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Young Women in Excellence Project Ideas  for the 1998 Theme --  Turning the Hearts to the Fathers

  • Use family photos to make a collage to frame the "Proclamation on the Family". Frame your creation and present it to your family!
  • Write a Life History/Biography of your grandparents. If they are  living, tape (Audio or Video) interviews with them. Ask them to

  • describe their child hoods and important events in their lives. Compile all of your work into a display. You may want to include mementos,
    handiwork, photos, etc.
  • Write a Life History/Biography of your parents. Use the methods described above. Include stories of their courtship and wedding.
  • Begin your own Life History. Include photos, awards, certificates and other important things (copies of birth certificates, blessings, baptismal  certificates, first Primary talk, etc.)
  • Create an Anniversary Album for your parents. Find and copy  (DON'T use originals without permission!) photos from their  wedding, honeymoon, other photos of just the two of them. Include a letter from each of their children expressing their love for them and

  • thanking them for being great parents. You might even include a photocopy of their wedding certificate. Be creative!! Present it to them
    on their Anniversary.
  • Learn one skill that one of your ancestors had. Complete a project using your new skills (embroidery, knitting, quilting, woodcarving, etc.)
  • Learn how to can homemade jam. Give it away. Create a display with pictures of you learning to can- through all stages and finally with your

  • finished project! Bring some for everyone to sample.
  • Gather favorite family recipes from all of your relatives (Grandmas, Aunts, cousins, Mom, etc.) and create a family cookbook. Include

  • interesting family notes for any recipes that may have them- for example: "Poor Man's Meatballs- this was Mom and Dad's first meal together as a married couple." Include family photos too.
  • Organize and carry out a family reunion. Create a display that includes  photos of the day and a list of all relatives who came. Be able to show how each relative fits onto your pedigree chart/family tree.
  • Complete a 4 generation pedigree chart. Submit all names that need to have temple work done to Salt Lake. If possible, help perform the

  • baptisms for your relatives. Display a photo pedigree chart (with as many pictures as you can find) and write down your feelings about
    what this experience has meant to you.
  • Volunteer 1-2 hours per week at the Stake Family History Center for 2 months. Learn all you can about genealogy. Keep a journal of your

  • experiences and write down your testimony of the importance of temple work.
  • Create a family tree cross-stitch sampler.
  • Read the Work and the Glory (ALL volumes). Write a book report that includes your favorite parts of the story and thing that you have learned by reading about the various characters'  struggles.
  •  Research the life of a Church prophet. Write and essay on his life and on how your study affected your testimony.
  • Create a permanent Family Home Evening Assignment Chart. Be  creative and help remind your family to USE it each week.
  • Create an original poem or song about the pioneers or about temple work.
  • Make an artistic representation of the Pioneers crossing the plains (painting, sketch, diorama, sculpture, needlework, etc.)
  • Create a family calendar for next year. Give one as a gift to your parents or grandparents. Include everyone's birthdays, anniversaries and photos of your family. Be creative!