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Polar Express

Fun & Games
North Pole . com - lots of things to do

Ride the Polar Express - lots of links (some file folder game ideas also)

Things to print for classroom use
A Winter Train Ride - has a booklet to print and color for children (PDF file)
Reading Log - PDF file to use for encouraging reading at home

Teachers Lesson Plans - to use in Classroom
The Polar Express -- Unit and Theme - lots of ideas
Polar Fun and Games - PDF files to print  - ideas, coloring pages, invitations, a maze, lots of ideas.
Weaving Technology into Thematic Units  -- lots of ideas
The Polar Express - The Official Site - has lots of ideas
The Polar Express -- A Teacher's Guide

Main Webpage for the Movie

Other Links to Check Out
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Polar Explorer -
Trains Theme - more geared to preschool
KinderThemes Polar Express - Great ideas for classroom use
Take the Polar Express to Learning - several ideas for teaching in Class

Link Pages not Related -- need to Put Somewhere else!
Marcia's Lesson Links -- great ideas and links
Ideas for Computer Lab -- check into this site -- It looks great!