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------------------------TEAMCLAW EPISODE IV PART 2-----------------


"I told you," began Nemo but was cut off by Rebecca.

            "Come on Nemo, let us go and pick it up!"   Nemo looked at Rebecca as if to say 'what is your problem.'  She was very determined about going.  "Besides," she added in, "What are you going to do with your free time now that you no longer have HQ?"

            Nemo thought for a second.  She was right; he no longer had missions, and despite the battle that he had just had earlier that night, he was tired of being cooped up the house for the past week.  Turning to look at his two younger agents, who held pleading concerns in their eyes, Nemo sighed.  "What does it entail doing?  Because if we leave now, it is almost sunrise and the humans will already be busy at work at the post office?" 

            Looking at one of the clocks that were hanging on the wall Rebecca frowned, but then reached into her pocket and pulled out the device that she had used earlier to read the e-mail.  Smiling she read to Nemo, "Actually that clock is incorrect; it is three o' clock."

            Nemo glanced back up at the clock and noticed that the secondhand was not moving.  Indeed, the battery must have died at five o' clock yesterday.  He was too busy cleaning that he did not have a chance to notice that the battery was dead.

            Turning to Tsuki and Yoru, deciding what he was going to do, Nemo commanded, "Tsuki and Yoru, I want you to investigate the supposed object that Tsuki found on her sonar scanner.  I want it confirmed.  If it is some kind of cave, or some other thing, then I want you to use our equipment and dig down to it and get it ready for our return."

            "How long will you be gone Nemo," Asked Tsuki?

            "An hour at most," Nemo decided.

            "AN HOUR," whined Yoru, "That is impossible.  To dig a hole that far down!!!?”

            "No complaining," Nemo commanded.  Turning back to Rebecca he asked, "So how are we going to get there?"

            Pulling from her pocket, a device that looked similar to the puzzle cube that Nemo had solved, except the dimensions were the size of a playing card, just much thicker, she began to push the buttons down in sequences and slide them to different parts of the pad.  "The unit that I recovered from your storage facility is one of the older models that were used by our people.  I had to shrink mine down so I would not have to carry as much, seeing that I was always on the run."

            Holding it up for Nemo to see, she completed the last of her sequence.  Glowing brightly, the entire card flashed and whiped a wave of hot air into the room.  Throwing several papers that were stacked on shelves, which were lined across the back wall, and thrashing the blankets in the clothes baskets, and kicking up the dust from off of the hidden areas of the room, the wind swirled around into a point and opened up into a brightly lit slit.

            This isn't a matter teleporter, Nemo thought to himself.  This technology is of a much higher caliber. 

            Deciding to himself, Nemo had to get himself a little more prepared than he was.  They were going on an infiltration mission and Nemo wanted not to be surprised.  Realizing that the last mission, where Viktor was tracking him and his team, had almost killed him because he had not been prepared enough.          

            Running over to a secondary closet, he called to Rebecca to wait.  Pulling the paneling of the wall aside, he pulled a lever and watched as the drywall sucked out in a twist.  Reaching into the tiny compartment, he grabbed several things that might be useful, just in case they encounter either a human, or a member of Viktor's evil groups. 

            Quickly closing the panel, his eyes glanced across the sword that he knew now was his.  Should he or should he not bring it.  Turning back to Rebecca, who was waiting for him so that they could go through, Nemo knew that if he did bring it, that it would be a major hindrance....after all they are only going to pick up a package.  Putting on the belt that he had pulled from the small compartment, he ran up next to Rebecca.  "Ok," he said in final comment to Tsuki and Yoru, "we are going to leave and I want you to find that information out."

            They both saluted, though Yoru did it sarcastically and was obviously sassing.  Nemo figured that he was tired from digging all of the junk out from the huge underground closet, and putting it back ,but all they had to do was find the digging equipment, of which as many of the things that they had either forgotten or lost, was now found and sorted together.

            Also calling a command, Rebecca requested, "Make sure to watch the Prince.  Guard him with your life."  She turned and with Nemo at her side they vanished into the portal.

            Blasting along, Nemo called out in surprise as light on all sides of him, tore at his eyes and his body.  Throwing them along a current of blasting air, they were tossed forward and suddenly dropped into a dark tear in the light. 

