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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE V PART 2-----------------

            Standing awkwardly at the corner of a gas station, Nemo watched wearily as Rebecca stuck money into the pay phone and dialed the number that was written on the calling card.

            In order to protect their location, they decided to use a phone from a different location, just in case it was a hoax.   

            Pulling himself closer to her, away from the curb where the cars were driving through to the separate stations to get gas, Nemo looked up to her face, as the phone began to ring.  Carefully jumping up onto the ledge of the small black booth, which was attached to the wall of the carwash, Nemo waited as the phone continued to ring; whipping his tail, that was hanging down across the lip of the edge, periodically back and forth.   

            Suddenly the phone clicked and a voice came on, "Hullo....."

            Rebecca was not sure what to say.

            "...I have been waitin' for yur call," cut in the garbled voice, obviously being altered so that no one could recognize their normal voice.  "If ya wish to discuss matt'rs, tear the card in half and transport to the coordinate that you find within....and Nemo must come alone, immediately."  Suddenly the phone cut off and the person was not on the line anymore. 

            Chinking, the payphone processed the money as Rebecca hung up the phone onto the unit.  Turning to Nemo she furrowed her expression into a questioning look, "Tear the card in half? What good will that do?"

            Nemo looked at the card for a second, and shrugged his shoulders.  "Let’s just tear it in half."

            Carefully taking the card by the center, Rebeccca tore the calling card neatly into two exact halves.  But much like a fortune cookie, a paper was hidden inside the folds of the card.  Pulling it out, Rebecca turned it over and read the coordinate that were posted, just like the person had said. 

            "Good," Nemo stated as he jumped down to the ground.  "Let's hurry home, sort out a good plan, get some supplies and meet this character.  I hate meeting people on their own turf, but I am confident in my new found abilities."

            Rebecca smiled, but secretly wished he could remember more of them so that they could break into the mountain fortress and get the prince to safety.

            Hurrying home, they raced along the sidewalk, and back onto Nemo's street. 

            Avoiding a barking dog, several stray cats, and many squirrels and birds along the way, Nemo sighed.  Though he spent much of his time walking the neighborhoods and seeing these animals on occasion, it was annoying that they were not intelligent.  Nemo did not understand why he was intelligent, or why he was able to teach Tsuki and Yoru.  He tried teaching other animals in the neighborhood, but it was to no avail.  It seemed, thought Nemo, which it was something that certain animals were born with...a kind of occasional accident.  Creatures like Viktor, Tenalt, and his whole team, were part of these special animals.  Nemo also wondered to himself that it was just a choice that the animals make; to live a peaceful quiet life, or to develop their intelligence.

            Sorting his thoughts back into order, Nemo and Rebecca dashed into the backyard and quickly hid behind the shed.  Pulling the secret back door, Rebecca climbed down and Nemo jumped in after.  Yanking the door shut, Rebecca twisted the handled lock into place.  Turning down the small tunnel they climbed the ladder until the tunnel leveled off and led into the control room. 

            Busily back to work, Nemo saw Sakura on the computer, Tsuki, who had drug all of her tools, equipment and everything that she had been working on, working on the new robot, while, Yoru and the prince were sitting on the couch.

            Following after Nemo, Rebecca glanced across the room and noted that everything was in its proper place.  Turning her head in the direction of the far corner, she reassured herself as the package from the post office, that they had captured last night, was still safe.  She wasn't going to open it for awhile, seeing that Nemo was taking a long time to remember everything.

            Walking into the room, Tsuki, Yoru and the Prince all acknowledged Nemo, but Sakura, didn't even budge from her position on the computer.

            "How did it go," asked Tsuki, who periodically looked up at Nemo, while screwing into one of the tentacles on her robot?  

            "We contacted him," Said Rebecca, "But the person wants Nemo to meet him."

