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CHRISTMAS: -  For our Christmas combined activity we went Caroling. Not just any caroling but a special kind. We had it set up where we went to several people's homes who were from church and asked them if we came if we could get them to be kind of  rude and turn us away. They all agreed. That wed. we took the youth to their homes to go caroling. They were so mad that  everyone we went to turned us away. Finally we went to the last home where all the kids were sure they would get to sing and they  turned us away as well. We went out to their parking lot to decide what to do. When all the kids were gathered around we had  someone open their garage where we had people acting as Mary, Joseph and a baby doll for Jesus. We shared the Christmas story with them and how they felt when they were turned away. We then went into the home and had hot cocoa. The kids enjoyed it. Jennifer

STAR -- God's love for mankind and fulfilled promise of a Savior...Stars at night remind us of that HOPE.

RED -- 1st Color.  Symbol of blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ, shed for us/Gift of Eternal Life/symbol of God's Love.

CHRISTMAS TREE -- 2nd Color.  Fir Tree is ever green youthful, hopeful, branch, needles point Heavenward -- symbolic of man's returning thoughts toward heaven.... symbol of everlasting HOPE of mankind.

WREATH -- Symbolizes the eternal nature of continuous round of affection/ Reminds us of all the things of Christmas.  TEACH THE CHILDREN...

CANDLE -- Man's thanks for the STAR of long ago.  It's small light is a mirror of star light.

BELL -- Guidance and return to the fold....ALL are precious in the eyes of the Lord....

CANDY CANE -- Represents the shephard's crook that helps bring back strayed sheep of the ofld....Now the Candy Cane symbolizes the helping hand we show at Christmas time and that we are our brother's keeper.

RIBBON BOW -- Spirit of the brotherhood of man. Remember that the bow is tied as men should be tied -- all of us TOGETHER, with the bonds of "goodwill" toward each other forever.

SANTA CLAUS -- the jolly, old elf, is a symbol of Christmas, too.  He's a sign of CARING, LOVING & SHARING!  The wtinkle in his eye is a reflection of the JOY that comes into a person's heart as he lovingly SERVES OTHERS, gives of himself, of his earthly goods!  The spirit of Christ prompts such loving acts from Santa, from me and from you!

The SYMBOLS OF CHRISTMAS open a treasure of deepest insight:  The one thing on earth we all ought to do, is the teaching of children teh RIGHT and the TRUE....the ending of evil, the ceasing of strive.  To GIVE and to HELP, to LOVE and to SERVE are the best things of life, all men can deserve.  PEACE, HOPE, JOY & "Eternal" BLESSINGS reisde in their wake.  Jesus, our Savior, opened and led the way and desires to shepherd us back home to our Father in Heaven above.... TEACH THE CHILDREN.

For a site that has Christmas Games on it:

            (Holiday Recipe)

A heaping cup of happiness,
2 of love and caring,
1 of understand,
1 of joyful sharing.
A level cup of wisdom,
1 of artful living,
1 of thoughtful insight,
1 of selfless giving.
Mis ingredients together,
Toss in a little flair,
Serve to everyone you know
Topped with a tiny prayer.

May every measure of happiness
Be yours this Christmastime!


One day while he fixed up his sled,
To the elves here's what Santa Claus said,
"When I hear the word "gimme",
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme,
I wish I were back in my bed.

"How much nicer it sounds when I hear,
Friendly wishes for holiday cheer.
When folks busy as bees,
Say thank you and please
Then I'm happy that Christmas is near."

HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS: -  I thought you might be interested in a compiliations of Holiday Traditions I wrote up for a RS Homemaking meeting one year.   (These are family oriented, but could be adaptable to YW) Click here to read them.

The First Candy Cane

Honors Jesus
A shepherd's crook
Inverted a "J" for Jesus
By Jesus's stripes we are healed
Red is for the blood he shed
White is how He washes away our sins and makes us pure as snow
One bold stripe for the God of all the children of men
Three fine stripes for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Christmas crafts from mining company
Wise Man page (scroll down to bottom for good links)
Grade school planning a Child's Christmas party (use for room mother stuff)
Santa Land  -- this looks good -- lots of things to investigate on this site!!!!

103+  QUICK AND EASY CHRISTMAS IDEAS -  CLICK HERE   (added more ideas 11/24/98)

Dec. 1 Isaiah 7:14  Angels We Have Heard On High
Dec. 2 Isaiah 9:6 Away In A Manger
Dec. 3 Micah 5:2 O Little Town of Bethlehem
Dec. 4 Jeremiah 23:5 O Come All Ye Faithful
Dec. 5 Isaiah 40:1-4 Joy to the World
Dec. 6 Jeremiah 33:14-15 The First Noel
Dec. 7 Isaiah 40:11 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Dec. 8 Psalms 24 Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Dec. 9 Jeremiah 23:6 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Dec. 10 Jacob 7:11-12 Far, Far Away On Judea’s Plain
Dec. 11 1 Nephi 10:4 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Dec. 12 1 Nephi 13:18 What Child Is This
Dec. 13 1 Nephi 11:20-24 O Holy Night
Dec. 14 1 Nephi 11:27 Who Is The Child
Dec. 15 Helaman 14:3 Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
Dec. 16 Helaman 14:5-6 I Heard the Bells
Dec. 17 Luke 1:30-31 I Believe in Christ
Dec. 18 3 Nephi 1:13 When Christ Was Born In Bethlehem
Dec. 19 3 Nephi 1:19 Star Bright
Dec. 20 Luke 2:4-7 O Hush Thee My Baby
Dec. 21 Luke 2:8-11 How Great Thou Art
Dec. 22 Luke 2:12-14 We Three Kings of Orient Are
Dec. 23 Matthew 2:1-2 With Wondering Awe
Dec. 24 Mosiah 3:5-8 Silent Night  Luke 1:26-38, 46-47  Luke 2:1-20  Matthew 2:1-14

CHRISTMAS STORY FUN: -  Each adult YW leader is going to prepare a Christmas story-it could be from memory or a reading from a favorite book.  Then to go along with the story, we will make an ornament for each girl that symbolizes the story.  We will take the two weeks before Christmas to share our stories.  At the end of each presentation, we hand out the ornament and a copy of the story.  Each girl will get a file folder to keep her stories in, and be told that this is the start of their own personal christmas ornament collection.  This also serves as our Christmas gift to each girl as well as to each other.  For example, my story is going to be The Little Match Girl (was one written by Hans Christian Andersen.  I just have a paper back copy of the book, illustrated by Rachel Isadora. ) and I am going to hand out an angel made from an old fashioned clothes pin, holding a match.  (As to the clothespin angel---paint an old fashioned clothes pin white,  two black dots for eyes on the round/head part,  gather some lace for the dress around the neck,  add wings made from a piece of gold ribbon tied into a bow,  glue on back.  Add some curly hair and a halo of some gold wire, glue a match on the her front and add a hanger of some sort to make it into an ornament. If this is done each year, by the time a YW is 18, she should have quite a collection!

"LUKE II" VIDEO AND AMY GRANT SONG: -  Play the  song by  Amy Grant entitled, "Mary's Song".  It is on her Christmas CD.  The video is entitled "Luke II".  I found it in my church ward library.  It is 5 minutes long.  It fits perfectly with Amy Grant's song.  You just "mute" the video an play the CD.  It was a perfect ending to our Christmas lesson.