites

The Fifty States -- information site - States and Capitols -  Contains interesting facts about all 50 states
BlackDog's United States Trivia - great site States Nicknames - detail information

Action Quiz -- very fun  - click on USA
Ben's Guide:  Place the States Game  - Click on the Place the State Link (small or large) 
Facts About the United States - hangman game
Geography World - State Abbreviations
GeoNet Game
Name that State
State Nicknames - 5 different activities
State Nicknames Quiz - online multiple choice quiz
Test Your Geography Knowledge - USA
US Capitals - based on Who Wants to be a Millionnaire game (use Internet Explorer)
US Capitals matching Game - (use Internet Explorer)
US Geography - click on a game (Internet Explorer only)
US Geography: The States - trial game - can only play part
US Map Puzzle
US Presidents - 5 different games
US State Abbreviations - 5 different games
USA Map - find state on map
United States Presidents - hangman
Where is That? - click on North America and choose a level
Who is That?  - click on United States Presidents and choose a level
Word Search Puzzle - State Capitals - online (Internet Explorer)
Word Search Puzzle - The States - online (Internet Explorer)