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United States Presidents

Webmaster's favorites
Abraham Lincoln - made for elementary children -- look for online quiz and treasure hunt!

Games and Activities
Activities for Kids -- scroll down about halfway to "Internet Activities", "America" (there are three things that you can print and do:
    Presidential Firsts -- print and fill out
    Presidential Fact Finder -- print form, choose a president, fill in the blanks
    Presidential Scavenger Hunt -- print out form and fill out
President's Crossword Puzzle - Print puzzle and find answers through links provided on this page

Who is That? -- Funbrain gives you clues, you guess the president
U.S Presidential Online Quiz -- more on voting information, but cute
Blackdog's Name that President -- online quiz
Blackdog's USA Presidents Crossword Puzzle -- online quiz, but you need to know the presidents by which number they were
If You Were President -- great online activity to help put students in the feet of a President and making decisions
George Washington Portrait for Kids -- find the missing things by reading the clues
SuperKids Hangman -- US Presidents  
Color the Presidential Seal -- online -- make sure to go down near the bottom for some more fun Presidential Games

Information on the Presidents
United States Presidents -- lists every president with a link to find information about each
Presidents of the United States -- lots of links
Thinkquest - Presidents of the United States  -- easy to read -- made by kids
    Activities -- A few riddles and a maze that is not online
Enchanted Learning President's Day -- offline activities to do
Presidential Trivia -- information

The History Place -- Presidential Portraits -- a picture of each president
US President pictures -- coloring pages - print and color

Other good, but a little off subject sites
The Jamestown Online Adventure -- great activity letting you decide what you would have done