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Secret Sister Ideas

VARIATY OF SECRET SISTERS: -  - I made a card for each girl.  I then made 3 stickers (in different colors) for each girl.  (We had 3
days at camp).  Each day, each girl drew a card from the deck and placed her sticker on it.  That was your secret sister for the day.  At the end of the day, or the next morning, you would acknowledge who you had, and draw another card, placing another sticker on it.  If you got your
own name, you would draw again. Some girls repeated Secret sisters.  This helped, because something kind was done each day, and if someone didn't do much, she would probably get a different Secret sister the next day.

SECRET SISTER MAILBOXES: - We had real mailboxes for each ward that were set up by the main cabin, so mail could be deposited "safely" (without being found out by your secret sister).

GIFTS: A Scripture Bag: -  Have the girls bring in a canvas blank bag(it can be supplied by YW leader), the bag must be big enough to carry scriptures. get fabric paints, and have the girls decorate the bag according to the worldwide YW theme ( or any theme realting to YW)
then give it to your secret sister..it is a great way to spend a mutual night, and is beneficial to the camp's program. it is easy, adn fun
for all.