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Especially for 2nd Grade Computer Class
Second Grade Skills - lots of activities - Great Website!!
2nd Grade Language Skills -- great website - lots of activities!
Kiz club - Short Stories to read and listen online - good site - 3 levels
Children's Online Storybooks - some are easier than others -
Starfall - students can learn to read and write with this interactive web site.
Storyville -- shows room - you click on the story - the narrator reads the story while you follow along
Clifford - read a story and play the games
Clifford 2 - another site with Clifford stories

Websites with one story - see title below
But That Wasn't the Best Part - an online story for children to read- cute
The Farm Animals - online talking ebook - (use Internet Explorer)
Sammy's Shapes - online story

Upper Level Reading
Reading Exercises -  for upper level readers - reading with online tests and games
Practice Reading 2 - two stories to read - scroll down and answer online questions
Practice Reading 1 - two stories to read - scroll down & answer online questions
Elementary Library - several stories to read online
PBS Kids Stories online - several stories to read online

Online Games in Language Arts
FunBrain Language Arts Games - choose games by grade level
What's the Word? - FunBrain game
Picture Match - game to first letter sounds
Pounce - pick which word matches the picture
What's in the Bag - clues are given, you choose what's in the bag (with sound)
What's in the Bag - same as above without sound
Wordmaker - choose endings
Spell-a-Roo - pick the word that is spelled wrong
What's the Big Idea? - read paragraph and pick the main idea - upper level
Word Play - see the meaning of the word
Alphabet Soup - unscramble the word to the joke and get the punchline

Writing Links
Shape Poems - instructions and activity to choose and write a shape poem to print
Online Story Builder - you supply the words, computer creates the story

New Sites
Rebus Rhymes -  lots of Mother Goose rebus rhymes
Anderson Fairy Tales -- stories they can either read or you can click on audio to read yourself - pictures and games
BBC Stories -- read-a-long stories
BookPop - looks like read-a-long stories
KidsPsych - Fun games - you have to read the instructions to know what to do

The Elementary Library -- click on "Other Themes"  (stories) (let page completely load -- about 60 seconds)
Reading Works - Laundromatics is good - Cricket Corner is good also - answer the questions at the end of the story
Halloween Reading Comprehension - has a story on one side - questions to answer about the story on the other side
Sadler-Oxford Phonics website - by grade - great links BEST SITE!
Word Drop 1 - (Sadler-Oxford) - finish the sentence.
Short Vowels - name the picture
The Fisherman and His Wife - story to read
Anna Grossnickle Hines - stories she read - high speed is animated
Aesop's Fables - click on story - then choose modern or traditional version
Between the Lions - several stories to choose from
Between the Lions - main page - click on Stories or Games
Primary Games - several stories to read online

Preschool Library -- let the page complete load (takes about 60 seconds)
Sesame Street Stories - stories with activities - comprehension
Anna Grossnickle Hines - stories she read - high speed is animated

Spelling and Reading Games
Spell Check - Funbrain game - click on EASY - mispelled words need to be retyped correctly
What's the Word - Funbrain - click on the word that matches the picture
Word Turtle - Funbrain - Word search - pick a level
Quiz Hub - click on the "spelling pictures" link - drag and drop a letter to finish the word - or "compound words"
Story Scramble - based on Arthur - gives you 3 panels for the story, you decide which order
Sesame Street Letter of the Day - pick the words that begin with that letter
Spell-a-Roo - Funbrain - click on the word that is spelled wrong
Spin and Spell - game - great game to play alone or with someone - Make sure you read the instructions!
Spelling Match - pick a grade - pick a unit - choose whether to be timed or not - spelling match game

Teachers - check these out and see if it fits your particular need
ESL Independent Study Lab - stick with Level 100, good activities - check to see if it is the correct level for your student
Alpha Bits for Kids - several activities - teachers, you decide which is best for your level

newLearning Island - lots of stories to print offline (pdf files) Great NEW site!
ABC-Teach - Worksheets for teachers to print - has stories and questions for Reading Comprehension (pdf files)

Kindergarten Plus - lots of links