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#1 2006-11-11 15:49:49


Weird Dreams

I've been having weird dreams ever since I went on vacation, I just thought initially they were because I went home, but they continue, so there must be something else.  The only problem is the only thing I don't remember anything, only the fact that they were strange.

I've finished the physical side of cleaning up my room now that I am home.  I picked up quite a few things from home, so it was time to organize it all and try to make it fit into my existing room.  The second step is now the digital side, I have to go through all the information I brought from home and get it organized so that I might send what I promised and also make sense out of what I need to do.  Photos to burn, cartoons to burn, but first things to organize and encode.  Hopefully should get it done quickly.

My brain is at a slight loss, just because I realize I can't go home again for a while.  I enjoyed it very much, but it also made me realize that I have a lot to do.  Never have I felt so at home, and yet so distant somehow.  Unexplainable, how I can't connect like I once was.  I still try, but its not the same as before.  Can it ever be?

I finished the Halo book, well worth it.  I absolutely love the story to death, I have no explanation why I relate to it so much.  Perhaps because it appeals to my imagination in a way that no other book has managed.  I anxiously await another book, or better, Halo 3.

I resurrected my old Ipod when I got home, it doesn't work the best, the ear jack is so slippery that ear phones pop out.  That was also the day I blew my new Ipod earphones.  Not sure how I did it exactly, but they sound exactly like a blown speaker would.  Unfortunate because they were so awesome.  I had to settle with some Sony Earphones, after trying three others.  Positive note, the Sony ones are OK on the responsive level, and the cable refuses to tangle.  Quite handy.

I bought a DS game finally, its called Touch Detective, absolutely hilarious.  I enjoy a good laugh, it certainly provides.

I got my new battery for my laptop already, absolutely hilarious.  I thought I had gotten the address wrong when I signed up for the replacement.  I called Apple twice to try and confirm whether I had or not, they couldn't tell me either time.  It came yesterday.  If I hadn't been in the shower the day before, I would have gotten it that day, but I missed it then.  A side note, I got a external battery pack a month ago, so that I could power my iPod, I also ordered a DS lite cable, they had run out, but they filled my order as completed.  I emailed them yesterday, asking whey they hadn't sent me my cable yet, I didn't get a response, only two emails that said I had ordered the cable and that it had shipped.  As I had suspected, they had forgotten me.

This will probably be the last update I do on my mac mini, as I am about to slave it to encoding for the next week straight, hope I don't kill it accidentally, since it will be running at 100 percent for that whole time, but it survived last time and its the only computer I have right now that I can use to do it.  The laptop is currently updating, almost done for that, then I will use it.  Been thinking about buying another computer, so that I can have my storage as a server, but I have been informed that I need to focus on something else for the moment.  Well time to get moving so that my sisters don't get mad at me for delaying their DVDs that I promised. ;P


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