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#1 2006-11-04 16:58:43


Almost Over

Well, my vacation is almost over.  I can't believe that its almost done.  Its really not fair that time passes so quickly when I am on vacation.  I've been a little stir crazy when nobody is at home, but its so nice to just be around my family for a little bit.  Its nice, very nice.

I've never downloaded so much stuff.  Gigabytes and gigabytes of stuff.

I got the new episode of Avatar, Its called 'Lake Laogai' and its quite the little show.  I was impressed.  TIME TO BREAK SOME RULES!

My mind isn't functioning much right now, need to lie down.  I'll try to update more often now that more of my loose ends have been tied up.  I know that some are yet to be located and secured, but I am equally amazed at what one trip to someone's old comfort zone will do for a man.  Wonderful for me.


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