            "Yes," nemo continued, "He wants to meet me, at some coordinate that we have no clue where it is at... I mean once we look it up on the computer, we will be able to tell where it is at, but we do not know if this person has a trap set up."  Nemo looked at his Teammates, "But that is why I have a plan.  I will go as the main person, BUT, "he turned to Tsuki and Yoru.  "Since Tsuki and Yoru know how to use it, and they are small enough to wear it, they will be backups using the two invisibility packs."

            Tsuki perked up from working and dropped everything, "Really? That would be so cool, because I am sick and tired of being cooped up in this place.  It has been weeks since we have had any missions and...YOU and REBECCA have been having all of the fun!"

            Nemo smiled.  "Yes, Tsuki, you get to go.  In fact you will get the new one, while Yoru will use the gun that he used on our last fight with Viktor, and the old invisiblity pack."  Yoru aslso sat up in his chair, and wiped off his 'I am tired' act.

            "Sweet," Yoru exclaimed.

            "In the meantime," he looked at Rebecca and over at Sakura, who had still not even registered that Nemo had come back, or was even talking.  "Rebecca and Sakura, you will be back up, backup.  Meaning that if we run into problems, and this is a real bad trap, we will contact you and you will come and aid us."  Rebecca nodded her head in agreement.  Nemo looked over at Sakura as her mouth was open, and her eyes glued, as she was mesmerized by whatever she was doing.

            Nemo slightly scowled, and walked up to Sakura, "HELLO, MORNING CALL TO SAKUUURA!"

            As if every time Nemo greeted her and surprised her, this was the worst; she flung the mouse in surprise to the side, kicked back on the desk, shoving Nemo to the side, while careening back on the rolling chair, and into Tsuki, who was set up on the floor.  Rebecca ran forward to catch the chair as it fell, but tripped on the couch.  Yoru jumped away, to escape the charade, but knocked over a stack of boxes, which fell down, scattering odds and ends in every direction.

            "GAH," Sakura gasped.  "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!!!!"

            Everyone, but the Prince, were getting up from the ground and moaning from their injuries.   

            Pushing himself up, Nemo rubbed the back of his neck.  "After all of my fights with Viktor and my countless years battling people, I get taken down by a chair."  Shaking his head he glared across the room at the wreckage, but then let his eyes fall annoyingly onto Sakura.  

            Suddenly the Prince started laughing.  Everyone in the room, even Sakura, looked over at him in surprise.

            "He can talk," asked Nemo? 

            Rebecca, who was just as surprised, stared confused at him.  "Ever since we left the palace, he became somewhat emotionless, as if his entire being knew where he belonged.  Even as a baby he was sad and would not talk, or even laugh.  This is amazing!"

            Turning to the boy, Sakura joined in, and then Tsuki and Rebecca followed after.  Getting caught into it, even Nemo laughed.  Truly, despite the circumstances and difficulties, he was happy, and had not felt this good for a long, long time.  It was good to have true friends.

            After the laughing settled down, everybody got up.  Noticing Yoru, with his feet sticking out the top of one of the boxes, Nemo could tell that he did not seem to be enjoying himself as much.  "I don't see what is so funny," he called from inside the box. 

            Sakura grabbed the edge of the rolling chair and tried pushing it up.  "You're just a lazy, weak plush-plush kitty," Sakura called to him.

            Yoru's eyes immediatly turned to slits, as he frowned....real, real deep and glared over the edge of the box at Sakura.

            Sakura smiled as she got underneath the chair and pushed up on it, but fell to the ground as the wheels on the chair kept sliding.

            Nemo smiled as he realized why it was that Yoru did not like Sakura. 

            Quickly cleaning up the mess, everybody got their supplies ready and set everything up.  As Nemo briefed himself through all of his equipment, he sighed, as it felt good to be going on a mission again.  Taking his tail, he stuck it into the computer and configured the communication device once more to Tsuki and Yoru's.  Adding in two more headsets, which were for Sakura and Rebecca, he configured his settings to them.  Fighting was fun, as he discovered his new abilities, which had been forgotten, but setting up planned missions, with equipment in hand, and pulling it together in little to none time, was truly accelerating.

