Online - Interactive Sites

Science - Ages 5-6 - for Magnets, click on the Pushes and Pulls link
Energy -- not exactly on Magnets, but it was easy to add to page - pick grade

Offline Things to do

Electricity and Magnetism  -- Shockwave activity -- This is a good interesting interactive description of electricity and magnets.  Probably the best interactive site I've found.

Magnet Puzzles  -- Questions -- you answer -- Check answers online -- looks good.


Lesson plans for 2nd Grade -- instructions for the following offline activities:
Making a Magnet
  Making and Using a Compass
What Magnets Attract
Problem Solving  -- Grade 1-2
Measurement of Magnetic Strength -- Grade 1-2
North and South Poles -- Grade 1-2
Magnetic Worksheet   -- 4 Stations -- offline activity

For more offline activities, visit this site and enter your topic
Lesson Plans Page