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HANDOUT:   For a handout to give to the whole YW Class this Sunday,  I didn't want to give an egg, or candy or something that is not spiritual.  My thought is:  Get a small basket (I didn't want an Easter basket at first, but I found some very small, plain pastel-colored ones that will work), and put inside the basket things that remind me of Christ and Easter.  My ideas so far are:  a small rock, a nail, a piece of white  cloth, some kind of thorn, piece of wood, and that's where I run out of ideas.  I was just wondering if you would have any other suggestions.  Along with the basket, I was going to put a story or some message from the First Presidency to it.  hcc in Reno, Nevada

EASTER IN EGGS (STORY): - - Check out this link  for more items and the script/description of each.  Click here.

EASTER COOKIE STORY: - - To read this neat story about the crucifixion and resurrection, click here

EASTER EGG SCRIPTURES: -  - To read this activity, click here.