            Walking up to Nemo, Sakura glanced at the computer as he was adding the finishing touches to everyone's com-units.

            "Ya know," Began Sakura, "I was doing some research on your guys equipment, and I was quite surprised to find that there was homing devices in each of them."

            Nemo suddenly turned to face her.  "What?!  You mean Viktor could be tracing us right now, using HQ's system?"  Nemo was quite surprised as he had not thought of this himself.

            Sakura thoughtfully tilted her head and looked in another direction; "Well..." she played for time. 

            "Tell me now," Said Nemo.

            "Ok," Sakura gave in.  "I cracked into the network of Viktor and discovered that, Yes, Viktor knows about the homing devices, but...he cannot find the personnel who ran the machine.  His men have tried deciphering it and using the machine, but it apparently requires a WHOLE lot of authorization...and when his team stormed HQ, the person who ran it, scrambled the system, perhaps doing it to save some of the few agents who have not been captured yet."

            "Cracked? Deciphering? And captured agents?," Nemo was sent for a spin; "I am confused.   First of all, you did not crack, you HACKED into Viktor's system and you found this information out by breaking into his system?  And second, you mean Viktor captured the rest of the agents?

            "Okay..."Sakura said, "You can put it that way if you want, but I prefer cracked.  And of COURSE he captured the other agents.  At least the agents that did not swear allegiances to him;  Why would Viktor leave outlying radicals that would rise up to fight him?"

            Nemo agreed because it made sense. But, he thought, what of HIS agent friends and associates.  At least one or two of them have escaped...maybe they sent him an e-mail.

            Nemo's thoughts were cut off, "And if you were wondering if any of the other agents have tried contacting you, I checked your e-mail, and all I could see was one that was from Viktor.  He did not use a lot of good words in that e-mail.  He was not very happy."

            Nemo smiled.  That was well worth his time; just to make Viktor angry.  This whole fiasco was well worth his time.

            "Time to go," Yelled Rebecca.  Sakura and Yoru dashed from the upstairs, while Nemo left Sakura's side, leaving her to the computer.  That cat is weird, Nemo agreed.  Perhaps this was the part of her that was blocked out by Viktor and their mind control.  If it was her remembering, she was sure remembering everything much quicker than most of the victims.

            "Okay," said Nemo," Rebecca is going to open the portal, and we will go through.  If nothing happens at the point, and it is a safe contact, we will contact her through the inter-com system, and she will open the door, so that we can come back here.  Got that?!"

            Everyone agreed.

            "Tsuki and Yoru, spread out the second we get there, but don't move unless I tell you."

            They both eagerly nodded their heads. 

            Strapping a belt on, which was full of accessories, Nemo turned to Rebecca and nodded her head to open the portal.  Normal people and animals, when on the brink of jumping into possible danger have butterflies in their stomach, or are filled with fear.  Nemo had no fear.  He was completely confident.  Though he was bringing some accessories and possible weapons, he was doing it the old style, and was not using or bringing his sword.

            After switching the block into a particular pattern, the door blasted open and blew several papers in the room all over the air.

            Stepping towards the piercing light, Nemo called," All right!  Wave one, MOVE IN."

            Blasting through the portal, Nemo landed onto the ground, on the other side.  Taking his surroundings, he quickly noticed that it was nighttime.  Figuring that the coordinate was far away, he had not thought that he would go to the other side of the planet.  Turning to see where he was at, he glanced, as the moon, which was shining dully through a soft cloud cover, lightly outlined many metallic objects.  Stepping forward, Nemo looked behind him, and could hear the breathing of Yoru and Tsuki.  Seeing that they were in place, He walked forward towards a point where two of the objects formed alongside each other, almost like a canyon.  Looking to inspect one of them, he recognized it as a ship.  Looking farther forward, he also quickly noticed that there were in the process of being built.  Everything around him, the countless and countless things, was parts of huge and monstrous ships.  Chains, motors, gears, pipes, siding, boards, dangling suspension systems; the whole place was like a huge jungle gym, built into a maze.  At any turn or corner, Viktor's men could be hiding.