            Blinking several times, Nemo realized that he was sitting on hard ground. Turning to look at where he was, as his eyes adjusted to the dark, he noticed that he was no longer in the basement.  If the teleporter worked, he must be at the post office.  And if he is at the post office, then the technology that Rebecca has is much MUCH more advanced than the things that he used.    

            Startling Nemo, a voice cut through the silence, "Nemo, are you there."  Turning towards the voice, Nemo saw that he was sitting next to Rebecca.

            "Are we where we are supposed to be," asked Nemo? 

            As the heat waves from the teleporter wore off, Rebecca started to shiver.  The room they had landed in was completely frozen over.  Blowing out breathes of cold air, she turned to Nemo and was hesitant, "I don't know..."

            Standing up, Nemo crept carefully over to a bin that was lying on the floor close at hand.  Because it was covered in ice, even with Nemo's cat ability to see in the dark, he could not read what was written on it.  Pulling from his belt a flashlight, He turned it towards the container and turned it on.  Squinting from the reflection that shown off of the ice that covered it, he faintly made out the words, "Property of the U.S. mail."

            "This is it," he called to Rebecca, "This says it is owned by the mail company, so this must be the post office."  Sweeping his flashlight across the room, it revealed the entire back room of the post office that Rebecca had teleported them to. 

            "What happened here," Rebecca asked aloud, seeing that everything had been iced over?  

            Shrugging his shoulders, Nemo looked over his shoulder.  "So where is this package that they were sending you?"

            Hesitant, as she was still confused at why there was ice everywhere, she looked across the many boxes, bins, conveyer belts, sorting tables and chutes.  Glancing across the names that were written on some of the bins, she saw one with the word 'mail returns' and walked over to it.  "It should be in this one," she called out.  "They were sending it to a fake address, which it would register as that by the post office, so they would have to hold it overnight so they could mail it back to the sender."   Reaching into the rolling bin, she began to break away at the ice. 

            As she worked on that, Nemo glanced around again.  Listening to a faint patter, he quickly turned his attention to where a noise was coming from.  Walking up to a particular package, it got louder, so he glanced for a label but found none. Listening to the noise, through the box and the ice, it sounded like something was struggling.  Reaching to his belt, Nemo put the flash light away, grabbed a short laser pen and turned it on.  Pushing the button, he turned the temperature of the beam up and circled it around on the box.  He wanted to know what was making the noise. 

            Suddenly, in an explosion of ice and cardboard, Nemo barely had time to step back and avoid the attack of a fiery flying sword.

            Glancing up from her work of chiseling at the ice, Rebecca squinted in the dark and turned to try to see the figure that stood a couple feet from Nemo.  Defiantly holding a sword, a small cat stood poised.  Without expectant warning, the cat streaked towards Nemo.  Using the techniques that had saved him earlier, with the men from HQ, Nemo rolled back, using the force of the cats charge, and sent it flying back towards Rebecca.  Catching itself from twirling, it dashed the sharp end of its blade at Rebecca.  Fumbling, she reached for her sword and half heartedly had time to defect the barrage of attacks. Unfortunately, the unexpected attack and the force of the blows caused her to drop her sword.  Clanking somewhere out of sight, Rebecca could not see where her sword had gone.  Landing behind Rebecca, the cat stood once more waiting.  Like a wild animal that had been caged up, it waited for any sudden movement.  Who was this cat, Nemo wondered?  Was this whole thing a trap?

            Turning its wild gaze across the room, it fell upon Nemo and the cat tilted her head and once againt blazed like a bullet to attack.   Jumping to the side, Nemo avoided the attack, but barely had time as the cat advanced towards Nemo much faster and with added skills.

            "What do you want," Nemo called out?

            Without answering the cat struck towards nemo, as he rolled to the side, and then pulled himself back as the cat struck again.  Clanging against the ground, Nemo heard the sword hit.  Turning, he scrambled across the ice to a reasonable distance, but turned around to not see the cat there.      

            "Great," he mumbled. "Rebecca, who is this," Nemo asked, while keeping his eyes on his surroundings.

            "I don't know," she admitted, “it is too dark."

