Thanksgiving Webquest

1.  Worksheet Questions: Click here to find the worksheet questions and print them off so you can answer the questions as you read the Thanksgiving Story.

2.  Click here to read the Thanksgiving Story. Answer the questions on the worksheet.  (To get back to this page, click on the "back" button.)

  3.  After you have finished the quiz, you can click on one of the links below for some Thanksgiving and Turkey fun. (to get back to this page, you will need to click the "back" button.

    (Teachers:  One word of caution -- instruct your students about the pop-up advertising boxes that come up with some of these websites.  Maybe if we instruct our students, they might avoid going to the advertising sites)

    turkey Other Thanksgiving Links:

First Thanksgiving Cyberhunt
A great webquest sponsored by Instructor magazine to teach children about the first Thanksgiving (Grades 2 and 3).
 The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving  -- Teacher ideas for Thanksgiving unit