            Seeing that no one was coming to meet him Nemo called out, "HELLOOO?!"

            Listening to the echo, as it ricocheted off of the hulls and the large objects, Nemo stepped farther forward.  The entire area was ominously dark...not a single light anywhere, nor even a faint breeze. 

            Keeping all of his senses keen, he would prick his ears back and forth, while quickly looking around to see any movement.

            Sniffing a whiff of the air, Nemo could smell salt, and easily recognized the fact that he, wherever he was, was next to the ocean.  That would make sense, since who ever was building the ships, were building them next to the ocean.  But Nemo also knew that he was hundreds of yards above the water.  The platforms and system of layers were built extremely far down, so that the boats could be worked on, from the bottom up and then from the back to the front.  What he saw, was the last lip of the top of the boat.  He imagined that the boats were at different stages of building.

            Turning to face a particular area, Nemo turned around to face from the place he had teleported from.  Maybe he had taken too long to get ready, and the person had already left.

            "Welcome," Boomed a voice.  Jumping in surprise, Nemo quickly regained his posture.  Trying to pin-point it, Nemo realized that it was hard, seeing that it was echoing off of everything.  "I have been waiting for you for awhile."

            Nemo yelled out defensively, trying to make him think that Nemo had come alone, "I had to pick up supplies."

            "Bah," boomed the deep voice.  "Supplies to fight, or force one's way no doubt.  But seeing that you have lost your precious HQ, I will understand that you trust no one."

            Suddenly folding from the shadows, a dog stepped forward.  Nearly less than five feet from Nemo, the dog had come out of nowhere.  The dog had a large build and stood at least twice the size of Nemo when he was walking on all four paws.  Though it was hard to tell, the fur coat of the dog was a brown-blackish color, hinting the reason why the name was Cocoabean.

            Holding back his surprise, Nemo looked the dog over, while trying to decide if it meant harm or good.

            "Seeing that you will not trust me, I shall give you two tests of my trustworthiness."

            "Tests," asked Nemo?

            "Yes.  The first shall be a simple.  You have to find me, once I hide.  The second, I shall wait to tell you, once you have completed my first test."

            "What does finding YOU have to do with making me trust you?" Nemo did not understand all that was happening.

            "You shall see, my friend.  You may have been in the dark, and played games with enemies in the dark, but today you shall fear me...and know that I have MANY opportunities to destroy you if I had wanted too.

            Turning he began to walk away, "While you're at it," he called back with his slightly English accented voice, "You can tell those two outposts of yours to leave.  I did tell you to come alone, did I not?"

            Nemo gasped.  How had he known about them? No amount of technology that he knew of, could detect them while they were hidden and the dog had done it without any....unless he had men standing by, but even then it was impossible.

            "What does this have to do with VIKTOR?" Nemo called.

            "Patience Nemo," the dog barked.  "I have heard of you and want to test YOUR ability.  I am prideful about my skills, but rumor has it that you are powerful.  I love getting some exercise, you must understand."

            Disappearing once more into the folds of the shadows of the night, the dog called back, "You have half an hour to find me.  If you do not find me, it does not matter; we shall continue with the next test, if you find me before or at the time, then truly you are better than I am."

            Great, thought Nemo, a game of hide and go seek. 

            Echoing once more, as his voice had done earlier, the dog called back, "We will start once your comrades leave."

            Turning his com-unit on, he paged to Tsuki and Yoru to leave.  Seeing that they had heard the whole conversation Tsuki hissed, "Be careful Nemo; this is a dog after all."