            Suddenly a box flew from Nemo's right.  Jumping up, Nemo relayed off the side of a sorting table that was close at hand and spun around to land several feet from the box.  When the box hit the ground it exploded.  Causing the whole building to shudder, Nemo caught his balance from the gust from the box, but suddenly had to gasp for air as the entire room was engulfed in more frigid temperatures.  Getting harder to breath, Nemo began to feel cold.  His fur coat, for the most part had protected him up to this point.  Looking over at Rebecca, since he was a cat and for the most part could see in the dark, Nemo saw that she was getting colder and her frail clothes were not keeping her that warm.  Rebecca did not have the advantage of having fur.           

            Turning his eyes back to look around the room, Nemo had a sudden thought.  Weaving through the many things that were in the room, Nemo ran to the wall that contained the light switch.  Figuring that most switches are right next to doors, Nemo ran for the door.  Seeing the glow of an exit sign, he ran harder, jumped up and swung at the switch.  Flashing on slowly, the florescent bulbs, which were contained in long bulky hanging light units, turned on.  But consequently, Nemo turned around to see three more mid-size boxes titeer from the table’s tops.  Dropping one, the box exploded and once again the whole building shuddered.  In consequence, the other two boxes fell and also blasted more gusts of freezing air. 

             Busting from the extreme cold, all but one of the florescent lights shattered in huge volleying explosions.  Tinkling all around him, Nemo tried to keep his focus and his attention on the whole room.  Standing in the isle way Nemo's teeth chattered uncontrollably together.  The coldness in the room had decreased so low, that Nemo was having a hard time moving. 

            Stepping out from the shadows, the small cat, held her sword forward, unaffected by the cold.  Stepping across the completely frozen ground, a slight mist filled the air as the warm currents met with the cold and lapped up around its feet.  Standing underneath the only light that was left, Nemo shuddered as her sword gleamed in the light.  This cat was good, and whatever her purposes for attacking them were, he and Rebecca would get no say in it.

              Moaning, Nemo saw Rebecca behind the cat on the ground, curled up from the cold.  But since she has a very strong will, she opened her eyes and struggled to look up.  While her eyes watered and the cold took the breath from her lungs she squinted at the cat and painfully stood up.  Now, Nemo decided, they had the small cat surrounded. 

            Being able to finally see the cat clearly, Rebecca gasped, but coughed instead.  "Sakura," Rebecca called out in surprise?  Looking forward, Rebecca tried to get a good look at the small cat just to make sure.

            "Sakura is no longer my name," the cat said distastefully.  "My name is Nesbit the destroyer, and you both will die by my hands this night."

            Nemo had to put an end to this.  Reaching towards his belt Nemo grabbed something from it.  Turning his eyes on Rebecca's sword, of which when Rebecca had dropped it, it had slid underneath one of the bins, Nemo knew that was their only hope.

            Though half his body was now half frozen, Nemo swung his hand up and pushed a button. Shooting a claw and a cable to the opposite wall, in-between the cat named Sakura’s legs; Nemo pushed another button as it attached itself to the wall.  Yanking Nemo across the room, the small machine slid Nemo across the room, in a spilt second, knocking Sakura over.  Spinning around, Nemo craftily picked up the sword and held it forward.  Stepping up from behind Rebecca he asked her, as Sakura was recovering from her fall.  "Is this a friend?"

            "Yes..." Rebecca struggled to say while shivering.  "She is one of us, but had also missed the gate.  During my wanderings I found her, but she unexpectedly disappeared.  When I last saw her, she was nothing like this."

            "I see," said Nemo.  Turning his gaze back at the cat, he held his attention forward.  Maybe she had been captured by Viktor and Tenalt...and if that was true, Nemo decided, then she was being controlled. 

Remembering back to older missions, Viktor and Tenalt, whenever they took over someone’s mind, they stuck a chip right behind their ear.  Though it was stupid that this was the only thing that Viktor had planted to apprehend them, Nemo decided the ear as his focal point. 

Holding his sword down in ready position, as Sakura took her sword into position as well, Nemo waited.  Standing at a stall, neither cat wanted to move from there position; both were unsure of the capability to take the other on in a fight. 

