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Symbolism of the Rose

The rose has been universally proclaimed queen of flowers, crowned with every royal gift, to rule in the gardens of the world.  Roses of all varieties bloom together.  Each is individual -- each is choice.

There is a symbolism between the rose and me.  We are both creations of our Heavenly Father, and each has a mission to perform--to bring beauty and joy into the world. 

Thorns on the stem of a rose protect it from the hand of destruction.  I have the whispering of the still, small voice to guide and protect me. 

Important to the beauty of my life are love, virtue, humility, charity, integrity, self-respect -- all nourished by spirituality, which is as important to my eternal welfare as water is to the thirsting rose. 

Each day I will ask my Heavenly Father to help me that my life may be as beautiful as an unblemished rose.