            Paging to Rebecca, she quickly opened the portal.  "I want you guys to still stand by, in case of difficulties.  Alright?!"

            Everyone agreed.  Turning from the blinding light, Yoru and Tsuki disappeared and were sucked away as Nemo was left alone on the huge docking bay.

            Apparently it was not going to be a good ol' mission with his team.  He had to deal with this dog by himself.  And obviously the dog had a few tricks up his sleeve.

            Seeing that Tsuki and Yoru were gone, Nemo turned around.  It was obvious that it was going to be an interesting battle, though blows would not be exchanged.  It would rather be a battle of speed and intelligence...relying upon the dark and the many surrounding objects. 

            Slightly flexing his muscles, Nemo glanced around him preparing himself for whatever was in the incoming test.

            "BEGIN," Yelled the dog. 

            Dashing forward, Nemo, while running reached into his belt and grabbed portable suction cups.   Quickly putting them on, by stopping, Nemo jumped to the side of the ship and began to climb up.  Not looking down, seeing as to the fact that the ship was supported by several pillars that came from the side of the huge bay, holding and supporting it up, the down below was all the way to the bottom.  If he was to fall, he would definitely die. 

            Jumping the last of the way up, Nemo turned towards the deck and looked around him.  He had thought that he had heard the dog in this direction.

            Leaping forward, he quickly grabbed onto one of the poles and climbed onto the next level of the ship.  Turning around to see if he could see the dog, he jumped in surprise as he heard the dog’s voice behind him.  "Truly you are slow."

            Nemo ran forward, grabbing from his belt a small light bomb.  Throwing it at the ground, in the direction of where he heard the dog, Nemo ran forward as it flashed and temporarily lighted a small area.  Running into one of the overhanging alcoves, Nemo only saw a small tape recorder and a cord leading off to another direction.  Looking in the direction of the cord, It disappeared into the dark and Nemo could not see where it lead to.  As the light quickly faded, Nemo looked wildly around.  He knew the dog could be anywhere.  If the dog could sneak up on him, like he had when Nemo first saw him, then he was a dangerous match.    Latching onto a rope, which extending itself down from the next level of the deck, Nemo climbed to it.  Landing on the top, he looked around and using the light of the moon could see far into the distance.  The ocean was so beautiful.  Behind him was a layer of mountains that led down to the shore, of which the shipyard was built out from the side of the mountain.  It truly was huge. 

            Seeing that there were several more layers to the ship, Nemo looked around at the lower ones, hoping that they would reveal the dog, slinking around.  But even with the faint moonlight, it was hard to see the lower decks.

            To Nemo's surprise the dog landed next to him.  "HA ha!," the dog called as it tore across the wooden deck. Hearing its feet hit the ground, Nemo followed quickly behind, in the dark.  Jumping forward the dog suddenly leapt the huge distance, from this layer to the lower one.  Nemo screeched to a halt.   That was definitely too far for him to jump, even the dog should have broken something. 

            Reaching into his belt, Nemo pulled out a packet that contained a mixture of grease and oil.   Throwing it where the dog had landed, Nemo then jumped by grabbing with his claws, onto the rope and swinging back and forth, shimming his ay quickly down, until he landed onto the secondary main deck.  Looking around, to see where he had thrown the packet, hoping that it would have apprehended and made the dog slip and fall to his feet, Nemo came to where it landed and saw no struggling slipping marks.

            "Blast it."  Turning around, Nemo could not see where the dog had gone.  The darkness was obviously hiding the dark furred creature.

            "You are a disappointment Nemo," called the dog. 

            Nemo ran forward, figuring where the dog's voice had come from, and met another tape recorder.  Kicking it to the side, Nemo growled.  This was becoming a game of tricks and foolery.

            Suddenly he heard the patter of the dogs’ feet on the deck.  Chasing after the sound, Nemo suddenly latched his claws into the wood.  Screeching to a halt, Nemo gasped desperately as he had almost gone over the edge.  The ship was not completed and he had almost run over the side where the rest of the ship was waiting to be built.                 