            Getting tired of waiting, Sakura dashed forward impatiently and struck at Nemo.  Having memories come naturally to his attack, Nemo knocked the sword aside.  As the force of the thrust had sent Sakura forward, she was knocked off balance from Nemo blocking her sword to the side.  Smashing into Nemo, as Nemo had planed, he gained his balance, quickly hit the back of her paw, making her drop her sword, and then quickly struck her to the ground with her face to the floor.  Holding her in a pin, Nemo quickly glanced to where he thought the chip should be and called out in his successful discovery.  Looking up to Rebecca, she had fallen over and was lying on one of the tables; the cold was getting to her and if he did not get her out, she would die.  Reaching towards his belt, Nemo grabbed a knife, and treating the chip like a tick, he peeled it from the top down.

            Screaming, Sakura angrily yelled, "NO!  I will defeat you and...and...and."  As she trailed off, she grew quiet.  Carefully getting off of her, Nemo kicked her sword away, and just to be safe, held his sword at her.

            "Ouch," she mumbled, while turning over onto her back.  Wiggling her noise, she massaged it, as Nemo realized that he had smashed it into the ground when he had pinned her. 

            Seeing that she did not look a threat, he tossed Rebecca's sword aside and walked to the cat’s side.  Jumping in surprise, the cat looked up at Nemo, “Whoa....I feel real strange."

            Reaching down, Nemo helped her up.  "It is all right Sakura.  You have had your mind being controlled for a long time, so it will take several weeks for your full memory to come back."

            "Controlled,” She asked?  “I am an assassin and I am supposed to kill anyone that came in here tonight, except for a young boy, but I no longer feel anger towards anyone...I no longer want to carry out my master's wishes."  Nemo smiled.   Whenever he had to face Viktor and Tenalt’s assassins, he discovered real quickly that he could not kill them.  They were normal animals that were innocent from any fallacy. 

            "Yes, it will take several weeks for you to remember all of the memories that have been suppressed by the chip."  Looking back to Rebecca, he knew that he had to get her out here...but they had not found the package yet.

            Turning to the bin that she had been working on earlier, he left Sakura sitting on the ground, jumped in and quickly glanced across the labels.  Pulling out the laser pen, he turned the temperature down, just enough to melt the ice that was immediately around the boxes, and began to cut at the top layer.  Throwing the boxes aside, he quickly made it to the bottom.  Finally he ran into a box that had Rebecca as the receiver.  "This must be it," Nemo said aloud to himself.  Lifting the heavy box, he tossed it out, with a heave, and then jumped out after it.  Pushing it next to Sakura, he ran over to Rebecca and after seeing that she was unconscious, he reached carefully into her pocket and pulled out the teleporter device in her pocket.

            “You are real cool,” stated Sakura.  “I want to be exactly like you when I get older.”  Nemo glanced over at her and rolled his eyes.

            “Shh,” he hissed, “I’ve got to think real hard, so don’t distract me.” She smiled and held her paws to her mouth, as to acknowledge her compliance.

            Holding the unit forward, Nemo tried to think about how to use it.  Memories were distant and he had a hard time trying to think of any of them.  Hesitantly pushing and pulling the buttons, he suddenly had a breeze of inspiration and Nemo coordinated the colors into a certain pattern.   Flashing to life, like it had done earlier, the entire room was engulfed in a warm wind.  Quickly raising the temperature and melting all of the ice, Nemo walked over to Sakura.  Figuring that he couldn't leave her here he said, “Go through the door.  I promise everything will be ok."

            She smiled playfully, "OK," she said.  Getting up she stretched her whole body, shook herself, and then she jumped into the opening and was gone.  Nemo couldn't help but notice that she was a totally different person; just as Rebecca had said. 

            Walking over to Rebecca, who was slowly recovering, Nemo jumped up onto the table and batted her face.  Stirring, she moaned and held her arm to her forehead.  Batting Rebecca's face again, she opened her eyes and immediately stood up.  "What happened?"  Looking around and seeing the teleport open, she lost her balance and grasped the table.  Glancing around, she saw that Nemo was on the table right next to her, and tilted her brow in question as to what happened.

            "You went unconscious because of the extreme cold,” Nemo explained to her.

            She glanced dazedly around.  "Really?  Because I feel very exhausted and tired."  Seeing the package on the ground that Nemo had dug up, she recognized her name,  reached for it and picked it up.  Yawning, she mumbled to Nemo,

"I'm guessing you defeated that cat?"

