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Throughout the room are tables displaying various shoes belonging to the young women (ballet, sport, baby, prom, etc.)  Cut out single-file footprints (about 12” long) in YW Value and place these in single-file order up and down the walls.  In the center of each footprint is a very general and basic Personal Progress goal.

Introduction:  Our Father in Heaven loves us and has given us commandments to guide us on our path in mortality.  He has provided specific ordinances so when we depart this life and return to His presence, we can be exalted in the Celestial Kingdom.  These sacred ordinances are only found in the Temple.  Now is the time to prepare to be worthy to enter the temple and receive those blessings.  The YW program will help you stay on the path that will lead you back to your Heavenly Father.  (show signs with capitalized words as appropriate)  YW leaders help you STEP in the right direction.  Each age-group level has a PAIR (counselor, adviser).  They give SOLE support!

Can you imagine how many miles you walk in a lifetime?  Our feet prevent jars to the body which might shock the spinal column.  Tough, thick skin covers the bones and ligaments of your feet, and thin layers of fat act like an air cushion - protect inner parts of foot.

Throughout history mankind has made coverings  to protect feet from weather, injury.  If you were a shoe, what kind would you be?

YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A “LOAFER”  Everyone knows loafers are lazy shoes - don’t have to tie them, just slip them on.  Don’t “slip” your standards of righteousness.  Dig in - Reach goals.  Personal Progress teaches girls to set + reach goals

YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A “FLIP-FL0P”  (old days used to be called thongs).  Very comfortable, but the problem is that they are too flexible.  They flop in and out.  They lack integrity - not dependable in difficult environments, situations.  AND NOW… THE SHOES YOU WANT TO WEAR EVERY DAY!

1.  FURRY SLIPPERS  They are soft, quiet.  Like the Holy Ghost  “still small voice”.  We need to develop sensitivity to the Spirit.  PRAYER.

2.  OXFORDS     Some of the leaders will remember when two-tone oxfords were popular.  Sturdy construction - meant to last a long time - survive all kinds of negative conditions.  Oxford University (England) is one of two - most famous universities world.  Education is empowering.  You will take your knowledge, intelligence with you - eternity.  Study and learn throughout your life - develop skills you need to face next century.  But even more important than intellectual education is spiritual education.  Learn about the gospel principles, doctrine.  Know your Heavenly Father’s plan for you.  Diligently read and study about the life of the Savior so you may become more like Him.

3.  KEDS  (used to be called ‘sneakers’)  Everyone likes pleasant surprises (sneak up on you).  Set a goal to perform secret acts of kindness every single day (not because it’s one of your chores, not just so you can fulfill a Personal Progress goal).  Performing little thoughtful deeds will prepare you to share your life in the future with a roommate, missionary companion, husband, children.
Be more unselfish.  Be more Christlike.

4.  COVERSE SHOES  (black hightops -- before the days of Nike, etc.)  Provide great traction - you can hear them ‘squeak’ on basketball wood floors.  In your conversation with others - don’t allow any “slipping”.  When it comes to repeating profanity, vulgarity, keep your tongue - laced up tight.  Refrain from gossip - always speak the truth.

4.  CLEATS  (ask who plays soccer?  What shoes do you wear?  What do they look like - what do
they do?  Shoes with cleats are on the go, enthusiastic.  During your youth you want to get “a kick out of life”.  Cleats keep you from sliding, falling down on the field.  Young Women values, gospel principles are like cleats.

5.  HIGH HEELS  Do you remember your first pair high heels?  Do you remember how tall you felt?
How hard it was to balance and walk at the same time?  Didn’t you feel like you were learning forward on tall sticks?  High heels must be strong in order to raise you up, support your weight.  High heels remind us it is important to elevate our thoughts, actions.  Set your standards high, right now.  Decide NOW what you will do in various situations (temptations).  Remember you are a daughter of God.  When it comes to correct values and principles… Dig in your heels!
Modesty + Morality
Do not pollute mortal tabernacle (1 Cor 6:19)
Do whatever possible to avoid disease, enemies of physical bodies.
Follow the word of wisdom
No unclean person can achieve lasting relationship with Spirit of God

Guard against all suggestive ideas, influences, pornography.
Avoid others who have evil minds.  Avoid the filth they produce.
You cannot enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost if your mind shares time with Satan.

Each of you is a special and unique young women.  Like shoes, you have your OWN STYLE!  Please STAY IN STEP!  Your Heavenly Father and YW Leaders love and support you!  Someday it will be your privilege to put on beautiful white shoes, a matching white dress, and you will have the privilege to receive sacred covenants in the Temple!

If you have any questions, please contact me at Bairlindon@home.com
Linda Bair, Stake YW President, Beaverton Oregon Stake