            Looking across the framework, Nemo stepped back, as to the fact that he did not want to go out there.  Turning his gaze back behind him, he saw a glimpse of the dog take off in another direction.  Running after him, Nemo jumped over to the next layer, as the dog effortlessly and carelessly leapt.  Landing onto a piece of ship siding, which had been placed on the deck by the workers, Nemo desperately tried catching his balance as he slid uncontrollably back.  Reaching for seams or screws in the huge haul, Nemo only found slick surfaces.  Curving down, he was suddenly thrown onto the bottom deck; the layer that he had started at.   Flung at the ground, Nemo groaned.  Wincing from the pain, he rolled over onto his stomach and suddenly lurched as he saw that he was hanging precariously on one of the boards that were placed across the framework of the lower parts of the ship.  Trying to minimize his size, he scrambled to the center of the board.  Looking around him, he suddenly jumped in surprise, as the dog was hanging from a chain that dangled down above him.  For the first time since Nemo began this chase, he got a full look at the dog.  Fully decked out in gear and equipment, the dog smiled as Nemo recognized the slight glow from the heat seeking goggles. 

            Forgetting that he was on a board that dangled over a thousand or so foot drop, Nemo reached into his belt and grabbed a sticky bomb.  Throwing it at the dog, the dog suddenly lurched from the chain and once again disappeared. 

            Exploding onto the chain, the bomb hit nothing and threw a substance that gooed up and froze anything in a goop.  "Blast," Nemo cursed.  "This dog is slippery."

            Grabbing the last accessory that Nemo had not used, Nemo swung the tackle around and around.  Throwing it on a board that was over head, Nemo tugged on the rope to make sure that is was secure.  Swinging over to the completed deck, Nemo scrambled forward.

            Seeing faint movement ahead, Nemo ran after it, much more wisely than he had done before.   Kicking off the side of the ship, He landed onto the railing.  Grabbing one of the cranes balls that were hanging, Nemo pulled it off of the railing and swung wildly over to the next ship.  Jumping off, just before it hit the side, Nemo rolled to a stop.  To his satisfaction, the dog was there. 

            "Good job Nemo...but you are not fast enough, nor could you follow me quickly from ship to ship.  Suddenly the dog seemed to jump and was back onto the other ship.

            "No WAY," Nemo said exhaustedly.  "This is going to take a lot of energy.  The dog keeps moving from ship to ship to avoid me."  He knew this could take hours…which was time that he did not have.

            Looking in the direction of where the dog might have landed, Nemo scowled.  Who was this dog?   Seeing the fact the dog was using the new and improved HQ goggles, he must have some association with it, or with Viktor.  Nemo had to capture this dog, so he could discover the dogs secrets.  If he waited for the half hour to get over, the dog would not probably say anything.

            Suddenly Nemo was temporarily pelted and rained on by a weird substance.  Spitting and raking his tongue, Nemo quickly dislodged the shreds from it.  Brushing his fur, he began to smack his tongue to the top of his mouth, but quickly recognized the substance as iron filings.  Turning his direction in the sound of something hitting the deck, Nemo dashed forward.  Finding a pole, he shimmied up to the next layer, where the dog was.  Standing he looked over at Nemo.  "You are boring me.  This game is not fun."

            Looking casually at the dog, Nemo's eyes rested on a strange attachment to the dog’s right paw.  Carefully looking up, as if not to alarm the dog to him seeing it, Nemo smiled adjacently to the dog.  "You are confident," Said Nemo, "but someone just has better toys."  Running forward, in the direction of the dog, it did not wait for Nemo to get close and once again blasted himself towards the next boat.   One step ahead of him, Nemo grabed one of the chains attached to the side of the boat and unattached it and swung it, empty, towards where the dog had blasted off.   Because the force of the throw was faster than the dog was landing, the chain swung by him, and knocked him to the ground.  Jumping onto another chain that was close at hand, Nemo swung over to the where the dog had landed. 