            Nemo grinned, "Something like that." 

            "Well, seeing that almost everything is back to normal, we'll leave the rest of the mess to the post office."  Walking through the door zigzaggedly, she instantly disappeared.  It was going to take her hours of deep sleep to recover from the freezing cold that had knocked her out. 

            Taking one last glance across the room, Nemo was anxious to go home.  Getting ready to jump through, he gasped as he had forgotten the swords.  Nemo ran over to Rebecca's and picked it up.  Though it was built for her size, it had not been any bother for him to use it when he had blocked Sakura's last attack.  Thinking about picking up Sakura’s sword, he began to walk to it, but stopped because he heard a noise.

            Turning to the portal,as to see what the noises were, he gasped in surprise as several boxes somehow had moved all over the floor in a strange pattern.  Listening, Nemo heard no further movement.  Perhaps the boxes were rigged.  Walking carefully forward, he passed one of them.  Making it passed, he sighed.  He could have sworn that these boxes had not been here before, but he was tired and had had a very long night; he was probably imagining the whole thing.  Relaxing, he made once more to get Sakura’s sword.  Holding the teleporter unit in one hand and the sword in the other, he walked towards the teleporter hole casually, which the young cat’s sword was right next to it.

            Halfway through the midst of the boxes, Nemo suddenly stopped.  Hearing clicking and whirring, he held the sword out.  Noises were noises coming from the boxes, and Nemo was not sure that he wanted to know what WAS in them.   Suddenly a small mechanical tentacle hand dashed out to attack Nemo.  Grasping the hilt of the sword Nemo leaned back and let it graze across the side of the sword as the hand had been a shot to hit Nemo.  Jumping back, several more hands lunged out from the boxes; like strings of noodles, they all lashed but found only the side of the sword.  Starting to feel anticipation, Nemo's mind began to brim with thousands of memories.  Technique upon technique exploded into his mid as all of the boxes stood up on legs, which were just like the hands, and caused them to lung forward.  Smiling, Nemo recognized the creatures as the robot that Viktor had designed and used on him during the battle at the power plant.  Nemo had thus forgotten to pick up Sakura’s sword.

            Pulling further upon his mind Nemo dashed back and slashed off one of the hands and turned to slash the sword into one of the boxes.  Scattering like roaches, the robots watched their ally.  Pulling all of its arms in, like a shot rubber band, it clicked and began to whine loudly.  Nemo opened his eyes wildly in fear, as he quickly jumped away.  Swinging off of a hanging light he twirled around as the robot that he had stabbed exploded.  Exploding robots must have been Viktor's new feature he added to them.  Singing his fur and throwing shrapnel into the air, Nemo stepped back from the flames, as the rest of the robots slinked there hands all over, lifting themselves off of the tables, bins, lights and everything they could prop themselves on.  Like octopuses, they launched into attack.  Their only purpose was to kill Nemo. 

Swinging his sword up, Nemo deflected one of the robots, while he parried an attack at his feet.  Jumping up, through the midst of swinging claws and machines, Nemo rolled to a stop on the ground.  Glancing across the tiled floor, he knew that he was in trouble.  Clicking and whirring, the little machines all tilted their heads back and forth, glaring their little red LED lights at Nemo, as the fact that the explosion from the robot Nemo had stabbed, had burned the boxes all off.  Revealed as they were, Nemo could see their features, as they turned and analyzed the room. 

            "Personally," Nemo yelled out, "You guys looked much prettier with the boxes on."  Running forward he instantaneously stabbed and slashed three of the robots.  Jumping over one of the tables, he blocked several more attacks that were extended out, and quickly hid behind the table and waited as he heard the whining from the stabbed robots start to wind up.  Blasting in succession, the robots blew up and the force of the explosion threw the table forward, ripping it from the ground and tossing it against the one next to it.  Bracing himself on the ground, Nemo knew that he was going to have a hard time.  His only hope was to defeat the dozens and dozens of creatures, or at least take as many down as he could and run through the teleporter door, of which was still open. 

            Viktor was desperate and obviously wanted to take Nemo down...and knowing Viktor he probably had men close at hand to run through the gateway and apprehend Rebecca and the Prince; which would catch them unaware.