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As our theme, we borrowed the phrase from Harry Warren's song (sung by Bing Crosby), "You must  have been a beautiful baby, 'cuz baby look at you now." We chose "look at you now" to highlight what  these beautiful, young women have accomplished in their personal progress goals.

We used baby shower invitations for the invitations given to the girls and their parents.  We also used a computerized  greeting card program to turn another baby shower invitation into a colored, printed program for handing out at the door.

One of the center decorations included a large stand-up pedestal mirror with the words, "Baby, look at you now," taped to the top of the mirror. Pink tissue paper flowers made for cheap and easy decorations as well.

On one wall we had baby pictures of each of the girls.  Underneath each picture was a card with a question mark, taped on the top only. After guessing who the baby was, the card could be flipped up to reveal the girl's name.   Everyone had fun guessing.

Another highlight was a surprise video collage of about 35 still photos taken throughout the year at Young Women  activities and Girls' Camp (scanned into a computer, set to music, and then output onto a videocassette--we paid to have this done).  This lasted about 3 minutes.

The end result was that the girls LOVED seeing themselves on video, and they felt a cohesiveness and an excitement  after viewing many of the past year's experiences.  Plus, the parents were touched to see how their beautiful babies were growing into accomplished, beautiful young women.