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Online Writing Poetry
My Favorites!
Poetry Patterns -- click on the link for the poem you want to write (not online - just patterns)
Scholastic Poetry -- several good links  (Make sure you visit the Create and Print your Own Poems link!!)
Fern's Poetry Club (Arthur) -- has several things to read and search through
Mrs. Dowling's Literature Terms -- Alliteration -- read and then take the online quiz at the bottom. (Poetry Patterns - more )

Poetry Webquests
Poetry Scavenger Hunt -- great -- need to check links
Poetry Break -- good webquest
Poetry Webquest -- good idea

Haiku Poetry Writing - format for writing Haiku
Haiku Poems -- original poems to read

Cinquain poetry -  Guidlines for writing this style
Friendship Cinquain -- print off pdf sheet and have students interview their friends to make up a poem

Diamonte poetry - Guidlines for writing this style

Name Poems
Name poems - Guidlines for writing this style

Poetry to Read
Poetry 4 Kids - lots of original poetry links to read
KidLit - Poetry Gallery -- lots of poems written by children

Other Sites
Giggle Poetry -- Poetry Class instruction (to read), Contest to enter
Inki & Taz's Poetry Corner -- lots of pages for various types of poetry
Poetry Interactive -- click on the bee and then the Poetry Float
Poetry Scavenger Hunt -- good but could use a little work to make it more applicable

Writing Helps
Find a Rhyme -- need to find a rhyming word, click here and type in your word