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Land Formations

Land Formations Activity -- great site!!
Types of Land -- informative
Land Form Quiz -- online quiz -- they give the definition, you pick the word

Enchanted Learning's Illustrative Glossary -- good definitions with pictures
Enchanted Learning's Printable Quiz -- not online, but could print out quiz and have students look for answers.
Enchanted Learning -- Label the landforms -- print out and do offline
United State Map -- great interactive picture to see the land formations in US

Habitat and Landform Links -- lots of great links

Road Trip Geography for Kids -- links and information on the Earth's Structure, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Earth Cycles and Geography Games.

 Solar System
Solar System -- Reading Comprehension (2nd Grade level) - comprehension quiz sheets can be printed off and done
Solar System Trading Cards -- online game to play about the Solar System
Arty Astronaut Activity  -- click on RESTART THE ASTRO RANGER SITE

2nd Grade Website on the Solar System -- great links and quizzes to print and find
Solar System Activities -- great links to some great online games
Nine Planets Adventure -- great demo site -- originating site
Online Solar System Puzzle (Enchanted Learning) -- great
Solar System Display -- good to show the orbit and find other information
Solar System online quiz -- great
Magic School Bus Space Tour --  Great game with information (Use Internet Explorer)

The Solar System -- information
The Sun -- information
The Stars -- information

Enchanted Learning Astronomy -- good links

Water Cycle

The Water Cycle -- Great site - but need to click the back button after exploring
Water Cycle simulation -- great site