            Yes, he thought I have defeated him.

            Slowly getting up, as Nemo landed onto the ship, the dog grimaced from pain, but smiled.  "Interesting," he said to himself.  "The player is an intellectual; quite contrary to the reports I had heard....Time to change strategies."

            "Game's over Cocoabean," Nemo challenged to the dog.

            "Not so friend.  You have fifteen minutes to catch me.  I can still walk."  Pulling the unit from his paw, onto the ground, Nemo saw it sizzle.  Obviously the unit had gotten damaged in the blow. 

            Smiling at it, Nemo was glad that it was out of commission.  The dog was shooting or throwing iron metal filings, and using a focused electric magnet to yank himself after the filings.  The dog could also shoot himself from metal object to metal object.  With that peice of equipemtn out of the picture, this shipyard, of which is full of so much metal equipment, would not be as bad to fight in.

            "You think that all of my strategies lie in one piece of equipment...You are wrong."  Once again the dog took off around a corner and disappeared into the dark. 

            Nemo rolled his eyes in frustration.  This game was getting tiring.  Running after him, Nemo rounded the corner and ran into a huge web of strings.  Recognizing the string as the one that the dog had had attached to the first and second tape-recorder, Nemo's ears pricked up as voices all over the deck, on both ships started to play and continuously play.  Distracting him, Nemo could hear nothing but the dog's voice all over the whole shipyard.  Looking forward, to where the dog had run, Nemo only saw darkness.  Completely tangled in the strings, Nemo bit and clawed at the thin thread, until he finally freed himself. 

            So this is how the dog was controlling the tape recorders.  Looking forward again, Nemo dashed through the rest of the maze of strings.  Coming to the backside of the first ship that Nemo had been on, Nemo once again cringed as he was heading towards the empty framework of the ship.  Looking out across the chasm, more strings were pulled and strung across the vacant space.          

            What is this dog?  Nemo sighed as he could not see the dog anywhere, and was obviously at a dead end.  Trying to ignore all of the voices that were blasting all over, Nemo scrunched his eyes closed.  He could not think with all of the noise.

            Suddenly from behind Nemo felt a stir of wind. Spinning around, He came face to face with he dog. 

            "Your focus on blocking things from distracting you is horrible."

            Nemo cringed, as he realized that, just like the dog had said, there was multiple times for him to take Nemo down and destroy him.   The dog was obviously trustworthy...or at lest to a point.  He could want to trick Nemo into trusting him and leading him to the Prince.


            Suddenly, as Nemo stared at the dog, his mind was engulfed with thousands of images.  Clutching his head, he yelled as they tore madly into every corridor of his mind, every crack and hole. 

            As quick as it had started, the images suddenly stopped.

            "See what I mean," said the dog.  "Your very mind is not disciplined."

            "You mean," stuttered Nemo, "you just did that to me," he asked while trying to regain his balance.

            The dog smiled and motioned towards a small machine that he was standing by.  "There is one of these machines every fifty feet throughout the whole shipyard.  At my command they turn on, and throw just basically chaos into your mind.  Vibrating the air, the wavelength tears into anyone in its paths head, creating a mini reciever for every signal in the whole world into your head, but unlike you, it does not bother me.  I can see you and reacte to you, even with the utmost distractions like this."

            Smiling at Nemo, the dog stepped back carefully.  "Nemo you could be powerful if you could just focus...for the most part you were a worthy player...but I Hope you have fun for the last few minutes of this game.  I promise that you will not win."

