MAP - MATH - Grade 4
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mathNew Websites:
Aplusmath -- lots of games and activities -- check it out!!
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives -- lots of links for math activites by grade level
Math Frog -- math activities that may include a little extra work  (printing off guides)

Number and Operations
(place value, multiplication, division)
Fourth Grade Skills (Internet4Classrooms) -- lots of links for different Math practice GREAT SITE!
Read and Recognize Numbers (FunBrain) - Select format (spelling numeral or writing the digits) and select top value to give students practice in writing and reading numbers
MathMastery - Cyber Challenge -- click on the appropriate sign (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
Division Facts (Quia) -- click on Matching Game or Concentration
Interactive Math ( great site with lots of fun links
Batter's Up Baseball (prongo)-- great game for Addition or Multiplication
Place Value Game -- online activity
Multiplication Mystery (Harcourtschool)  -- a fun activity played on a grid
Dosity Grade 3-4 math games -- good activity
Two Minute Warning (primarygames)-- two minutes to do fairly simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication)
AAA Math - choose your grade level and check out the basic skills, activities, and challenge games for K-8. Math concepts are also explained in detail.
Spacey Math (learningplanet)- Help protect the Space Station Parabola against attacks from alien ships by answering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems.

9ALGEBRAIC RELATIONSHIPS (patterns, tables, graphs )
Interactive Math ( great site with lots of fun links
Operation Order (FunBrain)- Use algebra to build a pyramid. You will be shown 3 numbers and an equation. Then you have to type in the correct number in the correct place to complete the equation

GEOMETRIC AND SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS ( prisms, cones, parallelism, perpendicularity, shapes, coordinate systems,  polygons, symmetry, prisms)12
Geometry Activities ( click on the links -- great activities
Interactive Math ( great site with lots of fun links
Geometric Terms (Quia) -- 4 game choices -- good for upper grades
Flashcard (aplusmath)- guess the correct term for geometric shapes from A+ Math.
Shape Surveyor (FunBrain)  - Provides students with practice using perimeter and area. There are a variety of levels.

measureMEASUREMENT (linear measure, perimeter, customary metric, equivalent linear, telling time, counting money, capacity, weight, angle measurements, geometric measurements)
Interactive Math ( great site with lots of fun links
Customary Measurement (Quia) -- 3 game choices -- good for upper grades
Measure It! (FunBrain)- Find the length in centimeters or inches. You will be given a ruler with a red bar above it. You have to click on the length of the red bar. Includes various levels of difficulty.

Telling Timeclock
Kid Klok (
Time Teacher (cyberbee)
What Time is it? (primarygames)- You see a regular clock; you pick out the time on the digital clock. (could be a little slow getting it to play)
Learning to tell Time (arcytech) -- make sure you read the instructions on this page BEFORE clicking on the clock further down on the page
Room 108 Time clock -- move the hands on the applet to the correct time
Willy the Watchdog (harcourtschool)-- telling time

Farm Stand Game (kidsplaypark)-- multiply and addition, in dealing with money (might need scratchmoney paper & pencil)
Counting Change (quia)-- counting money
Spending Spree (primarygames)  (good)
Buy it with the Little Farmer (lizardpoint) -- fun game involving money
Changemaker (FunBrain)-- decide how much change someone gets from what he paid
Change Maker (funbrain)

DATA AND PROBABILITY (collect data, formulate questions, interpret data, graphs, tables, line plots, inferences, conclusions)
Interactive Math ( great site with lots of fun links

Fish Tank ( an interactive game from BBC Education

Houghton Mifflin Mathmatics (eduplace)- 4th Grade -- online test prep practice - lots of great links
Review for SOL testing (web.dps.k12)   -- several tests under math column
Online Texas pretest (tea.state.tx)  -- looked good

Leap for Fun - interactive board game for 1-4 playersfun
Math Mayhem (learningplanet)  speed drill - you choose the operation (takes awhile to load up)
Learning Planets Grade 4-6 games -- several online fun games
One False Move (funbrain)- higher to lower numbers
Math Baseball (funbrain) - two players
Billy Bug (oswego) - grid interactive game
Riley's Monster Crunch ( -- like a computer game program -- really good multiplication
Magic Square Math ( -- more difficult that the games above (like a Magic Square where all columns add up the same)

Fourth Grade Skills (  - lots of links for different Math practice
Math Challenge for Families ( -- lots of wonderful links