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Young Women in Excellence Program
October 2000
Theme:  Stand as a Witness
First Draft

Young Women will be seated where the choir sits.  The narrators will each read each their particular segment.

    #1:  What do Ruth, Esther, and Emma Smith  have in common?  Each of them, at one time or another in their lives, had to draw upon their
spiritual knowledge and Stand as a Witness for their Heavenly Father.  These women did not shrink from their opportunity to set things aright
with the world in which they lived.  Whether the event happened more than two thousand years ago, or nearly two hundred years ago, women
throughout time have been given the opportunity to "Stand as a Witness."  Not only did these women bear a solemn, sacred account of
the divinity of their God, or of their Redeemer, but they did this nobly, and valiantly in order to not only capture the attention of their
adversaries, but to also soften the hearts of those who would even violently oppose them.

    #2:  Ruth was a woman who never wavered from her faith.  As a young widowed woman, she knew that it was best to remain close to her
mother-in-law, Naomi.  Ruth is the woman who uttered these words to Naomi when her mother-in-law suggested that Ruth remain in her original
homeland, "…for whither thou goest, I will go."-Ruth 1:16.
    Ruth lived in a turbulent time when some judges were corrupt, and lawlessness was beginning to overpower those who remained righteous.
Sound familiar?  Ruth was also the original working woman.  She gleaned in the fields, tended her mother-in-law, and eventually remarried  a
man named Boaz, and bore a son Obed.  Ruth is the great-grandmother of King David, and her simple story of hard work, faith, and a commitment to family and God still inspires us today.

   The following Young Women are going to tell their stories of when they were either at work, or in a situation where they knew the right
choice was to remain with their family and faith, and they had to Stand as a Witness.

   #3:   As the days of the judges passed, and kings ruled on the earth, other struggles between men and power ensued.  Even a man who detested Esther's cousin Mordecai could not prevent Esther from declaring her nationality-and her religion.  When Haman went before the King, Esther's husband, and proclaimed that all Jews should be killed, Esther fasted and prayed then went before the King and testified of her religion-even at the expense of her own life.  Not only did this King of 127 provinces from Ethiopia to India reverse this decree, but a holiday of feasting was established-the Feast of Purim.

    Today, we do not have to risk our lives but we are still commanded to "bear our testimony often.
   We'd like to hear from the following Young Women  who were in a situation in which they had to declare their membership of the Lord's
church, even though others may have said false remarks about the church, just like Esther did more than 2,300 years ago.

    #4:  Have you ever been in charge of something, and you needed help from your Heavenly Father?  Or have you ever needed the comfort of a
Priesthood Blessing because your life was moving into a new direction?  Emma Smith, the wife of beloved prophet Joseph Smith, received such
guidance while organizing the Relief Society.  It was on March 17, 1842 when the Prophet Joseph Smith "Organized the women of Nauvoo into an association known today as the Relief Society" (Barrett 505).  Emma Smith was unanimously elected as the first President of this newly
formed Relief Society.  No doubt, it must have been difficult to serve in this capacity.  She must have had to make important decisions in the
formative years of this organization, and she probably went to her father in Heaven when selecting her presidency:  Sarah M. Cleveland,
Elizabeth Ann Whitney, and Eliza R. Snow.  Upon naming this society the "Female Relief Society of Nauvoo" Emma Smith said, "We expect
extraordinary occasions and pressing calls"  (History of the Church).

    Here are some Young Women who also have had the occasion to perform some extraordinary tasks while Standing as a Witness:


 (originally this is title was done in WordArt in Windows))

To the Parents of the Young Women:

We welcome you to tonight's Young Women in Excellence Program. Tonight's theme culminates our year-long commitment to "Stand As A
Witness."  Tonight you will hear inspiring stories and  sweet testimonies  from many of these Young Women as they have chosen to put
their faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  After the closing prayer by (yw name), won't you please stay and visit for a few minutes?
We have refreshments and we would love to have everyone take a look at the other Value Projects and Value Experiences these Young Women have accomplished throughout the year.  While this year's theme is "Stand As A Witness," we hope the strength these Young Women have gained while in their youth will serve them well not only now, but in future years ahead.

~~The Young Women Presidency

Welcome to the Campus Park Young Women's
Young Women in Excellence~Stand As A Witness
October 18, 2000

Welcome~                (yw name) ~President of the Laurel Class
Opening Song~   Hymn #304~Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Pianist~                (name)
Opening Prayer~ (yw name)~Laurel Class Member
Awards~         (name)~Young Womanhood Medallion
                        (name) ~Beehive & MIA Maid Award
Camp Awards~    (several names)
Program~        Narrators~ (4 names)
Shared Experiences~     The Book of Ruth~ (5 names)
                                          The Book of Esther~ (4 names)
                                           Church History/Emma Smith~ (3 names)
Musical Number~ Hymn #136~I Know that My Redeemer Lives~All Young Women
Pianist~        (name)
Closing Prayer~ (name)