            Just as quick as the first attack came, Nemo was blasted in his mind.  Tearing to the very surface of his entire body, Nemo was lost deep into the images and the sounds; all of the signals fighting to be in his mind.  Reaching towards his head Nemo rolled onto the ground, as he struggled to even just think.  All he could hear was chaos, all he could see was chaos and all he could feel and think was chaos.  Writhing on the ground, Nemo tried to grasp onto any thought, just any thing to focus and keep his mind away from everything that demands his attention.

            As the reception tore at his mind, they began to chip away at the back of Nemo's mind.  Releasing a small and powerful thought, Nemo cringed and suddenly took a deep breath, as he realized that he was not breathing due to the shock.  Slowly opening his eyes, they darted back and forth from real life to what was in his head.  Shaking involuntarily, Nemo pushed himself to his feet.  Trying to focus on that distant thought that had been set free, Nemo convulsed as he stepped forward.  Holding onto his stomach, his mind was beginning to feel dizzy.

            "No...." Nemo whispered in his head,".....I....cannot submit." 

            Brushing his conscious mind, the one thought began to surface amidst the chaos.  What it was Nemo did not know, but it was helping him see more and more clearly.  Ignoring more and more of the barrage, Nemo took a staggering step towards the dog.

            "This is not possible; no one can learn to master oneself in such a short time," shouted the dog.

            Gaining another step, Nemo stepped up his pace.  keep focusing on the thought, as it flashed in and out of his conscious mind,  he held his paw forward, and began to go faster.

            Stepping back in surprise the dog did not know what to think, so it took off, as it had always done.  "Maybe," the dog thought to itself, "this Nemo is even more powerful than they have said."  Leaping forward, the dog knocked the barrel that he had set up to fall onto all of the strings to turn on all of the mind scrambler machines.  Whirring and whining started all over.  Turning around the dog called out in surprise.    Beginning to run at full speed, the dog jumped over the side of the ship and landed craftily on top of one of the uninstalled motors.  Turning to look at Nemo he breathed out in surprise, "No way!"

            Stepping on the railing, a sudden breeze, blowing the redeeming breath of fresh air blasted throughout the whole shipyard.  Grasping onto that wind, Nemo's mind suddenly stopped spinning like a carousel, and seemed to catch mid frame of action.  Grass was I mid blowing, flowers bending, and little dandelion seeds stuck in the air....frozen in time.  "What is this place, Nemo asked?"  Taking a step forward his mind blasted onto a memory.  Feeling the breeze of the air, the blast of a jump, the spin of the…the....the SPEED....the exileration!!!

            Staring down, Nemo breathed deeply and looked around the dark shipyard.  Invigorated and more awake and alive then he had ever been he looked directly at the dog, with no hints of searching. 

            When the dog saw Nemo look at him, he suddenly knew the game was over.

            Jumping from his position, Nemo jumped into the air....hundreds and hundreds of feet.  Laughing he breathed in deeply the thin air, as he fell quickly back down.  Incredible he called.  It has been YEARS....since before he could remember, since he could run this fast.  This returned skill seemed to invigorate the past desire to want the past back.  Landing on the ground, Nemo saw the dog running, dodging back and froth as it had always done.  Running forward, Nemo jumped over engines, ship parts and several other things. Blasting himself off of everything and using it as leverage, he almost seemed to fly.  Nemo was going faster than the dog had ever imagined possible, that a living creature could move without aid.  Crossing the last of the plank, Nemo blasted into eh dog, and rolled him to a halt, up against one of the ship hauls pieces.  Pinning his neck in a cross block and using his knee to pin his stomach, Nemo looked down at the dog in anticipation.  "Game is over."

            Reluctant, but knowing that he had no chance to defeat Nemo, the dog reached towards a belt that he was wearing and pushed a button.  As if in sequence, sections of lights turned on, part by part, lighting up the whole shipyard.  Also at the same time all of the mind scramblers turned off.

            Letting the dog slid to the ground, the dog sighed and relaxed, messaging his chest where Nemo had kneed him.  The battle was over before he knew it.  Nemo truly was more powerful than he had ever imagined.